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Emillia Aspeln
« on: January 28, 2008, 04:09:36 AM »
Full Name and Title: Lady Emillia Aspeln

Age: 15

Birthday: April 2

Occupation: Princess of Harrouj

Religion: Adora

Hair: Very light, almost bleached-looking, blonde. Straight, reaches about the middle of her back. It is cut by her lady-in-waiting, for she can\'t see.

Eyes: Almond shaped, but a light, cloudy blue because of her blindness.

Nose: Thin, yet slghtly shorter then normal.

Lips: A full shape that is a light rosy pink. Is chapped almost all the time from the cold of her country.

Skin Color: Extremely pale.

Height: 4\' 11\'\'

Weight: 102 lb.

Physical Attractiveness: Her thin features are common of the far north, her home, but might be looked apon as alien in Oberon. Once you get past first impressions, she is quite atractive.

Clothing: She travels in a heavy mink fur coat, which is tied at her neck with the black tipped tails. Underneath, she wears earth colored woolen dresses that are decorated sparsly, but richly. Her feet are either covered with dainty slippers when she\'s in the palace, but wears traveling boots for walking around and adventuring. She has several underdresses, trimmed with a white lace on their bottoms. She covers her head with a long scarf, grey and trimmed with dark blue silk.

Mother: Her mother was the daughter of a merchant, beautiful but vain, that came to her fathers court. She instantly fell in love with the king, and married him soon after. When she bored a son, she was overjoyed. However, when her precious son died only two years after the birth of her lame daughter, she went mad with grief. She cut her hair and body, and died from loss of blood.

Father: Theking of Harrouj, a country in the far north, he was captivated by the gorgeous daughter of a merchant. He married her soon afterward, but never saw her shallowness. He loved his boy, but adored his little girl, no matter what her disabilities were. He mourned the loss of his boy, but went over the brink when his wife commited suicide. He stayed sane only because of his daughter. He rules his country with a steel grip, and holds his daughter and her safety at highest priority.

Siblings: Emillia had one elder brother, but as he played at 5 unsupervised, he drowned in the courtyard pond. His mother tryed to rescue him, but it was too late. Emillia, age two, only remembers whatever stories her father told her about him.

Childhood: She was cuddled by her father for her entir life, and when she was just a babe only let go of his sleeve to milk. She loved her father, listened to his stories, played in the courtyard with him, and especially enjoyed just walking around the countryside, just enjoying each others company. She spent her entire day with other children and her father until she started tutoring at eight.

Education: Her father brought tutors from around the known world that taught her specially because of her disability. Her tutoring schedule was her learning reading, writing, arithmetic on threesday and fivesday. When she turned ten, she learned hunting, horseback riding, and womanly things such as weaving and ettiquete.

Natural Talents: She catches on to things very wuickly, making her a wonderous student. Her sense of touch is heightened, and she is able to tell things from others, such as copper and gold and different breeds of horses, just by her fingertips.

Hobbies: She loves to spend time with her father, and caring for her horses. She is known throughout the castle as being able to make 10 perfect snowballs in under two minutes.

Personality: Shy and not outspoken, she is always proper in court and polite to her elders. With people she is familiar with, however, she reveals her fun and outgoing side, a bit chatty and always bursting with ideas. She does have a quick temper, however. She especially bubbles with anger when someone ridicules herself or her loved ones.

Other: Her father was finally convinced by his advisors that she needed to wed, much to her dismay. She has so far had several princes brought to her father\'s court, but the princes always had something that didn\'t meet the courts requirements. She is now adventuring to the court of Oberon, to try and woo the Prince.