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Poems, yes.
« on: March 07, 2008, 07:25:52 AM »
So, poems. Felt inspired and compelled to post! Nah, I just like to share ^^ Hope they make sense to you, and that which I try to weave into the lyrics really is. >_<
When the city is covered in snow
and all around is white
Then know that I dream
dream you to me all night
When all is covered in snow
And our home’s grown cold
Then know that I dream
For there’s snow
It’s like clouds all around

Then you’ll know I’m there

That I’ll be there with you
Despite I always run
I’m around and near
And if you can’t hear me
If you don’t
I’ll sing for you
Enough for you to hear

I love, I love you.

Loud enough for you to hear
That it is so
How long do you think longing can grow, grow?

If we destroy… How long, how long?
Summer is hidden, there’s only snow.
But I haven’t forgotten
What it’s like to love
And I love you, I love you
Loud enough for you to hear

And fire burns in the voice

and not in the stomach.
In the voice.
That’s why we’re quiet, about it.
That it is so
That it is so
I love
Loud enough for you to hear
And, that it is so.
Despite all the snow
I, Monster
Lets play nice, you and me, she said
I want to play in my new dress
You be the soldier and I the princess
There are no more soldiers, I answered
I tell you now, so no thank you
There are no more princesses
Playtime is over, playtime is through

And her smile dropped

Yes, I’m a monster
But I felt I had to
Yes, I’m a monster
But I felt I had to

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Re: Poems, yes.
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2008, 05:36:11 AM »
I like these. Being a poet myself, I appreciate a good piece. I like your originality. You see things very differently from most.
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Re: Poems, yes.
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2008, 02:26:57 AM »
Thanks Warkune, nice to hear ^^ *throws in another one*

Sailor\'s Goodbye

So-long pretty baby
If I see you no more
I might drop you some letter
From a far away shore

Don’t you cry now sweet baby
You were doing real fine
Though your coffee might have been bitter
Your love was like wine
Your coffee might have been bitter
But your love was like wine


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Re: Poems, yes.
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2008, 05:59:33 AM »
Will Moore and Sissela Lindh.
From Haven’s mow
Sounds violin and base
Fullmoon’s glowing
Like the neck of a vase
There dances Will Moore
Chin against chin
With young miss
Sissela Lindh
She dances with closed eyes
Held so close
She follows in the dance
Wherever he goes
He leads and she follows
Soft as a wind
But tell me why blushes
Sissela Lindh
What was it Will Moore
Whispered your way?
You smell like heaven
And dance like a fey
Your bust is so soft
And waist is so thin.
So very beautiful
My Sissela Lindh
But the dance ended
Where were they to go?
They lived so close
To each other, so…
They walked to her house
There she paused to grin
I want a kiss
Said Sissela Lindh
Shame on you, Will Moore.
Old man, be not wild.
Sissela Lindh
Still is a child
Pure as a flower
Shy as a hind
I’ll soon be 17
Said Sissela Lindh
The night now flee
And its stars go blue
And Will Moore is old
But the moon is new
Yes, Will Moore is old
But love is blind.
Come kiss me again
Said Sissela Lindh

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Re: Poems, yes.
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2008, 11:52:33 PM »
There’s a Swedish song played by Lars Winnerbäck called ‘om du lämnade mig nu’ (If you left me now), and I’ve used it as an inspiration to this WONDERFUL creation xD It’s much based on the lyrics to that song though I’ve changed and adjusted and remade it to fit… yeah. Feel free to listen to the song here on youtube. It\'s sung in swedish though! Warning!
The song is sung by Miss Li and Lars Winnerbäck. Her and Him.
If we were through.
I would wake in the middle of the night
And go out for a walk in the dark
I would let my eyes meet other eyes
In the crowd of a park
I wouldn’t be much in a hurry
To meet someone new
I have a lot on my own
Just like you
I would breathe in the space left behind
If we were through
I would be on a train to Paris
And let this place be
I would have time for myself
Allowed to be free
I would dare to dream
A hundred miles through Europe
About a stranger
As trustworthy as you
I would try my lips against someone elses
If we were through.
I would be able to live without that look
Which throws me completely
But I would miss those moments we have
When we let troubles be
I would look for those
People I left behind
That I used to be
With somewhere
And I guess there’s someone you’d call
If I wasn’t there
I may look for someone younger
If only for the fight
It would be too empty if no one was there
To keep me warm in the night
But I would never have patience enough
To be understood
No one knows me
like you
I would be stuck in my loneliness again
If we were through.
(sorry about the stereotype blue-pink... `-`)
Another song, this with only miss Li, is Ba Ba Ba which I linked just beause I\'m so darn kind to let you listen to some swedish music. This is sung in english though so no worries xD