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Roche Kestrel (Queen)
« on: March 09, 2008, 02:10:26 AM »
Full Name and Title (née): Baronne Rochelle Brigitte Caron Lafayette

Full Name and Title (married): Queen Rochelle Brigitte Caron Kestrel

Commonly known as: Your Majesty or Ma'am


24th of September

Place of birth:
Paris, France

Current Occupation: Queen Regent, Oberon Castle - wife of King Mayhew Kestrel


Roche's blonde hair is thick and naturally curly, bouncing in healthy waves to the base of her shoulder blades if it's left out, but it is generally held back in tidy arrangements with a variety of pretty decorations through it. Generally described as honey blonde, paler strands of white blonde hair sit atop cinnamon-coloured ones against her scalp, creating a natural tonal effect thanks to her love of the sun. She wears it parted centrally, with no fringe whatsoever to block her clear skin (though she has a fairly low hairline to offset her broad forehead).

Roche has large light blue eyes that watch everything around her with an innocent curiosity. This effect is enhanced by the thick, darker eyelashes atop the round orbs. If one were to get really close, they would see darker flecks of colour (brown and dark blue) in her irises but they hardly make a ripple in the clear blue waters of her optics.

Probably her most unattractive feature (if she has one), Roche's nose is slightly bulbous at its end, but fine and thin at the bridge. It is quite a long nose but her eyes tend to draw all attention away from it, thankfully.

Roche has naturally pale pink lips, the top one thin and the bottom one beautifully full and bowed. Her mouth is tilted upwards at the corners, giving her a permanently happy aspect, even if she's not smiling. A narrow mouth gives her smiles a coquettish, demure look that she has been known to play on, in order to get her own way.

Skin Colour:
Because she enjoys the outdoors and is often left to her own devices for great lengths of time, Roche has fallen out of the habit of keeping her skin covered so that she remains nobly pale and is, instead, tanned a golden colour (more or less all over, since she is not averse to sneaking into the screen of the palace maze and lifting her skirts and sleeves to expose her limbs to the sun).  She is blessed with a surprisingly clear, unblemished complexion that is unusual in one of her age, probably because she washes regularly, has a very active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

169cm (5'6)

58kg (128lbs)

Roche is a delicate flower with a very slight frame. She has excellent posture, holding herself erect at all times, her small chin up and shoulders pulled back. Her breasts were very small at the time of her marriage but since puberty has taken her over well and truly, they have doubled in size and now fill a man's hand - should one be so brazen to try. She is not heavily muscled; her skin is taut with the tension of youth but she is of average strength with developing tone to her limbs since she began practising swordplay with Captain Frederickson in earnest.

Physical Attractiveness:
Rochelle is a striking natural beauty that draws stares and causes hearts to skip beats with a little smile. She rarely wears the make up that is so common among the upper classes, for she doesn't need it, thanks to her gorgeous colouring. Her face is heart shaped and enticing, no matter her pose; she had only just begun to accept the advances of suitors and there were already five before the offer she couldn't refuse came along (none of them could match making her a princess and, eventually, a queen). She gained a great deal more attention and prestige than her station dictated she should, and it was purely because of her wholesome, pretty looks.

Roche is used to being swathed in the most beautiful fabrics, in the most modern designs.  She has been taught to know what is fashionable and what is not, always dressing up when going to be seen in public.  She favours clothes in the colour of her eyes - powder blue - for she knows they only enhance her good looks, but is partial to all pastel shades.  She has been told (by her mother) that it's appropriate for girls to wear pastels and she can branch out into darker colours when she's eighteen, though she's showing she has her own mind now that she's queen and has more than a few non-pastel outfits.

Baronne Etienette Lafayette is a gracious and accommodating woman, the perfect wife and mother.  She was raised in society and has instilled the same principles in her children, filling them with pride in their station and an understanding of their own fortunes.  She knows who's who and what's what at court and is fortunate to attend a couple of times a year; she is determined that her children will rise to the success and great fortune that she feels they deserve, bettering themselves and having truly happy lives in the process.  Although she was dismayed to realise that her eldest daughter would be going to live farther than a quick carriage ride away from her, the notion of her inheriting an entire kingdom - through marriage - swayed her into agreeing to the Kestrels' offer after only a day's consideration.

Baron Gautier Lafayette is quite a stuffy little man on the exterior - small of stature with a greying beard and closely-cropped hair, accompanying a rounded belly and a bad habit of peering through spectacles down his nose at people he can't quite work out - but he has a heart of gold and treats strangers respectfully, his family lovingly.  He has no airs simply because he shares the same blood as King Charles V but he is obviously well bred.  He was reluctant to sign away his eldest child into her marriage, feeling that, even though she had come of courting age, she wasn't quite ready to marry (and then go so far away).  His wife convinced him in the end, but he is somewhat dubious and his soft heart misses his daughter terribly.

A brother and two sisters - Didier, often called Didi for short (14 years, brother), Ghislaine (13 years, sister) and Deja (8 years, sister).

Roche had an idyllic childhood, being raised in a loving and supportive home environment, getting on very well with her parents and siblings and having many friends that she socialised regularly with.  She has always mothered her youngest sister, Deja, and has grown up dreaming of marriage and children of her own, with a loving husband and a happily-ever-after future for them, because that's the example she's always lived with.

Rochelle has received etiquette, dance and academic training from a very young age.  She is an excellent and studious pupil and can speak three languages fluently - French, English and Italian.  Although some girls her age enjoy ladylike sports such as croquet, Roche tends to be a bit more aggressive in her leisure pursuits, enjoying horse riding and jumping, soccer and hockey in the outdoors.  She enjoys knucklebones, checkers and chess indoors, though has also bowed to the pressure of being a refined lady and is an excellent cross-stitcher.

Natural Talents:
Roche has excellent balance and hand-eye co-ordination, meaning that she picks up complicated new dances very quickly and is very nimble on her feet in general.  She has an artistic eye and an excellent sense of colour to go with her talented line drawings.

Pursuing her education, playing with her brother and sisters, spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.  She enjoys drawing landscape scenes (especially with animals in them) with charcoal, though she is loathe to make them permanent with paints - or even display her talents openly - preferring to just leave them as they are in her collection of papers.

Rochelle is a bright, happy girl who endeavours to keep the peace at all costs.  She enjoys harmony in her surrounds and doesn't like it if things are unbalanced (whether it is because people are fighting or because serendipity has interfered); she is not afraid to get involved in conflict if it is going to bring things to a swifter, happier resolution.  She enjoys becoming lost in her own thoughts, observing the world around her and, being the romantic that she is, she longs for someone special to share those still and quiet moments with.  She has a very strong belief that it will be her new husband, Mayhew (and she's very rarely got anything wrong in her whole life) but she is nervous about being his perfect partner, nevertheless.  Although she isn't a limp wick, she does like to please people and this has seen her bending over backwards in the past, so that 'friends' have been able to take advantage of her.  Aware of this weakness within herself, she strives to be more mature, more in control and more steely in the face of conflict but nothing dire has ever come along to challenge her sweetness too greatly... thus far.



[/B]Wedded Bliss (Roche meets her new husband and finds out she will not have an easy time of it)
Training Truths (Hew comes upon her sunning herself in the gardens, calls her a whore and later rescues her from the maze)
Behind Closed Doors (Eight months on, Roche offers her husband a way out of their marriage farce)
Solace (Roche makes live to her husband before they are summoned to his father's deathbed)
State of Play (Rochelle and Phinneus pass one another in a hallway, eight months after he came to the palace)