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Laurent Craiton [Va'tamal]
« on: February 03, 2008, 12:51:51 PM »

    Credit: [ ]

    Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
    (Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
    Feeding: Yes
    Wounding/Cursing: Yes
    Killing: Ask Saiketsu


    Name: Va'tamal [VA-tah-mahl]
    Alias: Soul-Ripper, Laurent Craiton, Adam, others
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Yes to all
    Species: Demon - Shadow
    Age: 618
    Looks: mid to late 30s

    Human Appearance:

    Hair: Black, on the long side of "short" and straight.  He also has a neatly trimmed mustache and beard.
    Eyes: Intense with an intimidating--though sometimes disarmingly charming--piercing gaze. His deep black eyes are constantly moving and scanning the area for something interesting.
    Skin: He has many battle/fight scars across his chest, abdomen, and arms. Most of the scars on his arms are faded, but the those on his torso are deep and stand out.
    Shape of Face: A bit square with a strong jawline.
    Nose: On the long-side with bold lines.
    Mouth: Almost always has a cruel or knowing smile.
    Frame: 6' with the build of someone who frequents the gym. Most find him extremely alluring or attractive, and he walks with a powerful arrogant step.
    Hands: Square and rough
    Usually seen wearing:  His typical outfit consists of low-riding, tight black pants or dark jeans that fit his rear quite nicely, held up with a simple leather belt. A skin-tight black or dark-colored T-shirt shows off his muscular build in a subtle way, and he is usually seen wearing black combat boots that he keeps superbly clean whenever he has the opportunity. Sometimes he wears a black trench coat but Laurent prefers to show off his body.
    Demonic Appearance:

    Eyes: Completely black and soulless.
    Horns: Glossy black, thick and twisted like ram's horns.
    Wings: Dark grey bat-like wings with some tatters and rips from old fights.
    Skin: Gray with the same scars seen in his human form.
    Frame: Towering a few heads higher than your average human, solid build but not too hulking, he is more of an agile creature than brute strength (that isn't to say that he isn't massive).  Cloven foot, reverse-bent knees--in spite of this he stands sturdy and unmovable.


    Intelligence Level: Cunning
    Current Occupation: Recruiter/trainer for a sex-trafficking ring outside of the city.  Gathering information for Chtahzus'aak (essentially contract work, they are not officially associated with one another).
    Salary: Enough.
    Awareness of Supernaturals: Demons, angels, vampires.  Everything else smells off.

    Magical Objects: 
    Dark Soul Gems: about 2-5 centimeters in diameter in their raw form.  It must be vacant in order to change the shape of the stone.  The surface is black until a soul inhabits it.  Vampiric souls, for example, will give the stone little red flecks.  One such stone he wears around his neck on a long chain under his clothing

    • Physically strong.
    • Tracker with superb senses.
    • Some psychic ability.
    • Has an above-average talent for acquiring difficult-to-separate souls.
    • The "Leeches": Can use shadows to invade someone's mind.  He can implant these shadows to monitor what someone is thinking and doing.  These shadows can be resisted and even physically pulled out if one has the capacity to do so.  There are limits to how long he can access these shadows and at what distance.  The farther the infected individual is from Laurent, the weaker these shadows will be.  If they are doing more than just sitting dormant, they will weaken and need to return to the source to recharge.
    • Shadow Travel: akin to a sort of teleportation, he can travel unseen through shadows.
    • Shadow Creatures: can create creatures from the shadows that deal damage.  Sometimes he will do this in such a way to make it appear as if he has transformed into this creature (when really he is just vanishing into a shadow as the creature appears).
    • Through possession of Mitchelletto's soul, Laurent is able to access some of the disciplines that Mitch has acquired--but he can only access them while in human form.  Transforming back into his demon form takes time and energy, leaving him open to attack.  (disciplines listed below)
    Accessable Via Mitch's Soul:
    Laurent can only access these abilities while in his human form.  Only one can be used at a time and there is a cooldown time before another skill can be used.
    For more details, see Mitch's character sheet.

    • Lure of Flames: Can wield and shape hellfire (this can damage him if he is unable to focus).
    • Quietus: Silence of Death/Selective Silence (makes surrounding area silent, can allow certain people to make sound), Dagon's Call (from afar he can harm those he touched in the last hour)
    • Obfuscate: Cloak of Shadows/Unseen Passage (is hidden from sight), Ghost in the Machine (also hidden from electronics), Mask of a Thousand Faces (can appear as a nondescript stranger), Imposter's Guise (can, with preparation, take on the appearance of a specific person)

    Hobbies/Pastimes: Tracking/killing people for fun, stealing souls, making deals for souls, screwing anyone he feels like as violently as possible.
    Likes: watching the hope/happiness drain from someone's eyes, sex, blood, violence, power, black, tracking, killing, weapons, taking advantage of those weaker than him, smoking, night, being in charge, inflicting pain and fear, fighting, knives, winning
    Dislikes: weakness, disobedience, flowers, colored clothing, being snuck up on and caught off guard, when things do not go according to plan, when people refuse to submit to him, losing

    Observable Behavior:

    Speech Patterns: Seductive and suggestive, or commanding and boastful
    Eye Contact: Dominating
    Posture: Confident
    Visual Habits: He is constantly looking around, scanning for danger or prey. His eyes never seem to focus on one thing (unless it's what he's chasing). Laurent has a tendency to practice throwing daggers/knives at targets when he is nervous/anxious/waiting for something.
    Usually seen holding: A cigarette or knife, especially when he is anxious.  Laurent hides weapons, daggers, handguns, and such on his person. (Not that he uses the guns much, they're for show more than anything)
    Quirks/Interesting Facts:
    Rarely finishes a cigarette, always smoking roughly half or two-thirds of it before discarding it. 
    Common stance 1: Leaning up against a wall, arms crossed over his chest with a cool expression on his face. He is either looking for someone or simply taking in his surroundings, assessing the situation. Despite his expression, there is an awful lot going on inside of his mind. He is most likely formulating a plan of sorts or going through options and ways to lure in prey.
    Common stance 2: Quietly crouching in an ally somewhere, watching someone he is following and trying not to be seen. When he's like this, it's easy for someone to sneak up on him because he is so focused. But don't be surprised if he tries to kill you afterward.
    Common stance 3: Hands deep in his pockets, or smoking, trying to look inconspicuous and waiting for something to happen. He is extremely aware of his surroundings when he is standing like this, even though it doesn't look like he is on guard.


    Laurent is very arrogant. He is very intelligent and argumentative. He loves fighting and is a very tactful fighter. When he has his mind set on a goal he will do everything in his power to attain it. Laurent loves the thrill of the chase and will track his prey as far and as long as he has to. He thinks he is the strongest, smartest thing out there and isn't afraid to tell you. Laurent is an insensitive, superficial, greedy man and he doesn't do the whole 'mercy' thing. He's shameless and doesn't care if he is making someone uncomfortable. He's a ruthless, cruel, downright nasty jerk. He doesn't love and never has even cared enough to love. The only thing he could possibly want from a relationship is sexual pleasure.

    Strongest positive personality trait: Persistent
    Strongest negative personality trait: Evil
    Sense of humor: Dark.  He generally finds humor in things that should not be funny.
    Temper: Explosive.

    • Cold and calculating, always formulating very elaborate plans that typically succeed 9/10 times.
    • Intimidating, persistent, and manipulative, never giving up once he has a set goal in mind.
    • Iincredible focus and willpower, so much so that he can detach from pain.
    • Resourceful and cunning.
    • His ego and arrogance make him an extremely disagreeable person.
    • Little control of himself when he is angry, severely impairing his judgment.
    • Short temper and the smallest thing could set him off at any given time.
    • Since he has a habit of detaching from pain in order to fight, it is difficult for him to realize when to stop.
    • Has the need to always be right.
    • Subject to obsessive behavior in order to 'win' and come out on top.
    • Has a tendency to tunnel-vision, which can leave him vulnerable.
    History in Brief:
    • Before being summoned to this plane of existence, he was a sneaky devil in hell.  His strengths lie in manipulation, getting under the skin--literally and metaphorically, and psychological torture.
    • Met up with Mitchelletto and in exchange for his soul (as well as a few nights of lust), taught him Dark Blood Sorcery.  The two have been off-and-on in contact though haven't met in person for quite some time.
    • Had dealings in the transatlantic slave trade. 
    • Is one of the higher-ups in a sex trafficking ring just outside the city.
    • Rachel was one of the girls he "recruited" under the false premise of an interview for a good paying job.
    • Rachel escaped and is currently under the protection of a vampire.  Laurent is furious and intent on reclaiming her again.
    Recent History:
    • Primarily occupied with trying to reclaim Rachel--he doesn't like losing and never let anyone escape before. Now he is biding his time and lulling her into a false sense of security--he is looking forward to bringing everything crashing down around her.
    • Used Nikolai [ ] to get information on Rachel's whereabouts.
    • Met up with Mitch while gathering information for Chtahzus'aak.
    • Lured Nikolai to his "hotel" outside the city and forced him to get information for him to give to Chtahzus'aak.
    • Used Nikolai to gather information, which was less effective than he expected it to be.
    • Failed to get adequate information for Chtahzus'aak and was gloriously cut off, effectively banished from The Block.
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    Re: Laurent
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