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Name:  Keide
Age [appearance]: Can change at whim, but often looks to be in his early twenties.
Age [actual]: can one put an age on darkness?
Gender: Male
Species:  Doppleganger


Hair: Obsidian strands fall in cascade to his waist in a silken fall, though sometimes the length can either change or seem undetermined. In either instance, he is very meticulous about its upkeep and appearance. Rarely is a strand seen out of place.

Eyes: Brilliant quick silver eyes view the world with suppressed amusement. He can see the darkest parts of your soul and his mercury gaze says as much.

Frame: Like his hair, his frame, height, and build can alter at a whim. When his appearance isn’t altered however he stands around 5’5” or so with a moderately average build. He isn’t wiry, really, and the way the muscles on his body are toned seems to reflect the colorful life he’s lead in the mortal realm. His dress tends vary depending on his mood, though he does have something of a monochromatic trend at times.

Note: When Keide takes on a human form, be it the one he\'s created for himself or another\'s, it is as real as the next mortal\'s. He\'s capable of being injured and does, indeed, bleed. Since he is not human, however, his blood is not red... instead the fluid that sustains his form is a dark purple in color.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: His tongue bears a venom piercing, the balls of which are purple. This, of course, marks him as a minion of the Brotherhood.

Personality: Keide is a rather curious specimen, for his personality tends to shift much like his appearance does. Generally, he is playfully mischievous and more than a little malenevolent. He enjoys amusing himself at the expense of those around him and will not hesitate to do so if an ample opportunity presents itself. However, this is all presented in a rather quiet fashion and unless one is around him long enough, or truly knows him, they might assume him to be rather meek and mild mannered. His comments more oft than not having a tendency to go over one’s head due to their casual delivery.

Having lived a rather loooong life, he’s learned that the only way to escape the tedium of longevity is to make the most of what is given to you. Though this sounds like he might be an optimist, he actually takes more of a cynical approach to the theory. After all, there is no since in wallowing in misery when you have eternity ahead of you.

Sometimes, he can be seen brooding about deep in thought. His mind, when he allows it, has a tendency to wander on him and he can get lost within the past rather easily. He tries to avoid doing this in the presence of others, as it tends to take away his full attention and leaves him rather vulnerable.

History: A creature that has been around before the concept of time, though he doesn’t recall everything that he has done between now and then as there have been lulls where he’s fallen into a type of slumber, Keide has a rather extensive history behind him. How far back he can recall depends upon how long he has been awake since his last slumber. The longer he remains awake, the more his history and past come back to him.

His latest awakening was well over 3000 years ago. In that time, he has watched civilization rise from its baser forms to become what it is today. Bound to one of his first mirrors somewhere in Egypt, a court magician managed to capture him, Keide found himself serving under the soon to be first pharaoh of Egypt’s 19th Dynasty. A man by the name of Rameses… Through Keide’s coercion Rameses was elevated from the status of soldier to vizier and eventually, named the next heir. Upon his death, the doppelganger found himself bound to a mirror that was buried within the Pharaoh’s tomb.

Adamant about not being sealed, he maneuvered about the world between and the mortal realm using mirrors and shadows. Eventually, he managed to coerce a group of family grave-robbers to break into tomb. The mirror he had been bound to was shattered upon this break in and while the robbers made off with the mummy he was once again free to roam the mortal realm.

Imprisoned in the tomb for almost a full Millennium, the world he returned to was vastly different from when he’d been buried with Pharaoh. Gone were the ancient gods and goddesses of old, replaced by singular gods. After he fled Egypt, the place he found himself in was rich with turmoil and strife. There were legions of people sweeping across the land in the name of their religion demanding that all convert or perish. It was during these wars, these crusades, when Keide found himself once again bound to that damnable reflective glass. A gypsy had been his captor and he had served him by keeping the man alive during the trials.

It was around the time of the fourth crusade, roughly 800 years ago, that the doppelganger found himself in the hands of the Brotherhood. His mirror exchanged to them as payment. The services he’s performed in that time and the people he has served have been numerous.

Now, his bit of glass has been passed on to one of the Elder’s in within the city’s council. The only individuals in the Brotherhood that know the truth about him and his looking glass, are those within the inner circle. Currently, he serves under Ender.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Extremely Aware, though has little opinion regarding them.

Tool of the Brotherhood.

Interesting Facts / Quirks:  A creature born of the world between, also known as the shadow land, Keide has the ability to shift his appearance and walk through mirrors or other reflective surfaces. Both the surfaces and shadows serve as a gateway to the world between. That being said, he also has a mastery over shadows… capable of manipulating them at whim.

Another interesting fact is that Keide can see into the darkest corners of a person’s soul. The reason for this is because everyone has side of them they hide from the world. This side, exists only in the shadow land but, can manifest itself in Keide should he choose. For example, outwardly Liam is the epitome of charitable but truthfully, he wishes the needy would simply disappear and leave him alone. Should Keide chose, he can assume Liam’s darker half, thus becoming a visible duplicate… though in personality he’s the nastier half. (If you’ve ever heard anyone complain about an evil twin, then they’ve likely fallen victim to a doppelganger).

Toying with people’s minds, causing general chaos

Likes: As a doppelganger, he enjoys observing people. He also likes to make people aware of their darker halves, taunting them with the knowledge he has. Curiously has a passion for storms. Enjoys people who are in denial and those that think they’re self-aware.

Dislikes: Being bound, People who think that darkness is a myth, People who are always looking for a silver lining.

Strength: Slick of tongue, Keide is capable of coercing people into his ideas. He’s also rather adept at mind games due his the ability of seeing that darker side.

Can sometimes be a little too dark, missing out on things that were intended to be good. Also, when bound, he absolutely –has- to return to his mirror every 72hrs or else he begins to fade from the mortal realm. His body phasing him back to the shadowed land where, if he returns, he has to remain until the holder of his mirror summons him.
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