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Harriet Loblack
« on: December 05, 2007, 09:38:53 AM »
Full Name and Title:  Harriet Loblack (commoner)

Age: 19

Birthday: 1st February

Occupation: She works on her father’s farm, taking care of the vegetable garden and doing odd jobs around the house as well as cooking and taking care of her younger brothers and sisters.

Religion: Adora, Goddess of Life

Hair: Harriet’s hair is usually kept long, past her shoulders and is a dirty blonde colour. She doesn’t take very good care of it and it’s often pinned back in a messy bun or tied back under a bandana to keep it out of the way. It’s rarely cut and when it is it’s made very short so that it won’t need to be cut for a few years.

Eyes: Her eyes are a dull grey colour, a hint of blue can be seen in the right light. Her eyelashes are quite pale.

Nose: Quite small and a little upturned at the end, giving her a button nose which her youngest sister loves to playfully poke.

Lips: Harriet can usually be seen with a smile on her full, pink lips. She never wears make-up and she can’t afford gloss to make them shine, but they’re attractive without it.

Skin Color: Harriet’s skin is a chestnut brown colour from working in the gardens during the day so much. Her skin is quite dry from being exposed to various weathers

Height: 5 foot 6

Weight: About 130lb

Physical Attractiveness: Harriet’s appearance is quite plain, not many people would bother looking twice at her. If she paid more attention to her appearance she might attract more notice, but she doesn’t have the time or inclination to do so. She has an infectiously bright smile which she is rarely without.

Clothing: Harriet makes her own clothes for the most part because it’s cheaper. She wears plain colours which won’t get too spoilt by stains and dirt showing up on them. Her clothes are always washed, and she’ll wear an apron when she’s working to try to keep them from wearing out too quickly, but she doesn’t worry about keeping up with fashions.

Mother: Harriet’s mother died when she was ten, giving birth to her youngest sister. Harriet can remember her clearly and often tells her siblings stories about their beautiful mother, but never within earshot of their father who hates to think about the loss of his wife.

Father: Gilbert Loblack- Harriet’s father is a kind heart man who cares deeply for all of his children and works hard to keep them happy. They are by no means rich, but by living carefully and working hard they usually have enough food to put on the table and enough money to keep them clothed comfortable, as long as they make their own clothes. He hates to talk about his dead wife and struggled for a long time after she died, taking care of the children and running their farm until Harriet was old enough to take over a lot of the household duties.

Siblings: Harriet is the oldest child and has five siblings, three brothers and two sisters who are fairly spread out apart from Dethro and Janey who are twins, aged 15 now.

Childhood: Although Harriet always helped out on the farm as much as she could she doesn’t remember her history as being hard. It was always fun, despite the hard work, her parents made sure she was able to have fun with the other members of her family as well as working.

She was obviously very upset when her mother died, but hid it to protect the rest of her family and threw herself into caring for them as best she could. By the age of 15 she had taken over most of the household chores and cooked for her family; they are too poor to afford servants although they have a few hired hands who work in the fields with her father.

When all of her silblings became old enough to be helpful to work on the farm Harriet found work at a local tavern because the money would be helpful and she would be more about to contribute to the household by earning. It ends up that she works all day out and then when she gets home she finds things to do there too. The work she does at the inn is usually more behind the scenes (the tavern owner prefers his tavern wenches to have a little more obvious sex appeal) but occasionally she\'s allowed to serve too.

Education: Harriet was taught by her father how to read a little, and she can count enough to be able to go out to the markets and shop for cloth and food. Her knowledge of reading, writing and counting means that at the tavern she\'s sometimes allowed to meet the deliveries (when the owner can\'t be bothered to do it). She also helps out in the kitchen at the tavern and enjoys that part of her job most.

Natural Talents: Harriet is quite good at carving small wooden ornaments and toys. Most of her sibling’s toys were made by her and sometimes she sells them in the market in winter when the harvest hasn’t been good and when their supplies are running short.

Hobbies: When she has time Harriet likes to carve wooden animals and she tries to improve her reading although with her father so busy all the time she has to do it herself which is more difficult.

Personality: Harriet is a lively and bubbly girl who tried to make the best out of any situation. She is very patient with her siblings, but can also take a firm hand with them if needs be. She is by no means a push over, she would simply rather try to work things out a peaceful way before yelling or losing her temper. She’s never been mistreated (every child gets a smack every now and again when they misbehave) and so trusts most people she meets and thinks the best of them, although she has learnt not to be a push-over when it comes to buying and selling. Her father would quite like her to be married off and safe, but Harriet is content to stay and help on the farm and she knows her father could hardly afford a dowry for her to get married, even if there was anyone she wanted.