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John Frederickson (Captain of the Guard)
« on: December 10, 2007, 12:03:56 AM »
Full Name and Title: Captain John Kegan Frederickson
Gender: Male
Generally addressed as: Freddy

Age: 34
Birthday: 14th day of Full Harvest Moon (28th of September)
Occupation: Newly-elected Captain of the Guard, Oberon Castle
Religion: Talon
Hair: His hair is dirty blonde, kept extremely short at the back and sides (he has the lower half shaved off at the barber\'s every couple of weeks) and longer on top - enough that fingers could weave through it and be well and truly buried, most of the time.  Freddy\'s hair is very thick, though, which is why he keeps most of it so short it\'s barely there.  What\'s on top has a habit of getting sticky with sweat and arranging itself waywardly, though he doesn\'t make a habit of running his hands through it, it just happens due to him donning and removing helmets and hats numerous times each day.  His body is covered in the same blonde/light brown strands, with a generous layer covering his chest and snaking down the centre of his stomach and long, thick hairs covering his legs (except for where his armour has rubbed them bare).
Eyes: Blue-grey, set deep in his skull and topped with an overhanging brow, Freddy\'s eyes are generally cool and inexpressive (though his eyebrows more than make up for that lack of emotion).  His eyelashes are fair in colouring, not displaying their true length and thickness unless one gets very close to his face, and he has straight, dark blonde eyebrows overhanging them.  His eyebrows are growing slightly bushier, with a few extravagant, curling hairs, as he ages.
Nose: Fairly narrow and perfunctory, his nose is quite short and slightly upturned.  The potential delicacy of such a nose is ruined by the fact that it\'s been broken numerous times and is, therefore, squashed rather more broadly onto his face.  The bridge of his nose is slightly nomadic and he has the stomach-churning skill of being able to shift it from one side to the other at his own whim (with just a minimal amount of crunching and grinding of cartilage and no pain, due to the nerves all being smashed in the area).
Lips: Freddy has a full lower lip and a thin upper one, the entire appearance of his mouth being rather wide and grim, unless he is smiling.  Smiles don\'t sit easily on his lips, however, for his is a serious mouth, used for issuing orders rather than fulfilling their sensual potential upon someone\'s flesh.  They are, surprisingly, always rather pink in colour and very rarely chap, despite him being exposed to the elements for a good portion of his life.
Skin Colour: Naturally pale, Freddy\'s skin is generally tanned a healthy gold, due to him constantly walking the streets.  Beneath his clothes, of course, the true story of his fair skin is told, but very few ever witness such white delights.
Height: 194cm (almost 6\'4)
Weight: Freddy weighs in at a hefty 110kg (242lbs) due to his large frame (he definitely has big, heavy bones) and complement of muscle.  Not a bit of him is fat, he is just broad of shoulder, narrow of waist and heavily muscled everywhere in between.
Physical Attractiveness: He\'s not ugly but he\'s by no means a pretty man.  He\'s been through quite a lot of scrapes in his time and his scarred flesh proclaims this quite proudly.  If big, broad and burly is what appeals, then he\'s attractive, but most are so intimidated by his size that, sadly, he rarely gets second glances.  The fact that he pays for the pleasure of being in women\'s beds is largely due to his
fading feelings for his ex-captain and his inability - and unwillingness - to spend the time getting to know average women, rather than the fact that the general populace finds him unattractive, though.

Freddy doesn\'t favour anything fancy, generally wearing simple brown pants and matching tunics when out of uniform.  Whatever he\'s wearing, he has made specifically for him, because only his tailor (Donald Patrick, in fact) can create clothing that\'s large enough to fit him and give him room to move.
Mother: Donna Gilbert was one of two daughters raised in the Outerkeep, by hardworking parents.  She followed in her mother\'s footsteps and undertook a career of personally laundering the clothes of various nobles until she met her future husband at the age of seventeen.  Once married, they settled into their own small home in the Innerkeep, where she continued to make a respectable living washing and pressing the clothes of those more wealthy than her.
Father: Aaron Frederickson was born into fairly wealthy circumstances in the Innerkeep, to parents who enjoyed squandering their wealth.  By the time he\'d reached eighteen, he\'d given up on relying on them for anything, and created his own respectable career in blacksmithing, at the main forge in Oberon - where he still works, even though he is in his late fifties.  Although his line is fairly noble, his occupation and cheerful demeanour doesn\'t advertise the purity of his bloodline and he is proud that his son picked up his hard working ethic.
Siblings: None.
Childhood: Young John was always large for his age and so entered into labour quite early, due to everyone believing he was so much older than he actually was.  He was well loved and raised wholesomely by devoted parents who weren\'t able to have any more children (for whatever reason Talon saw fit to curse them with).

He first developed an interest in weapons while watching his father fire them at work and used to love playing with the metal offcuts that were little more than blobs, which he pretended were real swords and daggers as he fought off imaginary bandits.  John was never one to be surrounded with multitudes of friends, he tended to stick to himself and indulge in his own flights of fancy, feeling awkward about towering over the children his own age and inadequate in the face of the maturity displayed by those of his size but of a greater age.

Entering the guard was a dream come true for him, all the more because he met his best friend and confidante there - a woman who was as awkward around people due to her gangly size as he was.  He fell in love with her almost immediately and has never completely lost that innocent and adoring view of her or the world, despite his years in the guard - though he has had to face up to a lot of facts about her since she became engaged and pregnant and conceded captaincy to him.
Education: Freddy attended the common school within the castle\'s walls, learning to read, write and count as all civilised children do, but missing out on the privelege of private tutors that might have expanded his rather savvy mind to its greatest potential.
Natural Talents: Holding his tongue in highly emotional situations, staying calm and collected in the face of panic and disorder.  He\'s a very strong and dependable fighter with an excessive amount of endurance but not many quick-witted moves or flexibility - though his brute strength is unmatched.  Although not creative or innovative on the field of battle, he is as steady as a rock and the first man you would want by your side in a tight situation.  He is, sadly, much the same in bed and is naturally untalented when it comes to pleasing a woman, for no-one has ever managed to tap into any sort of instruction that would have him understand what an intuitive process it is (he\'s rather too logical and pedantic for such fanciness).

Hobbies: Work.  Very occasionally, he will visit his parents and participate in their work as well, because he loves them and they\'re ageing, but he has no other great interests beyond the variety of experiences his occupation offers him.  He tends to return to his small townhouse in the Outerkeep (a residence his parents encouraged him to get, in the hope that he would soon find a woman to help him fill it with children) only to sleep, usually looking forward to his next shift with great anticipation, viewing the necessity of sleep largely as an encumbrance to be endured, rather than enjoyed.  He would\'ve been happiest living his entire life in the guard\'s quarters, but had, for a while, also held the dream of marrying the woman he loved and settling down with her.  That is a far-distant thing now, and he will likely immerse himself entirely in work as a means of escaping the pain of unrequited love.
Personality: Freddy is a quiet, dependable man who usually believes the best of people - though he\'s not naive - but is never surprised by the evil that he witnesses.  He runs on a belief system guided by the notion that people are innocent until proven guilty and will very rarely let his emotions sway him into impetuous or angry reaction.  A few people have witnessed him when his ire is raised, or his passions aroused, but it happens rarely and privately when it does, so the general populace would be very shocked by the molten feelings this gentle giant keeps supressed beneath his calm exterior.  He is as honest as the day is long and quite a positive person by nature, taking pleasure in the simple things in life and hiding away the pain he feels at not getting to experience the full spectrum of it all, for himself.

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Unfortunate Side-Effects (Three days after their night of passion, Freddy visits Ryanna to find her a wreck, whipped, bleeding and telling him only that it was because of her spying at the Gulbrand farm - but an unnamed noblewoman did it, not a man.  He spends the night after applying poultices, needing to deliver a cryptic message to Kysis on the morrow)
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