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Savina Mahsa
« on: March 09, 2008, 11:07:33 AM »
Name: Savina Mahsa (Inali*)
Age: 20
Birthday: September 13th
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 130 lbs

Religion: She claims to follow Adora, but most would question her faithfulness to the Goddess because of her lack of enthusiasm.

Hair: Luxurious long, dark, flowing brown hair. Savina keeps it well washed and neat, usually pushed back with a maroon bandanna tied around her forehead like a headband.

Eyes: Savina’s eyes are large, dark brown, expressive, and hypnotic, usually looking around for something to steal or someone to deceive…

Nose: Normal, proportional to her general facial structure.

Lips: Luscious, plump, and full, simply begging to be touched or kissed. She keeps them well moistened (Savina has a fond dislike for chapped lips) and is usually seen smiling seductively to distract those she is stealing from and allure the unsuspecting innocent in order to trick and steal from them.

Skin: Well tanned, considering Savina has spent the majority of her life traveling. Despite this, her skin is surprisingly smooth and she keeps it relatively clean, bathing whenever she gets the chance and sparingly rubbing a spicy perfume on her chest. Savina also greatly dislikes body hair and either shaves or waxes whatever she can (with exception to arm hair because it is thin and light colored, barely noticeable).

Physical Attractiveness: Savina has a naturally subtle allure, due mostly to her dark, intense eyes. She is well blessed in the bust and isn’t timid in showing it off with her deliciously low cut clothing. Her gaze and seemingly all-knowing smile is what draws unsuspecting people in the most, if they are unlucky enough to make eye contact with her. Savina also has high cheek bones that make her look a little bit like a Native American.

Clothing: Savina makes her own clothing from any material that she can get her hands on. She has a fondness for bright colors but prefers not to stand out in a crowd. Gypsies do not typically show off their legs because they consider below the waist \'unclean\' for women and to look upon a gypsy woman’s leg (or feet etc.) if you are not her husband would make one within the gypsy community unclean or \'marime\' (those outside of the gypsy community are already considered marime and are not to be associated with, so the clean/unclean rule doesn’t apply). In accordance with this rule, Savina typically wears a long skirt. Since above the waist is fine to show off, she typically dons some form of a low cut top. If she wants to stand out a little more, Savina might be seen wearing something like this with a brighter colored low cut shirt, but she has a fondness for black, making this a rare sight.

Occupation: Savina, as a gypsy, doesn’t really have a job. She scrapes in what money she can by fortune telling and thievery. Typically she makes some gullible housewife believe that there is some great magical treasure hidden on her property that can only be lured out of hiding by depositing more gold/silver/ect into the cellar, "For gold, as you sees, draws gold, my deary, and so if you tie up all your money in a pocket-handkerchief, and leave it, you\'ll find it doubled." Magical gypsy rhymes are spoken over the handkerchief over and over in a very mystical way and the owners of the house are warned not to speak a word of the spell to anyone or even look at the bundle of money. A day later she’d come back to, “See how the charm is working,” replacing it with an identical bundle and running off with the money.

Education: Her mother taught her everything that she ever needed to know. Savina taught herself to horseback as well as some basic ways to defend herself. She was taught ‘gypsy magic’, how to trick/deceive the general public in order to steal money and such. Her mother taught her the art of fortune telling and palm reading as well as how to use a ouiji board. Other then this, Savina was taught to read and write but was warned to keep it a secret from those outside of the community. Her mother told her that it would be very useful if she were to \'play dumb\' in certain situations.

Natural Talents: In order to get by with her \'occupation\', Savina has to have quick reflexes and a sharp wit. She is naturally perceptive, something along the lines of psychic but not in the typical sense. Reading people comes automatically, as though second nature, and she utilizes this for her fortune telling/palm reading, etc. Savina is a \'sensitive\', meaning she can feel the presence of negative energy/spirits or what-have-you as well as the fact that she is highly empathetic (in tune with the emotions/thoughts/feelings of others). But, no, she does not \'read minds\'.

Hobbies: In her spare time, when she is not stealing, Savina uses her ouiji board to exercise her channeling abilities with the spirit world. She also likes to make pretty clothing from the fabric that she either finds or steals.

Mother: Candra Kishi (Esarosa*) was the first daughter of Zelda Nay and Saman Kishi. Candra was raised under these two very prestigious people in the gypsy community until Saman died when Candra was only ten years old. Under her mother’s watchful eye, she grew to be a powerful figure herself and was well respected by all who came in contact with her. With the cunning of a fox, she quickly became considered the most successful thief her group had. Other then trickery, Candra has a talent for playing the fiddle, fortune telling, and the like. Her dark brown hair flowed well past her shoulders and her dark eyes entranced any who dared to look into them.  She seduced a gypsy man by the name of Korbin Mahsa and they wed when Candra was eighteen. A short while later, to their delight, Savina was born.

Father: Korbin Mahsa (Chantesuta*) was raised strictly by Esther Suri and Zad Masha. Zad was a man of tradition and frequently physically and verbally abused his firstborn son to keep him in line, never sparing the rod against Korbin. Because of this, he grew to be a very strict father himself when Savina was born. While his parents were not as prominent in the gypsy community as Zelda and Saman, they were close friends. It was only natural that the two first born children wed when they came of age. There was no need to prompt Korbin, for the tall, dark, and handsome man fell under Candra’s spell under the early morning light of her eighteenth birthday. His mother Esther died before ever seeing Savina come into existence. Throughout his life, Korbin had a taste for ale and a fondness for being drunk.

Siblings: None to her knowledge.

Childhood: Savina was raised strictly under her father’s discipline. Any small mistake she made was reacted to with a smack across the face from Korbin. He occasionally sexually abused Savina as a child until she hit puberty. After she began developing, Korbin became more physically and verbally abusive, treating her like something unclean. As a result of this, Savina was closer to her sympathetic mother, Candra, who made no attempt to stop her husband’s abuse. As she aged, she gradually became more and more rebellious, against her father especially, but not until she was well into her teenage years.

Candra passed on all knowledge of the gypsy way of life, fortune telling, channeling, etc. to her daughter. She inherited her mother’s quick thinking in tight situations as well as her alluring looks and large bust.

Savina had a fondness for horses but her father never permitted her to own one of her own. She instead rode her father\'s favorite horse in secret, under the cover of night, and taught herself to ride through observation, trial and error. Savina was never allowed to do much of anything as a child. She had many chores to occupy herself with as well as the lessons from her mother. When she grew a little older, she was allowed to venture outside of the gypsy community to steal from whatever villagers they were camped near at the time.

Savina never understood or agreed with the gypsy teachings of \'clean and unclean\'. The people outside of the gypsy community deeply interested her, but she was never allowed to befriend or much less associate herself with anyone who was not a gypsy. The other children on the inside of her community bored her because they were so much like their parents. She refused to make friends with the other gypsy children and spent most of her time alone in the forest when she was not doing chores.

It wasn’t until much later, when Savina was eighteen and of marrying age, that she attempted to make contact with someone outside of the gypsy community. On one of her long walks on the outskirts of the gypsy camp, she caught the eye of a girl from the \'outside\'. For whatever reason, Savina was filled with the sudden desire to know this girl. Despite all of her teachings, she introduced herself to the girl by her gypsy name, Inali, and the girl said to call her Annie.

They became fast friends, meeting in secret under the cover of darkness. When Savina learned that her parents had arranged a marriage for her to a boy who she had no interest in whatsoever, it was Annie’s shoulder she cried on. And it was that night the two girls felt something more then friendship. When their lips met for the first time Savina felt the closest thing to love that she had ever felt. Savina was caught by her father sneaking back into her tent just before sunrise. After she refused to explain her whereabouts, Korbin tried to beat it out of her. She had the stubbornness and strength of her mother and refused to betray the existence of her only friend.

The wedding was set to be a week from its initial announcement, much to Savina’s dismay. This impending date seemed to spur on her relationship with Annie, as though rushing them to make the most of what they had before it was too late. The two made plans to run away together the night before her wedding day. A day before the two had planned to escape, they made love deep in the forest on a carpet of moss.

Unfortunately, her drunken father caught the two in the act, horrified beyond words. Frantically grabbing clothing the two split up and ran in separate directions, trying to confuse Korbin. This infuriated him and he took off after Annie instead of Savina, beating the girl to death when he caught up to her. Savina hid high in a tree, witnessing the act. She avoided the gypsies that were sent to search for her and fled to the safety of Oberon, far away from her clan that she was no doubt shunned from because she was now considered marime.

Personality: Savina had a very troubled childhood. Because of her father’s sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, she grew up with an automatic resentment toward men. She loved her mother dearly and told her everything, except for he father’s sexual abuse and the relationship she had with Annie. Savina has a tendency to become very defensive when accused of wrongdoing. Due to her emotional abuse, she grew up with a low self esteem that she masked with overconfidence to the point of arrogance.

Savina is a very deep woman, adoring long walks in solitude and thinking about just about everything. Her soul is filled with a passion for everything that she loves, but she has kept her heart on careful guard ever since Annie’s violent death. She loves to speak in riddles and metaphors and does so frequently. She has a natural distrust for people and has been described by those who try to get to know her as frigid. In order to keep up an alluring aura she never displays her insecurities to anyone. On the outside she is confident and sexy, causing her to unwillingly attract men who wish to court her.

Naturally sensitive to the energies of others\' emotions, she tends to become overwhelmed in bustling crowds. She has, however, developed the ability to block this strong \'current\' of energy enough to get by living as an every day commoner. Savina hates conflict and avoids arguments when she can. If faced with any sort of dispute, she puts up walls and her face becomes expressionless while inside she is panicking. This reaction is due to a combination of her heightened empathy and how she grew up.

RPs with Savina:
Fortunes (Palm reading and fortune telling here!)

*NOTE: Gypsies have three names, one name they use among only gypsy people, another used for outside of the gypsy community, and one secret one spoken into the ear of the baby as it is born and again when the child reaches puberty (no one but the mother, father, and spouse are to know of this name).
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