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Raff Kimi-maru
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:18:55 PM »
Name Raff Kimi-maru

Age: 25

Birthday: 10 March


Religion: Talon

Hair: Long Brown medium hair comes down to his shoulders.Also it`s dark enough to where it kind of looks black but you can tell its just a really dark brown and also looks really good on him when it`s long he looks horrible most of the time when its short.

Eyes: Light Green eyes with a yellow like band around the iris also kind of a pale looking crystal or emerald like look to it also looks very well on him.

Nose: Normal nose except only one feature where its like kind of thin but not abnormal or anything.

Lips:Normal looking lips except there kind of pale looking.

Skin Color:Pale really white since he`s an assassin and hides in the shadows most of the time.

Height: 6`0

Weight: 158

Physical Attractiveness : Really Attractive mostly all girls blush or fall under control when they see him but most men or other people all fear him because of his paleness and how he looks and dresses.

Clothing: Long Black robes with a hood and long sleeves all covers up most of his body but only wears the hood when on a mission.Black boots with a read color band around them and have good grips on the bottom for better running and traction.Also has a hidden blade under his left sleeve,and has black finger-less gloves.Also has 2 Assassins Blades on his waist held up by a black belt with a green emerald in the middle.

Mother: Maria Kimi-Maru A very nice woman who loved Raff a lot and also went everywhere with him.

Father: Dogetsu Kimi-Maru A Strong and wise man who is extremly strong for a person who is 63...He is a farmer and has a strong muscular look and trust me that look is real he trained Raff in every combat weapon he had and also every fighting style he new.

Siblings: He has a sister named Miyavi Kimi-Maru also had a nickname of "Yavi" raff loved his sister a lot when they were growing up she was verry nice and beautiful but ever since he left his family he hasn\'t seen her much.

Childhood:Helped his father farm when he was little until he grew 18 and left and grew out on his own and became a Assassin/Thief and Isn\'t poor but isn\'t rich and now lives a happy life.

Education: Has a good education actually it\'s not perfect but better than most he can read pretty fluently but isn\'t to good a math really but has good skills in Swords play and Taijutsu

Natural Talents: Quick Minded always know what to do no matter what situation it is.Also is literally awesome at any kind of combat sort of play and beat just about anyone and is very fast and can hide anywhere he could hide right in front of you and you wouldn\'t even see him.

Hobbies: training,swords play,helping people and also traveling around.

Personality: Quiet,Doesn\'t talk much at all usually stays silent but he does talk a bit but always makes since when he talks hardly ever laughs unless it\'s something really funny witch proves he does have a sense of humor and also kind of shy but not at the level where her doesn\'t like to meet new people he\'s at the level where he doesn\'t like being confronted a lot.