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Re: A Spring Too Late.
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The man seemed to like big, flowery descriptions with everything, Kysis bearing with it.  He had always been a kind of person who got to the point and did so in as few words as possible.  Efficiency, Kysis called it.  He was near obsessed with being the most efficient he possibly could, so Kysis just kept a smile on and watched Nasir through his entire description, despite how much it beat around the bush.  Which was a lot.

Carving was the only thing he needed to know.

Kysis was glad he had run into Valdis not too far in the past, as he had gotten a look at what she used to carve.  She had been good at it to, so he trusted her judgment.  Still waiting patiently, Kysis was relieved when it seemed Nasir was finally done giving vague polarities for his want, and nervous exclamations that he was not insulting the work by saying he wanted something sturdy.

He never would have taken it as an insult, whether Nasir apologized or not.  A customer who did not care about quality had no place in his shop.  However, someone who did care about quality (and if one knew a lick about blades or not, a person can always tell cheap craftsmanship) was more than welcome, and Kysis invited critique.  Luckily his competition, the Gulbrand group, had already been in and been dismayed to see the quality of his weaponry.

Sapphire eyes roaming the area with knives, Kysis walked up to one in particular, looking at it for a moment.  The blade was just slightly curved, sharper on the wider arc, though still sharp on the inner.  Perhaps that would work.  Kysis picked it up, spinning it around so he handed the hilt towards Nasir, the young lord gingerly holding the blade.

"This might do.  I am not too familiar with carving, but I have seen a rather good local carver using a similar piece to this."  Kysis admitted his lack of knowledge in the field from the start, to set things straight.  He would not fake expertise and give a person a blade that was ill fitting to their purpose.  Kysis would bring up the need for a permit, even for a knife meant only for carving, in a bit.  If Nasir showed any interest, that is.

((sorry it took so long!!!! *huggles*))
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