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Gerard Coburn
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Full Name and Title: Gerard Coburn

Age: 24

Birthday: 12 January

Occupation: Currently works at The Scowling Boar as an assistant barkeep. Which means he does anything the other barkeeps don’t want to do, and then some.  

Religion: Talon.

Hair: Dark brown hair color, medium-length. Obviously attempts to take good care of it, but it can get greasy rather quickly.

Eyes: Oval shaped, a dark hazel.  

Nose: Pointed and long, the end is a tad bit oval-shaped. Has a small crease in it that is unnoticeable unless up close, hints towards having been broken before hand.

Lips: Full, regular sized lips. They naturally curl upwards but usually end up being downturned because of Gerard’s moods. Again, such as his hair, it is obvious he attempts to take care of it but they get chapped easily.

Skin Color: A medium crème shade. Rather smooth except for some dried out patches here and there (such as on his palms or shoulders).

Height: 6’

Weight: 168.38

Physical Attractiveness: Gerard can be considered quite handsome. He holds a rather rugged yet cared for look. His facial hair, which occasionally he lets grow out all the way, is also applauded for being quite handsome.

Clothing: He usually wears a plain tunic and lower-body wearing. They usually are wrinkled and dirty with various stains. He does have some more expensive clothing tucked away but finds no need to wear it in the inn or on the streets. Gerard does not consider clothing a top priority.

Mother: Lady Malina Coburn - The second wife of Duke Eanraig (the first having died of illness). She is an extremely haughty woman.

Father: Duke Eanraig Coburn -  A well-known Scottish lord, known for his power in politics and his wealth.

Siblings: A younger brother (age 20) named Ross, who is a very arrogant man.

Status: Currently married to Isleen.

Childhood: Gerard was a typical spoiled noble boy. He was given everything and anything when he asked. He rarely had to deal with repercussions for his actions. Gerard attended his schooling. He enjoyed learning about traveling and other cultures. He did not have to work for anything and gets very annoyed when he does have to work. Gerard also grew up with very loose morals due to the absence of his parent’s punishments and the influence of the court. When he hit late teens, Gerard went traveling with his tutor. In a nearby country, he met Isleen. He instantly fell in love with the woman and they were married within a couple months. Gerard had planned it to be a pleasant surprise to his family that he had married Isleen. However, when he returned with her, he found out that in fact Gerard’s father had a hatred for Isleen’s father. The two got exiled out of both households and in order to escape the ridicule and gossip, they fled to Oberon.

Education: Gerard received his studies seven days a week. He also is skilled in anything else a good noble boy should know, including horse-riding and court dancing.

Natural Talents: Gerard is naturally good with quick reflexes, intimidating others, and appearing very masculine.

Hobbies: Traveling, collecting random items, drinking, dancing, and going to parties.

Personality: Very rough and tumble. He has a hard time using words to express himself. Gerard is a physical being and finds it best to communicate that way. He’s very spontaneous. He can also be very dominating and intimidating towards more submissive personalities. Gerard also has a very bitter personality due to his current situation of being exiled from nobility. He is very temperamental and isn’t afraid to express his anger out on other people.