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Re: Shakespeare Inspired
« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2007, 05:19:23 PM »
The only way Malek could ‘see’ was through the vibrations through the ground. There were not many people in the vicinity, so it was easier to pick up movements. However, if the room was more vastly populated, she would be very confused. However… the vibrations, she was quite sensitive to them but was this unique? Could any other blind people feel it? There were some days when the girl felt, not human. All these raw emotions rampaging through her, they did not feel human. What human could feel this?


 The other ‘Academy’? Well, it wasn’t much of an Academy… more of a sanctum than anything. It was for sick and orphaned children but as they got better, they were taught how to fight. So… so they wouldn’t be defenceless. So they could fight against those who would want to hurt them. They were not taught how to read or right, just to fight.
“It was hardly an academy. I just didn’t have a better word for it… but perhaps, sanctum?” Malek asked, though, it was more of a rhetorical question. “Uhm. It was just mainly a place for sick, orphaned children… they taught them how to fight. No reading or anything. Just to fight, how to kill. It wasn’t anything special but its home.”

She was quite surprised how Ravi’s facial structure nearly matched with that of the Grandmaster.
“What was he like? Everything I’m not. An alchemist, a warrior... a father to all.”  Malek spoke in a far away voice. She loved talking about the Grandmaster; after all, she was quite obsessed with him. The girl hoped one day, they would exchange emotions but could such a thing happen? Could it? Malek wished and wished but she knew… the Grandmaster could never love her back like that way she did. Oh God, what juvenile thinking! Thank God, this one couldn’t read thoughts or else…

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Re: Shakespeare Inspired
« Reply #16 on: September 26, 2007, 02:55:50 PM »
Ravi listened to Malek\'s explanation with his head resting on a fist, interested. Not really an Academy, huh? the demon thought, nodding as Malek went on, revealing more. "A sanctum... That\'s a nice way to put it," Ravi commented when Malek finished her little explanation. So Malek had been an orphan... The air demon supposed that made sense, as it was a rare parent would send a blind child to learn to become an assassin. Any child at all, really. It was mostly those with traditions, or histories with the school. Some had perhaps been sold in. Others run away, then happened upon the area... There were many ways, but few involved parental consent.

Unless their "parents" were crazy air demons themselves, Ravi thought affectionately, a smile growing on his face as he thought of Kalyan. Still, it was funny to think that Malek\'s story could just as easily have been his own. What if he\'d found that sanctum instead of Kalyan? Well, who knew...

Ravi found himself more and more honored to be compared with that grandmaster the more Malek said about him. The demon let out a soft chuckle. "Well... he sounds like an amazing man," Ravi said after Malek finished. It sounded like the blnd girl across from him thought so as well, though the way she talked about him it sounded more like a - Oh, the demon thought, his eyebrows raising slightly. Is that how she feels about her grandmaster? Then again, it wasn\'t too surprising. It reminded him of how he felt about Kalyan, really... the first person to show him love, affection, give him a home... Yeah, Ravi could understand what Malek meant - assuming she had such feelings at all! Ravi was no psychic, so it was all just guesswork.  

"Thank you," Ravi said quietly, sincerely, "I think that\'s the biggest compliment I\'ve received in a while." The demon smiled, though Malek couldn\'t see it. But hell, maybe she could tell anyway - she seemed to be very perceptive.