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Nasir al-Juwayyriah Favershant
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Full Name and Title: Sir Nasir al-Juwayriyyah Favershant (Nasir al-Juwayyriah is his full first name, but many simpy call him Nasir.)

Age: 23

Birthday: Summer Solstice, Full Strawberry Moon

Occupation: Merchant; Experimenting Alchemist.  

Religion: Talonistic

Hair: He flaunts luxuriant ebon locks that cascade to a shoulder-length.  Although the tresses which are spangled with rings of copper are seperated into thick strands, the locks are somewhat tangled and also fall partitioned to each side.  Despite narcissistic care, streaks of silver pepper the roots of his hair (not from age, but from stress).  He has a thick but defined brow, and a light dusting of black hair speckles his limbs and chest.  

Eyes: Hazel; thin and sharp like a hawk\'s eyes.  He will occasionally line antimony around his eyes in the hot months to protect from harmful glare.      

Nose: Beautifully middle-eastern by design, with a slightly curved hook.  

Lips: Moderately tapered, lightly pink.

Skin Color: Clean, Supple and Bright; Mostly due to his narcissistic habits and some habits from his past lifestyle in the dry, dusty areas of Syria. (As in keeping the skin covered from the elements, moisturizing and hygienically maintained.)

Height: 5\'11"

Weight: 165

Physical Attractiveness: Nasir is a lean and virile man who can be seen as neither "encumbered" or overly muscular.  His charisma is often cherished by others, yet his occasional bouts of depression leave others finding themselves feeling unwelcome to his company.  No one could tell beneath the many layers of his daily attire.

Clothing: The Levant Merchant dresses himself in a rich cultural fusion of fabrics from his mother\'s and father\'s attire lineage.  The outer layers are the least flamboyant, almost fading; the layers come interior that are protected by the outer layer, increases with extravagance and color.
Mother: Akhasmak al-Jumanah (deceased), a respected staff of the King of Damascus\' Harem.  Her heart was stolen by the traveling merchant Celestravus.  The Matriarch staged her death in order to  escape with her beloved merchant.  They travelled north towards Antioch, where she soon thereafter bore Nasir.  On their travel heading through France, She parished to small pox.    

Father: Celestravus Favershant (deceased), a wealthy traveling merchant who commuted the mediterrainean and middle east.  He fell in love with Akhasmak when exploring Damascus.  When he returned after his long journey, He lived a full life in Aberfoyle, Scotland, shortly after Akhasmak\'s death, raising Nasir as his true love\'s only remains.  He died of \'Devil\'s Fire\' (Ergotism) when Nasir turned 19.

Siblings: none (Two half-siblings, but unapparent to him.)

Childhood: Nasir developed into a young man with a mildly-thwarted childhood.  He had always looked up to his mother with intrigue through her medicinal and cosmetic knowledge, and even after her death pursued that which his father could not teach him.
He kept his father\'s dying wish to uphold the merchant business but found himself content by tinkering with alchemy and medicine.  

Education: Most of what he learned was from a university in Damascus (Which was granted passage to any siblings or relatives of Akhasmak as a compensation of her death; all due to her loyalty and excellence in her services).  
He learned to read and write (and later in English through his father\'s funding at the Innerkeep) but does not find arithmatic a purpose-driven cause, as he is a visual person.  

He is fully intrigued in how scratches on paper can transfer visual references, thoughts and emotions.  He is very fond of music and had dabbled in the repretoire of the lute but was not persistent in his studies, and no longer aquires the ability.

Natural Talents: He is very accepting and welcoming of diversity, as it is commonplace in his job as a traveling merchant.  He is very observant and has fine motor skills, making him quite persuasive with a quill or reed pen.

Hobbies: Nasir enjoys Alchemy, Medicine and Music.  He often writes to his friends and enjoys parties.  He loves to pamper others and heal them to make them happy.

Personality: Nasir is very narcissistic and independent.  He doesn\'t like to do work unfit for a merchant, but will do so if it can save others helping him (He doesn\'t usually return favors unless asked of, either).  He tries not to, but does take things forgranted.  He is very nervous and shy, only  driven extrovertedly by a mild jealousy that pushes himself to be "at a level of excellence" with other merchants, but will act out as he needs to to aquire what he desires.  He is all-around tolerant but is still internally conflicted on who he is and his opinions.


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