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Wrage del Lobo Oscuro
« on: January 29, 2008, 11:01:38 AM »
Name: Wrage del Lobo Oscuro "Rage of the Dark Wolf"
Age (Appearance): 33
Age (Actual): 100
Gender: Male
Species: Were-Shifter
Sexual preference: Bi-Sexual 
Clan: Beta Male of the Dark Wolves Clan

Spirit Element: Fire (Agility)

Permissions Given In Reasonable Role-play:

Feeding: Yes
Killing: Yes
Cursing: Yes
Wounding: No 

No= You do not need to ask.
Yes= You need to ask before hand.

Appearance in both Forms:

~ Human Form ~

Hair: A wonderfully dark blond-red color, leaning to the red side; a distinctive color. It is about three inches long, enough to get in his eyes. It is very straight and wispy. Falling on his head in a neat, organized way. No matter how much you mess it up.

Eyes: Narrow with plenty of eyelashes. His eyes are light green and are round in shape. His eyes always have the look that he is ready for a fight.

Frame: Wrage is very tall to begin with, about 5’9. His body is thin but tightly bound in muscles - enough to support his weight and then some. His shoulders are not as broad as most males and his waist rather small.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: The Dark Wolves mark is on the right side of his neck. This shows up in a blood red colour on his skin, white in his wolf form. Two crescent moons face each other with an hourglass in the center.

The Hour Glass represents time. It illustrates time's passing and the unavoidably of death. The hourglass indicates that one day Wrage's time on earth will expire and for this reason, he embraces life, much like the flow of the sand in an hourglass, his life is predetermined and one day will eventually end. This all the more reason for him to kill as many angels as he can before his time runs out.

~ Wolf Form ~

Fur: Glossy red with dark blonde streaks throughout his fur. It always seems to give off a sort of gleam like his coat had been brushed for hours on end.

Eyes: Same in human form

Frame: His frame is small for a wolf and can be almost mistaken for a coyote if being looked from a distance. Although he is just as strong as any wolf in his pack and he moves at incredible speeds due to his small size.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: The Dark Wolves mark is on the right side of his neck. This shows up in white fur and is the same design in his human form.

Personality: He is very straight forward and will never stop to think when it comes to telling the truth. He is also very serious when it comes down to hunting Angels and protecting the ones he loves most. He is well known for having a very nasty temper within the pack. Especially when it comes to hunting and clearing the land of Angels. When he is not hunting angels he is the comical one of the group and knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face. But when he does talk, his voice is deep and low.

However, if he has learned anything, it is how to be manipulative. When he thinks there is something good ahead, he changes his nature to fit whatever the circumstances call for.

History: Wrage is the Beta male of the Dark Wolves and is the mate to Extasis, whose father is Keynigh. The leader of the Dark Wolves Clan. Together they bore a beautiful daughter whom they named Writmo who now carries on the family line. For many years they remained in the city before they gathered the family to fight the Angels.

However, his family line had ended when his daughter Writmo and her lover Scropio died. It was a hard blow for Wrage but it hasn't taken his fight away completely. He has now followed Keynigh back to the city, where they now roam on 800 acres of private land. Their goal now is to rebuild the clan.   

~ Awareness of Supernaturals ~

Sensory List: Awareness in Human form || Awareness in Wolf form

Superior: Can recognize on the spot exactly what it is.
High: High recognition, takes more time to figure out exactly.
Moderate: Feels as though there is "something different" about the particular being.
Low: Feels as though there is "something different" about the particular being, but can easily mistake it for something else.
None: No awareness whatsoever.

Akari/Zalmric: Moderate || High
Angel: Superior || Superior
Cheshire Cat: High || High
Demon: High || Superior
Dör Unicorn: None || Moderate
Faerie: None || Low
Gorgon: Low || Moderate
Human Beings: Superior || Superior
Imps: Low || High
Incubus/Succubus: Moderate || High
Nightmare: Moderate || High
Pindae: None || Low
Shape Shifters: Superior || Superior
Sidhe: None || Low
Skvaders: None || Low
Spectre: None || Superior
Vampire: Moderate || High
Werewolf: Superior || Superior
Wraiths: None || Low

Interesting Facts / Quirks: He tries to spend as much time as he can in his wolf form. He will only change back into his human form when he is forced to blend in with the human population. Other than that he is usually found in his wolf form.

Hobby/Hobbies: Swimming at night.

Likes: Running, Physical games, Singing and Thunder Storms
Dislikes: Angels, Shadow Demons, Strong Perfume and People who think they know everything.

Strength: Extremely intuitive and a superior sense of smell/sight/hearing. He also can run at extreme speeds and still maintain perfect control in his movements. He has deadly accuracy in his wolf form and always hits his mark when going for the throat of an Angel.

Weakness/Flaw: His hatred towards Angels and the need to eliminate all that he comes across. He also has a weak spot for his daughter Writmo (now dead) and his mate Extasis.

Anything Else To Add: Wrage lets his anger get a hold of him when he is hunting or killing Angels. Once he is in this stage he will not snap out of it until the Angel he is seeking is killed.