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Graille Min Sayer
« on: January 31, 2008, 09:40:47 AM »

Name:Graille Min Sayer
Age [appearance]:60
Age [Actual]:842
Gender: Male
Title: Grand Master
Specialty:Sneak; The ability to move around undetected - this is a learned skill that has taken him literally centuries to master. He will only be seen if he wants to be seen.
Occupation/Job: He does as he wishes
Hair: Off-white, like old bone in colour. The length of his hair reaches halfway down his back but is not unkempt, usually in a ponytail or braid, his hair is straight without a kink or wave in it at all (unless he wets his braid before letting it out, in which case it will appear as though it has been crimped). A few strands might separate from the main, to which he grumbles to himself about their wayward ways.
Eyes:So dark a brown they are black and is difficult to separate the iris from the pupil. Heavily wrinkled around the eyes and with deep brusing beneath as though he hasn\'t slept in weeks. His eyes are extremely healthy for an old man, and his observations skills are sharper than most of the youthful students of his House.
Frame: Stands straight and tall at 6\'4". Every now and then he will hunch over a little and when this is apparent it means there is an ache in his lower back - usually felt on humid or rainy days. He has the built appearance of a man that works out despite his age, and many believe he is a well-kept 60 year old man - though the other Grand Masters tend to know better. Some of the Masters who have been around longer, have noticed his appearance hasn\'t changed in all the time they\'ve been around - so they are suspicious that something is going on.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A tattoo of a circle of runes largely upon his chest, taking up all space from his navel to his collarbone and over his ribs, these same runes circle both wrists and both ankles. These are often the cause of suspicion by the Masters (mentioned above), who don\'t recognise the runic properties of the tattoos. There are many scars upon Graille\'s body, from his days as an assassin and the odd close call he\'s had in forced hand-to-hand combat. Unsurprised confrontation is not his forte, and he has a few twisted and gnarly old scar wounds to prove it.
Personality: reserved, logical, emotionally stable, dominant, serious, expedient, critical, vigilant, utilitarian, practical, private, self-assured, traditional, self-reliant, perfectionist, relaxed
Alignment: Neutral Evil

History:Born into a poor family as the third born son in a family of five boys and one girl, Graille grew up without conscious thought of his family ties and was emotionally detached when sold by his family at the age of seven to a passing merchant that needed a new assistant after he\'d beaten his last \'apprentice\' to death. Dutiful, clever and obediant, Graille managed to only attract a few beatings and was considered \'a good help\' by the merchant. Three years later, when the merchant\'s shop was broken into and his goods were either destroyed or stolen, the man required coinage to survive and was forced to sell Graille (at the age of ten) to a cloaked man, mistaken as a herbalist. This man was named Holt Min Sayer, and Graille took on his name after apprenticed to him as an assassin.
Many years passed and he was given many errands that resulted in death or discomfort for his master\'s victims. Nobody suspected a courteous and quiet young messenger boy to deliver poisoned food or inventions that would eat at the skin of those who had contact with it, or would explode after a certain amount of time or movement. Such deliveries would often have Graille wondering when he would make a mistake and kill himself with one of Holt\'s inventions, which was how the last apprentice died. After five years of deliveries, information running and other errands, Graille begun to be taught many skills by Holt, who had no son and so treated this newly acquired and quietly-intelligent boy as though he were his own blood - but it had taken five years for the bond to grow as such, considering Graille could have died at any time it was his master\'s discretion to remain detached.
Holt was a person who Graille respected and therefore cared about, and the two of them spent twenty years travelling the world together, training and learning, taking on assassin\'s tasks for a wage. It was during these twenty years that Graille came to understand that Holt wasn\'t aging while he did, however his friend and master declared himself human. A promise was made by Holt to Graille to pass on the secret of everlasting life, though Holt made Graille promise in return that he had to live his as normal until the time would come. Disappointed that he would have to wait, but patience being a strong virtue, Graille made his promise and asked no more about it.
It was another twenty five years before he was shown Holt\'s secret and he\'d experienced life to the fullest as promised, so the promise was returned to him on his 60th birthday. Holt, who still looked like a man in his early forties, showed him how to \'embrace the last breath of his victim\' by leaning over, making a short runic chant and then breathing in the last breaths of their dying victim. This, he was told, was what prevented Holt from aging. He would be a man in his thirties, he\'d said, had he realised he had to do this task once a month, and so Holt began to follow the moon\'s rise, to ensure he didn\'t risk aging further. He declared himself over a thousand years old.
Holt had the runic markings, as Graille had often seen, but for the first time Graille was touched intimately by Holt that night and taken to his bed for sexual acts to be performed upon him. Come morning, Holt was no longer to be found, though his clothing still lay upon the floor. Graille awoke to find himself covered in runic tattoos as had been upon his master\'s body, and understood why Holt had wanted him to experience life and relationships with others - for now sex meant his death, or passing, or whatever it had been that had claimed Holt. Mourning his master\'s loss, Graille wandered the world doing as Holt had done and remains at sixty years of age even now, eight centuries later.
He has discovered in the meantime that not all sexual gratification leads to his end, but he is still wary.
In his second century he met up and acquainted himself with the other men and women who created the Academy, and helped to create the Cruori House. The Grand Master who specialised in dagger use and designed the shield for the House is long since dead, but Graille remains and it is he who has used the phrase of the Cruori House to \'embrace the last breaths of their victims\' for it was a phrasing Holt used the night he showed his secret and something Graille likes the sound of. He returns to the Academy often, feeling like it is his retreat, or home - something he never really had until the Academy was founded.

Family: His blood relatives are all dead and he hasn\'t bothered to keep up with the bloodline. He has researched the Min Sayer family name with no luck and believes now that Holt invented the name for himself.
Likes: Obediant students, calm and quiet, reading, smell of honey, cleanliness
Dislikes: Unruliness or anarchy within the Academy, mess, yelling, willful destruction or being challenged by those he considers his lessers (which is everyone).
Strength: He is older and more knowledgeable and stronger than he appears, he is fit and healthy with good hearing and vision, he is skilled at sneaking around, climbing and killing, he is a very calm and patient man, highly observant and aware of his surroundings.
Weakness/Flaw: He has to steal the last breaths of a dying person on a monthly basis to be able to continue with his agelessness. He has trouble forming relationships because of his value for privacy while at the same time yearns for company. This gives him a somewhat troubled soul. He still has the problems of an aged person - with less flexibility than in his younger years, and an aching lower back during wet or humid weather.
Favourite Food: He likes a good hearty beef and vegetable stew, with bread for dipping.
Favourite Colour: He loves the browns and greens of nature
Hobby/Hobbies: Reading, playing chess, researching the Min Sayer family line (with no success), researching the runes upon his body

Sexuality: He has slept with many women in his first 60 years of life, and the only man was Holt. Despite this, he is still attracted to either sex but does nothing about it.
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: Two daggers, one strapped to each of his inner forearms, unseen beneath the loosely-fitting long-sleeved tunics he wears. A knife strapped to his leg below the knee above the boot - this one can be seen for it is on the outside of his pants.

Magick: The knack for magic escapes him though his ageless life has surrounded magicks of darkness and light. He fails to grasp the ability to wield it comfortably, however, and prefers to use magic through items and chants. He has no inherent magic other than the runic tattoos.

Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft (Woodwork), Decipher Script (Basic), Disable Device, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (Charr\'Long Region, Common, Elvish, Orcish), Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Profession (Master Assassin), Ride (Horse), Search, Spot, Survival, Use Magic Device, Use Rope
Digital: I drink from the poison chalice
Lan Bao: I reap the harvest of my people
Cain: I am the instrument that vampires play
Shan: I take what is mine and what is yours