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Groug Harr
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Full Name and Title: Royal Guard Groug Harr

Age: 37

Birthday: 3rd of the Full Thunder Moon (3rd of August)

Occupation: Royal Guard

Religion: Harooujvian Gods

Hair: A light blonde cut very short on the top of his head. White is just starting to peek through his roots, making his hair look lighter then it is. Kept clean when on duty, but you can usually see a couple specks of dirt pernamently stuck to his hair.

Eyes: A round shaped eye common of the Haroouj people. Although a light blue is the most common color form Haroouj people, the dark brown color that some poorer people have, like Groug, is not unheard of.

Nose: A very neanderthal looking nose, looking as if it\'s squished to his face. A trait from his far ancestors, the barbarians.

Lips: Thin, wide lips, that he never glosses. Very chapped from the bitter cold.

Skin Color: Pale, just like his young charge, Princess Emillia, and the rest of the Harooujian people.

Height: 5\' 10\'\'

Weight: 234 lb (Very obese from the good food and beer in the guard house, along with the fact that he almost always is off duty.)

Physical Attractiveness: When he was born, his own mother had to get used to his very ugly face. The only reason he has a wife is because one of his father\'s friends, who had a beautiful daughter, owed his father for some thing or another.

Clothing: As of all the other Haroouj people, he wears only woolen clothes and furs. Groug tends to wear his usually unclean guard clothes. These include a heavy bear fur vest with the royal insignia. A wrinkled white shirt lies underneath, and is untucked into his black breechesand silver buckled belt. He wears waterproof boots that are hard on the soles, but are soft on the upper part for easy acess. When the weather is bad, he dones a waterproofed cloak with silver buckles.

Mother: A kind farmers wife. Although he was ugly and a bit stupid, she loved him the most. she took care of her family until her father attacked her when he came home drunk and enraged. She left him for another man, who loved their childern but not her children, saying "They have a barbarian father, they will be barbarian children." She wasn\'t able to bring them with her, but she brought her new children (All under 28) to visit. She now lies dormant in her bed, dying from a horrible disease.

Father: An abusive father, he hated all his children and he spent all of his time either half-drunk or drunk. His favorite time was when he was at the bar and entering drinking games. He died when he wandered around drunk after being kicked out of his house by his son. He fell down one of Haroouj\'s cliffs and the wolfs took advantage of his crippled body.

Siblings: Anne (36), Bert (30), Yatogl (28), Jammis (28), Katol (20), Ged (18), Namien deceased (10).

Childhood: Being the eldest, the little ones relied on him and their mother for protection and support. When their mother left , he vowed to protect his sibilings. In his promise, he always put them first, giving them his meals, and working as hard as he can on their small farm to bring home at least a small profit every day. He loved his littlest sister, Namien, the most, when he first met her. But one night she stayed over, and when he was working late his father came home, sexually abused her, and killed her when she tried to resist. He was heartbroken, and was never the same again.

Education: He only learned small magic his mother taught him. he learned how to read and write when he became a guard. He learned to wield a sword and ride a horse.

Natural Talents: He\'s able to see deep inside a person, and he has a certain connection with animals that make them trust him.

Hobbies: Caring for the royal horses, rough house with the dogs, and read books that interest him.

Personality: Rough and solid, he usually only grunts in response to questions. He keeps a strong wall against humans, but he talks and cares for the horses and dogs. He loves his children and wife, but keeps himself distant from them except for a few acts of affection.