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Re: Stealing Snacks
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2007, 12:59:26 AM »
Slightly over paranoid was a wrong assessment.  When dealt a threat in such a manner, Venorik always tried to lull them into a ‘false sense of security.’  They began to overlook his heritage and trust him.  and as soon as they were friends and trusted him enough, Venorik would make his move.  Kio was no different.  Venorik just saw a possibility that Kio could one day become useful to him, so why bother killing him yet?

And it wasn’t odd that Venorik knew Kio to be from Confuto.  He was out late, and even in his sixth year, he was able to recognize the particular brand of sound magick that confuto used.

As soon as Kio had left the room, Venorik grabbed two oatmeal cookies from the drawer and began crumbling them carefully onto the floor.  Anybody would tink that someone had broken into the kitchen nd ate cookies messily.  As soon as the eating area was finished, Venorik slipped out of the kitchen, door not only unlocked but slightly ajar as he made his way towards the Western tower, then back towards confuto’s dormatories.

Anybody who saw the trail would think that it was someone who raided the kitchens and was careless in going back ot his dormatiries.  Which was exactly what Venorik had hoped for.  As soon as the trail was set, Venorik left for his own room, intent on getting a little bit of sleep in until the sun was up higher.  He really needed to work on his endurence today.