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Keynigh Dios del Noche
« on: January 10, 2008, 11:40:46 AM »
Name: Keynigh Dios del Noche "God of the Night"
Age (Appearance): 35
Age (Actual): 120
Gender: Male
Species: Were-Shifter
Sexual preference: Bi-sexual
Clan: Alpha Male of the Dark Wolves Clan

Spirit Element: Air (Telepathy/ESP) and Earth (Strength/Regeneration). Keynigh and his daughter Extasis are the only ones who hold two blessings from Akasha. They are the first since the era of Êl síla Erin lû.

Permissions Given In Reasonable Role-play:

Feeding: Yes
Killing: Yes
Cursing: Yes
Wounding: No 

No= You do not need to ask.
Yes= You need to ask before hand.

Appearance in both Forms:

~Human Form~

Hair: Black and medium in length. His bangs are quite long but they do not get in the way of his eyes.

Eyes: A radiant glow of blue-green eyes that almost are an almond shape. They are insightful, understanding and full of wisdom

Frame: He stands at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches. Cowering above most of the general population. His body is slender and has an amazing muscular build for his age.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: The Dark Wolves mark is on his right forearm. Shaped with two crescent moons turned towards each other, with a three-pronged lightning bolt in the center.

The lightning bolt represents Keynigh's swiftness to think under intense situations and his raw physical power. The three prongs also stand for something, his obligation for his family, to stand up against the Angels and his commitment to protecting all those that are apart of the Dark Wolves Clan.

~Wolf Form~

Fur: His fur is a void-less royal blue and black in colour, especially in the moonlight. Keynigh has a longer coat that seems to flow with grace when he walks. If he stands perfectly still it looks like two eyes are floating in the darkness.

Eyes: Blue-green in color. His eyes are able to cut through the darkness like a knife.

Frame: His body is long and slim but not in an unhealthy way. His body is built for agility, strength and endurance.   

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: The Dark Wolves tattoo is on his right forearm. When in his wolf form it is marked in white fur.

Personality: Keynigh is a wolf that has tremendous amounts of patience. He is wise beyond his years and is extremely considerate and compassionate to everyone in his clan. He is slow to anger but when he is angered it is for a very good reason. He is also very strong-willed and will not be walked all over on like some welcome mat. He will put you in your place when he sees it fit to do so and is also known for his legendary skills as a fighter. He is an expert in both detecting sound and the motion of others.

He is also very clever and can come up with comprehensive actions and plans even in the tightest situations. He tries not to solve problems with violence but with reasonable conversation; if that does not work and he feels his life is on the line or others that he cares about are in danger, he will kill without hesitation.

History: Keynigh’s mate is his beloved Tala with whom he has one daughter, Extasis, to continue their line. Extasis also has a daughter, Writmo, who will also carry on the family line. Now with Scorpio back he hopes that one-day Writmo and Scorpio will a child together to carry on the families’ legacy. They came to the city long ago with hopes and dreams. For a time they thrived and had decided as a family they were ready. They have left the city and had not been heard from for over 5 years, the Angels of the city safe. At least from the Dark Wolves for other threats looming in the city.

Years later Keynigh returned with what little he had left with his the clan, buying 800 acres of private land. Only Keynigh, his daughter Extasis and Wrage remain in the pack. Tala his wife died after a battle with an Angel of Light, his granddaughter Writmo and her lover Scorpio soon fell afterwards. Delivering a devastating blow to the pack. Keynigh has now taken the pack a different path travelled back to the city, to rebuild the pack. For the first time in history, they will now be accepting werewolves and non-shifters.

Awareness of Supernaturals: (Varied See Below)

Sensory List: Awareness in Human form || Awareness in Wolf form

Superior: Can recognize on the spot exactly what it is.
High: High recognition, takes more time to figure out exactly.
Moderate: Feels as though there is "something different" about the particular being.
Low: Feels as though there is "something different" about the particular being, but can easily mistake it for something else.
None: No awareness whatsoever.

Akari/Zalmric: High || Superior
Angel: Superior || Superior
Cheshire Cat: Moderate || High
Demon: High || Superior
Dör Unicorn: Moderate || High
Faerie: None || Moderate
Gorgon: None || Moderate
Human Beings: Superior || Superior
Imps: Moderate || High
Incubus/Succubus: None || High
Nightmare: Low || Superior
Pindae: None || Moderate
Shape Shifters: Superior || Superior
Sidhe: Low || Moderate
Skvaders: Low || Moderate
Spectre: Low || Superior
Vampire: Superior || Superior
Werewolf: Superior || Superior
Wraiths: Low || Low

Occupation/Job: He is the Alpha male of the Dark Wolves Clan. His job is to lead his pack in finding angels that inhabit the earth and eliminating them.

Interesting Facts/Quirks: He has a wide knowledge of weapons and is an expert in hand to hand combat. He also is an expert in archery and wielding many types of daggers

Hobby/Hobbies: He loves to hunt, whether it is angels or just prey in the forests.

Likes: Moonless Nights, Hunting, Gathering Knowledge and Running. 
Dislikes: Angels, Sunlight, Being in very crowded places and People who have no respect for their elders.   

Strength: High sensitivity and a superior sense of sight, hearing and smell. He has a strong sense of telepathy in both the wolf and the human form. He is an experienced hunter and fighter among his pack.

Weakness/Flaw: He always fights if his authority is challenged or his methods questioned by those beneath him in rank, even if they are very close to him. His love for his pack is clearly displayed by the way he always puts the pack first before himself.

Anything Else To Add: He tries to balance the amount of time he spends in both forms. Not favouring one form over the next. If he is fighting a human he will fight in human form. If he is fighting against a were-shifter he will fight in his animal form.


Wolf Form

Human Form