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Karl Weiss
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Full Name and Title:
--Born as: Albrecht Weiss
--Adopted: Karl Von Redmund IV
--Now called: Karl Weiss

Age: Late twenties, likely 26 or 27.

Birthday: 16, June

Occupation: Once-Baron from a small province near Germany, Weiss thought it prudent that he take his leave from the province after they began hunting down figureheads of an unsuccessful coup d\'├ętat. Relinquishing his title and lands, he gathered his fortune and left. Now travelling as the business head of a large gathering of scattered merchants, Weiss still claims nobility, but is currently without a sworn loyalty. Weiss has determined that if the Oberon nobility rejects him and his plea for land and title, he\'ll buy up land and take up the horse trade. His knowledge on the subject is extensive, but he doesn\'t look forward to having to do the work himself.

Religion: If he had to convert, Weiss would choose to follow Talon, but to his credit he sticks to Christianity. He finds the religion the easiest to believe, since it makes as little sense to him as humanity does and reflects the void of lost hope he feels.

Hair: Weiss has grown his hair out to just past his shoulders, the black, wavy hair falling freely. He brushes it every day, and trims his neat, thin moustache and beard. The beard he keeps on his lower lip and chin, with a thin remainder along his jawline.

Eyes: Has simple, dark brown eyes. Weiss\' dark hair and eyes are from his birth mother, the servant. She was of some spanish descent, but no one\'s sure what else she was.

Nose: Weiss\' nose is narrow, pointed. Is of a normal size though.

Lips: Very plain lips, cared for just enough so that they don\'t chap and bother him.

Skin Color: Has very pale skin, with faint freckles across the bridge of his nose.

Height: 5\'10"

Weight: 145 lbs. Is lean with muscle, and keeps his form light.

Physical Attractiveness: Is very attractive, with a very precise, graceful appearance bolstered by a strong physique. However, he doesn\'t believe anyone has worth in life, that nothing they do can change anything, and cares little for anyone. He is interested in finding himself a suitable wife to pass the time, but doesn\'t want children. He thinks it would be a great injustice to bring any sort of life into a world so utterly devoid of hope.

--For Casual Wear:
Weiss has a Grey tunic with lengthwise-stripped sleeves of a lighter grey, the stripes being a dark green. The sleeves end in white lace, and there\'s more at the high silver-clasped throat. His pants are a simple dark green (nearly black), tucked into high leather boots with silver embroidery. Has black riding gloves, a green-stained leather tunic, and a black cloak with three, diagonal stripes across it (and a deep hood) for travel.
--Formal Attire:
For formal attire, Weiss wears a black silk shirt with three wide diagonal slashes of green across the chest. The sleeves are long and simple, until they end at his wrists and black lace falls down to nearly his finger tips. The throat, stiff and turned up, has no lace, but like his casual wear clasps with a silver brooch. Wears simple black pants, and black stained boots with stiff toes.
Weiss has a suit of armor, a mixed array of black-dyed leathers and square-cut steel plates (stained green). Although he cares little for fighting, or much of anything else that doesn\'t bring instant satisfaction or entertainment, he does take good care of his armor and always has it ready for him. Like his father, Weiss was knighted long before recieving the title of Baron, and served in several campaigns.

Weiss doesn\'t carry a weapon on him, trusting his servants to fall for him or his political weight to deter people, but does own a longsword, a few daggers (collected and kept for value as much as use) and a larger, greatsword for use atop a horse, or to topple a horserider if he were to ever take part in a full scale battle.

Mother: Weiss\' name mother was Diana, but his true mother was one of the servants. Shortly after his secret birth, the servant went "missing" and Weiss was "adopted" into the family. Diana knew all along about Wilhelm\'s affairs, but decided she could use Weiss against him. Weiss was born "Albrecht Weiss" but was renamed "Karl Von Redmund," after Wilhelm\'s father. Weiss cast Diana out of the family after taking his father\'s place as Baron.

Father: Wilhelm Von Redmund was the youngest of Karl Von Redmund the Third\'s sons. The first born was to be named Karl, but died along with the mother, and after that Karl III refused to name any sons not of his first love a Karl. When Wilhelm learned that was the reason he wasn\'t named Karl, he turned his back on his father and secretly had him poisoned for "being a dark spot among the decent folk of life." Weiss has gained his father\'s view of love as a petty thing, and taken that hate to encompass a hate of all mankind. Weiss\'s father died much the same way his grandfather, Karl III did.

Siblings: His would-be-eldest brother never breathed life (his father tried to have various sons by his servants but most failed or ran off, and Diana only produced one legitimate son for him, except, he was a still-born), and the only other sibling he ever had was a sister, named Gertrude. When Weiss took the position of Baron that his father had left, he also removed Gertrude from the family. He knew all along that she and his \'mother\' Diana had planned Wilhelm\'s death, and silently thanked them for his own advancement, but didn\'t want any threat remaining that could turn on him.

Mentor: Detlef Wolfram worked for Weiss\' father as an advisor. When Weiss became the next Baron, Detlef began working for him as both advisor and teacher. Although advisor usually do teach younger nobles, Detlef took his role to the next level by actually giving Weiss lessons in various fields.

Childhood: Weiss was distanced from everyone nearly from birth. His name-mother raised him solely as a student, getting him the best tutors and even giving her own lessons so he could better understand the world and its dealings. His father had little time for him, and hired him more tutors to train him to court properly, gaining him the manners and respect necessary to not put a mark on the family name. His sister, several years older, treated him like a pet. He was hers to look after, to make sure he didn\'t come into harms way. However, she managed to convince their parents early on that he was too much to handle for anyone, and they never put blaim on him when he became \'lost\' or when \'he\' broke something. She constantly made mischief for him, and everytime he was punished with a stapping and extra lessons. For this, he gained his contempt of people, only bolstered by his father\'s own hate of certain things.

Education: Weiss had constant tutoring in every imaginable topic. His father made sure he would know manners, respect, courtship, law and other fields, while his mother ensured he had a strong factual background, in learning mathmetics, basic medicine and history, among other things. He\'s learned in numerous languages, having been able to speak three since the age of eight, and can live completely independantly, if he had to. He rarely has to.

Natural Talents: Weiss is a natural with money. Seeing life as having little value in the hope of things, he does his best to simple keep himself busy. That senseless ambition to not notice life\'s marching on, also cuts ethics out of the picture. His fortune is vast, and he plans on keeping it. Has little else in the way of natural talents.

Hobbies: Weiss spends a lot of time reading, gambling, exploring (and usually not telling anyone of his findings), and battling with political interests. He\'s also written a few things, but keeps his works to himself. Strangely, against his complete distaste for the world, he\'s found that he actually enjoys sampling drinks of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic nature, and so spends a lot of time traversing inns and pubs as well. (it\'s a good way to numb his mind and distract him, so he even aproves of liking it)

Personality: Weiss is indifferent, resentful at times, and has a morbid sense of humor that runs along side the desire to raise the flag of anarchy once and for all. The best way to describe his personality might be to say \'controlled.\' He has a hot temper that rarely shows because of his indifference, so everything seems to keep each other thing in check. He can smile, but there\'s always some raw hunger behind it, like a predator about to feast. He can be unnervingly polite, a hollow mannerism, but one he sticks to almost fanatically. Another strange personality quirk of his, is that he actually, honestly likes people who show actual potential in life. His idea of potential, however, is self advancement. (since in his view, nothing can be done in life, except for yourself) Even then, \'like\' might be better described as \'cautious respect,\' such as any predator would give another.