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Gulbrand Farm
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The Gulbrand farm is divided up into several sections. Most of it has been recently established, framework put up within several days by the remaining mercenaries of the Zirat, and stonework being laid at an estimated week or two of work. Most of the work was done before Dag even arrived in Oberon. The property was easily attained for him, and he wanted it ready for his arrival.

The main farm itself is a single storey cottage.  Spartan, it has a simple main room with a deep fireplace, a table for dining, and barrels for storing things. The floors are boarded atop thick support beams, which make up the foundation of the building and the ceiling of the cellar below. The walls are roughly cut stone fitted tightly and lined with long-dried clay. To the side is a single room previously meant for numerous occupants, now with a single bed where Dag\'s body guard sleeps. A door from that room has been set up to lead into a larger bedroom, Dag\'s own. That way, Dag\'s guard is always just a room away, when on duty or when off duty. Dag\'s room is carpeted, with boarded walls and a boarded ceiling. A wide bed dominates the center of the room, and along the walls are a pair of tall book cases, a large chest for clothes, and a second chest full of various weapons and personal affects.

Below the cottage is a stone-walled storage room. Stocked with wines (most of which Dag purchased and added to the primitive collection), barrels of water, beans, and other various food goods. The entrance of the room is at the back of the cottage, a slanted pathway that opens from an angled double-door. Now added to the cellar is a side room where weapons are stored, and the double doors leading into the cellar, and the single oak door leading into the storage room are now framed with metal, and have interior and exterior locks. A guard stays on duty outside the weapon storage room at all times, armed.

Added to the side of the cottage, opposite Dag\'s room, is a long, even more basic building. No stonework has been done with it. Purely of timber, the barracks house the farm\'s guards and staff. Nearly thirty feet long, the barracks house a dozen guards, several attendants, a cook, and a few others. Behind that, enclosed by a seven foot tall wall, is a training yard for the guards. The most recent addition, the grass paving it has yet to be trampled or weeded out for rough packed dirt.

Set completely away from the main cottage and barracks, is a smaller cottage, much like the original cottage was, where Sigvald and any guests stay. A simple foot tall fence of woven sticks surrounds a garden on the side of the building, and a tall double stall sits behind it for housing horses for guests. In the cellar of the cottage are farming tools and more barreled foodstuffs. Behind that are the lands Dag Gulbrand now has for the actual farming, all left for Sigvald\'s care.

Dag\'s shipments from the forges back home are just beginning to filter in, and he\'s now looking to either bring in a blacksmith or two from the estate, or to hire new ones. The first products produced and on their way from Norway are mostly farming tools, quality work that Dag hopes to sell cheap and garner the attention of the local farmers.