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River Conner
« on: February 12, 2008, 05:49:35 AM »
Full Name and Title:  River Conner

Age:  14

Birthday: 23 during the Green Corn Moon (August)

Occupation: Thief

Religion: Talon-God of Death

Hair:  Her hair was very blond when she was younger, the color of wheat. However, it has progressively gotten darker and darker as the got older. It’s a dirty blond now more brown with highlights than anything. Lack of any sort of care for appearance means that it is often messy, uncombed, and probably not washes all too recently.  Her hair is usually kept at a longer length if only because she can not afford regular hair cuts. She keeps it tied back, nothing fancy, just a simple pony tail or lots of thin little braids. When she does tire of the length she’s been know to chop off her hair with her own knife. Not very pretty but effective.

Eyes:  Her eyes are round and framed by long thick lashes; the kind that look heavy on her eyelids and give her kind of a dreamy, sleepy look. It is her favorite feature, her eye color. They are a brilliant green color, dark and deep like emeralds.

Nose:  There’s nothing particularly spectacular about her nose. Its average, it does its job.

Lips:  Her lips are thin and often can show more about her emotions and thought than even her eyes. Joy is shown in huge grins, disappointment shown in frowns, frustration in pursed lips. Most of the time though her lips are full of motion for she rarely has nothing to say.

Skin Color:  Her skin is naturally a dark tone like caramel and life on the streets running about in the sun all the time only helps keep it sun kissed. The natural darkness keeps her from burning easily and she doesn’t have any freckles either. There are many pearly white scars littered across her body, each one a tale from her childhood, a lifetime of events written permanently on her body.

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Physical Attractiveness: River is a plain girl though not unattractive. She doesn’t stand out and it’s hard to call anyone who is often streaked with dirt beautiful. She’s intimidating though and bold and that is what catches people’s eye. Her whole appearance is carried with a pride that isn’t often found in a person of her status.

Clothing: Like the rest of her appearance there is nothing fancy. Plain tunics and pants in simple colors of tans and browns. Much of the time she runs around barefoot enjoying the freedom of being shoeless. She does own a worn pair of boots though if need be. Around her belt and hidden beneath her clothing are several sheaths holding her knives. The knives are nothing fancy but effective. The only other bit of accessory she has is a fang tooth of some wild animal hanging around her neck suspended on a worn leather thong.

Mother: River’s mother, Serena Conner, is a waitress at the Falcon’s Mask Inn. It doesn’t pay to well but it’s a job. It’s also the place where her mother met in father in a rather unusual manner. Her father fell in love with and subsequently went on to force himself onto her mother. Despite the violence surrounding her conception, for reasons River could never fathom, her mother forgave him and stayed with him.

Father: Luke Shepard never really had any place in life. He couldn’t ever hold down a job long enough to call in a career. He was a floater, going where and when he pleased. He is a self serving rascal, a thief, and a liar. Then he fell in love with a woman who at first resisted him. He was never one to take no for an answer though and he got the girl. Currently he’s spending his days in jail for thievery.

Siblings: One older half brother Thom that she’s never met.

Childhood: River grew up with a great deal of freedom to do what she pleased. She spent many days playing in the Inn where her mother worked and rolling dice with all sorts of unsavory types in back alleys. Her father taught her thieving at an early age.

Education: She never had any formal education and can neither read nor write. Why should she care though? She has street smarts. One of the few things her father had given her was a thorough education in surviving on the street and screwing people over. In her case not literally, though the same might not be said for him. Some of the skills she has learned in the streets including a proficiency in knife fighting, bare fist fighting, thieving, lock picking, lying, scamming, horse back riding, and making sure she stays alive.

Natural Talents: River has a natural talent of persuasion, people tend to believe her and follow her. She’s got a quick mind and learns fast. She’s also got a rather nice singing voice, one of the few feminine features she possesses. She has a natural charisma that gets her out of many tight spots.

Hobbies: Causing mischief

Personality: River is stubborn and bold; she isn’t one to think about things before she does them. This compulsiveness causes trouble for her a lot. She’s very independent and strong in her believes and personal morals. She is animated and off-the-wall. Sometimes she is skittish and hyperactive and at other times quiet and contemplative. There are dual sides to her, she holds her faith close to her heart and there is sensitivity to her that she protects at all costs. Mirroring that is a flaming temper, a knack for fighting and killings and a wild desire to live fully and freely.  Despite being streetwise she can come off as fragile as if she needs protection. There is a child like vulnerability; she’s do silly things and people would tell her to be careful, or don’t do that. She’s gifted at playing everyone, giving everyone just a little bit but there is no one strong person in her life to guide her.