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Alithia Prestange
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General Information

Full Name: Commoner Alithia Prestange
Nick Name: Ali
Age (actual): 16
Age (appearance): Anywhere from 14-18
Gender: Female
Birthday: 26 days into the Full Strawberry Moon(July 11th), but Alithia doesn\'t celebrate it anymore.
Occupation: Former theif, beggar, pick-pocket and just a general "if you need help I can do it" to working at the stables recruited by Bede Gallagher.
Current Financial Status: Poor, though she doesn\'t have to worry about it anymore, for she has a permanent roof over her head and food to eat at her new job at the stables.
Injuring: Don\'t need permission.
Killing: Please ask permission first.

Hair: Common brown. Chopped crudely at her shoulders, usually greasy and dirty. She obviously did not put much, if any effort into it.
Eyes: Brown
Nose: Slightly small and narrow.
Lips: Full lips, usually frowning.
Skin Color: White from what you can tell under the dirt.
Height: 5\'5"
Weight: 117
Frame: Extremely thin, as if she was anorexic.
Physical Attractiveness: She would be fairly attractive if she was cleaned and smiled more. But she has a slight air of spirit that cannot be covered up with dirt.
Clothing: Mitch match stolen outfit torn and faded from wear. She wears trousers instead of a skirt for efficiency.

History/Childhood: Alithia’s childhood was pleasant. Daughter of a merchant she had loved to smile and play. She had a strong spirit that the death of her parents could only subside but not kill. She grew up the favorite friend of the parents of her friends. She was honest, sweet, almost the perfect child(there is no such thing as a perfect child!)
They had planned on her going to great heights, and maybe even marry nobly(not high noble, but nobility nonetheless)
Her mother had become barren after her fifth child, and her youngest child died within three months of his birth.
But as time passed her life became less so. When Ali was eleven her mother passed away during Full Hunger Moon. After her death her father lived mostly in solitude, and their income decreased, so when three years later, he got the flue they could not afford a healer to help him. The flu also killed her little sister an older brother, leaving only her an Daniel, her eldest brother, alive to live as orphans.
Daniel tried to establish her money legally while Alithia when down the more shady path, picking pockets when she could, and pretty much doing almost anything to get a coin or two. She and Daniel got into a fight about a year age from the present time because he disapproved of her methods of gaining money, and she said it was what put food on the table. They went their separate ways after that.
She did whatever was needed to keep herself off the streets, though it didn\'t often work. But now, recruited by Manager Bede Gallagher, she works at the stables.
Education: She had been taught to read, though she wasn\'t very good at writing.
Religion: Talon. She only goes to worship for the warmth of the building, she doesn\'t often listen to the sermon, more often than not she sleeps. She always stays in the back corner, so that less people are likely to see her.
Mother: Was named Margaret, she had died five years ago during the Full Hunger Moon(Mid Feb. - Mid. March)
Father: David had died two years ago from a flu.
Siblings: An older brother, Daniel. They had had an argument a year ago, he didn\'t like what she did to survive and went off to try and find an honest living. She hoped he had found it, and not death.
Personality: Once a happy good natured sweet child, the hardships of life had made her cynical. She was reduced to sSeagreening and begging after her father died and she had to sell all their possessions. Her happy and cheerful face is now marked with grief and sorrow.
The memories of her happiness sometimes can bring her down to tears. At times she would pray to Talon to take care of her family, and at others she would curse him for taking them away. She would always apologize as soon as she had cursed him.
Even though she now saves every copper for food, and lives on the streets, life, it seems, cannot destroy her spirit.
If you can get her into a conversation she\'ll smile and laugh. She loved people and adores children. She tries to smile constantly, and when she can she\'ll go to the bathhouse.
Likes: Painting, warmth, food, drinking, watching the people at taverns, talking with anyone who’s will to talk civilly with her, animals(when they’re not attacking her or trying to sSeagreen her food), and for the most part, people.
Dislikes: Winter, hunger, running out of money, the streets(especially sleeping there), rude people, arrogance, rain, cold, sickness
Character Strength: Alithia is very strong willed, though easy to talk to. She can be told she was wrong and except it, mostly easygoing, and a very nice person
Character Weakness/Flaw: Stubborn, sometimes she can get a little full of herself, slightly over-confidant, though she’ll do practically anything for money.
Natural Talents: She is slight with her hands, and extremely quiet. She is also a very fast runner. All good things in her line of work.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, and doesn’t give much thought of changing that. More important things... Like staying alive
Hobbies: Growing up she loved to make pictures. Though they couldn\'t often afford paint and parchment, she would draw in the dirt. She also got fairly good at carving.
Unlike how painters would use painting to symbolize religion she would use to express her feelings.
She could study a painting for hours, and dream of herself using actual paints. Her parents had said that when she became good enough they would buy paint, but they would not waste their money.
But as she survived this world in her current status, she her hobby had faded. Though she still sometimes draw pictures in the dirt, she does not have the time to put her heart into it.
Introduction/Feel For the Character: ((I made this character during "Full Hunger Moon"(mid Feb. - Mid March) so it\'s based during that time period))
Shivering with the cold, the young girl wiped freezing tears from her face. Why couldn\'t she find shelter for this Moon? It had become increasingly harder for her to find shelter during this time period the past year or two.
"Watch your step on planks of wood,
For six by six will get you good."
She had been repeating childhood rhymes to try and keep her warm. She\'d have to find shelter for the night, it would be too cold to stay out.
She slowly stood up, her legs stiff from the cold. She walked down the street to a bakers, the family would be upstairs sleeping by now. She could sleep there. They were kind people, surely they wouldn\'t throw her out into the cold if they caught her sleeping there. She prayed to Adora they wouldn\'t.
She did not believe it was wise to pray to Talon when she was dying. He might decide to bring her to join her family. She wasn\'t quite ready to die yet, thank you!
She walked to the kitchen door and pulled out her only expensive possession. Lock picks. She worked slow and shake with the cold, but eventually got the door upon. She silently closed it behind her, and curled up into a small ball.
And as her body slowly warmed, she drifted off into blissful sleep.