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Author Topic: Blind man reading  (Read 2228 times)

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Blind man reading
« on: January 27, 2008, 10:46:05 PM »
Morn sat laid back in one of the library\'s chairs, laughing silently as he read through strange old stories and fables of old assassins and their adventures, his large robes making him look like a sumo wrestler sitting in a child\'s chair. The desk before him had several large piles of books on either side of him, all varying in size and color.

Morn always did love books, it made him feel like he was home and carefree. They\'s helped him in the past with his training and even now they entertain him with their webs of information, humor, and style. Morn laughed again as the main character in his current book begins describing the torturous effects of her poisons to her captive as she applies them.

"Ah, Vir\'ani, you truly are cruel, heh."

It was then that two apprentices of Cruori passed by him and they turned to eachother and shook their heads.

"Poor fool, can\'t accept that he\'s gone blind. Bet he\'s gone loony from it, ignorant bastard."

Morn had heard the apprentice\'s words, but ignored him and didn\'t even look up from his book. He\'d heard such words before, but as long as there was a soothing book to go to in a quiet place like the library, only peace reached him through the harsh words. Morn tried to forget the apprentices and returned his full attention to the torture i going on within the pages.

"Heh, ouch...that\'s gotta hurt."