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Mason Gray
« on: August 20, 2007, 02:34:57 PM »
Name: Mason Gray
Age [appearance]: 16
Age [actual]: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human

House: Veneficus
Title: Student
Level: 4
Occupation/Job: Student

Hair: Mason has long shaggy hair comming down to his eyebrows, he keeps it very neatly pushed slightly to the side.  The color is a Dirty Blonde/ Light Brownish.
Eyes: Green.
Frame: Mason has a skinny frame, a very nice body, he always keeps in shape, eats very healthy, never eats anything unhealthy.  Barely has any body hair.  Always wears nice clothes, Mostly wears nice, slightly tight clothes, mostly in reds and blacks.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: none, besides some freckles on his face.

Personality: Mason is a complete control freak.  Everything has to go his way no matter what the situation.  If he is not is in control then nothing is happening.  He is very upfront, and some say brutally honest.  Mason also suffers from a very savere case of OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disorter.)  He washes his hands excesivly.  Mason does not like to be touched in any way unless he wants it, due to his past.  Only trusts people fully if they are about 5 feet away.  Any closer and hes always watching his back.

History: After many attemps to get pregnant, Troy and Marcia were finally granted their first and only child, Mason.  Due to Complications at birth, Mason\'s Mother Marcia died.  Troy, Mason\'s father was forced to raise him on his own.  Once in a while he would have help from Marcia\'s Father Daniel.

Growing up Mason started to develop OCD always cleaning things and washing his hands untill his palms bled.  Mason never knew why he acted this way.  Mason also spent alot of time with his grandfather Daniel while growing up.  Daniel was always telling him many stories about an academy school he used to go to, he would always speak of something called The Veneficus house.  Mason never knew what that meant or was.  Even though Daniel never really told Mason what he went to the school for, he told Mason never to share the stories he told him with anyone else.  What Daniel did tell Mason was about the many potions he had created, and how he spent alot of his time at the academy making potions and reading about them in the school\'s library.  Daniel loved doing this and when Mason was five, Daniel started to show Mason books on Potions and even how to create them.  Daniel for many years was trying to create a potion that controled people.  A liquid, that when sipped would free the mind of everything, and only do what the potion\'s creater says to do.  When Mason was around 8 years old, Daniel let his grandson in on the secret potion.

When Mason was at the age of 10, his father started to drink very heavily.  With constant relationships going down the drain and not earning much money, Troy turned to drinking.  One late dark night after drinknig way too much, Troy stepped into his son Mason\'s room.  Shortly after, Troy layed next to Mason in his bed, His father slowly pulled off his ten year old son\'s pants.  Mason was raped that night by his own father.  He cried out only for no one to hear him.   With his father whispering things to him like "shh, this is ok" and "you\'re going to be fine", Mason sort of relaxed.  His father told him never to tell anyone about what was happening.  With mason being so young, this was his first sexual experience.  Mason thought that this was natural and the way things were sopose to be.  Mason eventually, in his later teens relized that his attraction to men was stronger then to women.  There was a long period of confusion about females and males, which one he should and should not like.  But after freeing the memories of his father\'s seductions, he had relations with another male when he attended The Academy and relized this was what he wanted.

It wasn\'t untill the age of 12 when Mason first started hitting Puberty, that his fathers activities started to get more intense and also more abusive.  Mason no longer wanted these things to happen.  So one night before his dad came in to his bedroom for his usual festivities, Mason escaped through his window.  The twelve year old boy ran all the way to his grandfathers house and banged on the door hopeing to wake him.  When Daniel answered he was shocked to see his grandson standing there out of breath.  Mason told his grandfather that he had run away from home, but didn\'t tell him why.  His grandfather quickly demanded him to go back home, and that it was foolish for a boy to run away.  Mason didn\'t want to tell his grandfather what was happening, because his father said never to tell.  So he didn\'t and he headed back home.

When Mason returned home that night, his father was up waiting for him.  His father began to yell at him, slurring his words.  His father grabbed him tighly and started beating him over and over with his closed fist.  Troy Demanded Mason to tell Him where he was.  Eventually Mason told him.  The next morning Mason awoke with a black eye and some bruises.  That night he planed on going back to his grandfathers and telling him what was happening.  And so he did, before his father got to him in his bedroom. 

When Mason arrive this time, Daniel was shocked to see bruises and a black eye.  Daniel quickly escorted his grandson into the house.  Mason told him everything that happend the past three years.  Daniel was infurriated.  Later that night he showed Mason how far he was on finishing the potion of Control.  The liquid was becomming a light purple color.  Daniel said it only needed a few more ingredients before it was done.  There was a knock and the door and Mason\'s grandfather answered it.  It was Troy, drunk as usual.  This time he had a kife and quickly Stabbed Mason\'s gradnfather through the heart.  He fell to the floor instantly.  Mason tried to get away but his father caught him and over powered him as he liekd to do.  His father loved to be in control of his little boy.  Once arrived home, Mason was devistated over his Grandfather\'s death.  His father continued to beat him for going back there.

The next day while his father sent him out for errands, Mason returned to his grandfathers house, and he mourned over the dead body of Daniel.  His grandfather was the only person that was ever nice to him, and he loved him very much, he also admired him greatly.  Mason took it upon himself to burry the body.  After doing so, Mason remembered the potion that was almost finished.  Mason wanted to finish his grandfathers work, so after some research and skills his gradnfather tought him, he continued the work on the control potion.

A Year Later, Mason had finally finished.  Everyday he would come to his grandfathers house when his father sent him outside for the day, and he would work on the potion.  Mason filled many test tube looking Vials with the light purple liquid.  He brought them home and secretly stashed them in his room.  After more Beatings that week from his drunken father, Mason decided that he had had enough.  Whatever love Mason held for his father was long gone by this point.

One night while, fixing soup for his father, Mason poured a hole vial of the control potion into his father\'s soup.  The purple juice quickly decended into the red soup.  After mason had given his father the soup, the now 13 year old sat in a chair across from His father and watched him as he swallowed the last gulp of his dinner.  Mason knew it was time.  A blank look suddenly fell over Troy\'s face.  "Drop the bowl." Mason said in his fathers direction.  Troy quickly dropped the bowl and it shattered to the ground.  Troy then sat up and grabbed the exact knife that was used to kill his grandfather, he also grabbed a rope that was hanging on the front door of their home.  Mason put a tall stool in the middle of the living room floor and clibed it.  He hung the rope around one the cieling rafters, and then tied a nuse around the end of the rope.  Next, Mason dropped down and demanded his father to stand on the stool.  Then Mason demanded his father to put his head through the nuse and tighten it.  Of Course Troy listened.  Mason loved the feeling of finally being in control.  Before letting his Father Kill himself, Mason wanted him to do one more thing.  So then Mason handed his father the large kife and demanded him to take it and cut off his genitalia.  Emotionless, troy did the deed without saying a word.  Mason enjoyed watching this as well.  He enjoyed watchng his father cut off the very thing that hurt Mason for many years. 

After watching his father bleed for a moment, Mason strongly kicked away the stool and watched his father swing back and forth by his neck, gasping for air.  On his last breath Troy finally stopped swinging and hung there dead.  Mason casually went to his room and packed his things along with his new Control Potion and started for the front door.  He stopped one more time to look at his father.  "Goodbye, Troy"  Mason said to the lifeless body.  In His Mind, Troy didn\'t deserve the title of "father", and Mason would never mention Troy as his father again.

Mason discovered shortly after he left home that The Academy his grandfather always told him stories about was actually real.  After finding out what the school was for, he realized why his grandfather never told him.  The idea of an Assasin excited Mason.  He was to follow in his Grandfathers footsteps.  After countless amounts of tests from the grandmasters, Mason told them of his Grandfather, and how he has learned his skill from him.  Mason was eventually accepted into the Veneficus House.

Family: Troy Gray (Father, Deceased.), Marcia Gray (Mother, Deceased.), Daniel Cunnington (Grandfather, Deceased.)

Likes: His Teeth to Be very White.  His fingernails trimmed to exactly 2 centimeters.  His clothes to be pressed and steam dried. 
Dislikes: Dust, Wrinkles, Messy hair (on other people of course).  Doornobs.  Dirty hands.

Strength: Making Potions exactly how they are sopose to be made.  Making everything Perfect.
Weakness/Flaw: His sence of Control and his OCD
Interesting Facts / Quirks: His OCD
Favourite Food: Chinese food
Favourite Colour: Red
Hobby/Hobbies: Reading, Making Potions.

Sexuality: Homosexual.
Relationship Status: Single.

Weapon: No Weapons
Magick: He is still Studying alot of Magick abilities, Mason likes to make, and is good at making countless amounts of potions.

INFUSCO: Scott / Blake / Parker
ZOMBIE MANIA: Christian / Joel