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Isleen Coburn
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Full Name and Title: Isleen Coburn

Age: Twenty one

Birthday: October 30th

Occupation: Bar wench… except Isleen hates it. She used to be a noble and finds this new form of life degrading.

Religion: Talon

Hair: She has shoulder length white blonde hair. It is glossy and obviously well looked over despite being a wench. Isleen would rather have clean hair than eat.

Eyes: What people attract people most are her oval shaped blue eyes.

Nose:  Small and childlike thus making Isleen younger than she appears.

Lips: Isleen has cupid shaped lips, they are one of her favourite features. They are a dark pink and nearly always glossed, she hates chapped lips.

Skin Colour: Ivory and very smooth. Not a blemish to be seen.

Height:  5’2 and possesses a perfect hour glass figure.

Weight: 100 lbs (45 kilograms)

Physical Attractiveness: Isleen is a very pretty woman and is perfectly aware of it. Her looks alone can send man buckling to their feet.

Clothing:  Even though wrinkled and faded, Isleen’s clothes are considerably clean.

Mother: Mary Davies – she had a lot of affairs with neighbouring Lords.

Father:  Humbert Davies – he had a love affair with Eanraig Coburn. It went for tens years and would have lasted longer if it weren’t for Humbert’s desire to have a son. It was a rather selfish decision but who said Humbert was a caring man?

Siblings: Samuel Davies – older brother by five years. He refuses to acknowledge Isleen’s existence.

Childhood: Isleen had a very easy childhood. She was pampered like a princess, receiving sweets and new dresses daily. She also received schooling at an early age though didn’t enjoy it that much. Isleen only committed to it because she didn’t want to be one of those ‘illiterate idiots’. When the girl was older and more capable, she began to travel around the country side. During one of her many travels, Isleen met a man. The two becomes lovers and three months later they were married. Their joy however was not shared by their parents and after many fights, the newly weds fled to Oberon.

Education:  When Isleen was younger, she used to have lessons five times a week. During this time, the girl was also taught how to dance. It is now one of her favourite hobbies.

Natural Talents: Quick learner and an excellent manipulator.

Hobbies: Socialising, drinking, dancing, horse riding and some books.

Personality: Even though she appears to be the perfect lady, Isleen is not. She is rude, judgmental, lacks patience, angry, suspicious and hateful. Isleen is not happy about her current status and would prefer to be a noble again. She misses the pretty dresses the most.