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Lundekinde de Nevers
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Full Name and Title: Lord Lundekinde de Nevers

Age: 27

Birthday: Full Crow Moon


Son of…

The Most Honorable Count Guillame de Nevers and Countess Consort Adalinde von Basel.  

Heir to the County of Nevers, in servitude under (legally but not in nature)…

The Duchy of Burgundy, the Court of Nivernais and the Diocese of Lyons; Ruled by Her Royal Highness, Duchess Mary of Burgundy, Brabant, Guelders, Limburg, Lothier and Luxembourg, Margravine of Namur, Countess of Artois, Charolais, Flanders, Hainault, Holland, Zeeland and Zutphen, Countess Palatine of Burgundy.
Religion: Catholic

Hair: Adorned on his head is a clean-cut coiffure of copper-flecked brown locks.  Styled sleekly on the sides to easily slide into his helmet, the top is left moderately long and is often rubbed with cinnamon or lavander oil when potable water isn\'t available for washing.

Persona: Lunde\'s visage has a bright, clear complexion.  With hardly any color not washed over by pallor save for a faint beige hue, his tint suggests death.  High cheeks and Round brown eyes are the trademark of the Burgundian line, along with a gracefully concaved cheeks and an apparent jawline. Marring his regal countenance with complimenting subtle and dark rings below a smoky expression, the man appears to be more of a tavern-haunter than an \'orthodox count\'.

Eyes:  His eyes are penetrative and pervaded with a  mocha-brown severity.  With an irresistible sense of responsibility etched into his eyes, little emotion dares to escape such a defensive demeanor. His eyes, much like his mother’s, have a naturally libidinous nature.

Nose: A familiarly straight nose of the Burgundian line yet with a bridge slightly askew from being broken in battle and never being properly set.  A thin scar faintly adorns his nose bridge.

Lips: Thin and pink, but occasionally chapped. They are often treated with balms as per Nasir\'s prescription.  Chewing on his lips he made a habit.  

Skin Color: An unfaltering radiance emanates from his grey-marble complexion; from the healthy beige skin that clings tightly to his lean body.  As soft and smooth as it appears, Lundekinde’s skin is roughly reassuring to the touch from armor and physical negligence brought on by daily training and fighting.
A constant perfume clings to him—the sweet cologne of sherry from his flask.  Lundekinde never leaves without it, and is always seen drinking from it.  The man jokes that his blood has already turned to wine.      

Height: 6\'0"

Weight: 178

Physical Attractiveness: Lundekinde could be seen as attractive in a primordial, lustful way.  From an early age, a proud stance was demanded of him.  Even wrecked with scars and bruises, the man’s lithe muscular figure seems valiant in any armor.

Clothing: A sparkling set of hinge-oiled plate envelops his large frame, contouring to his robust physique and adding to his imposing statue.  He proudly boasts a richly embroidered tabard of the Burgundian crest. On the rare occasion that he is not wearing his armor, he tailors to a simple loosened shirt with breeches. The latest fabricant extravagances don’t significantly interest him.
Mother: Countess Adalinde von Basel (de Bâle); a Hapsburg noblewoman from Basel, who married into the House of Burgundy.  She named Lundekinde, a recollection of Anglicized German ‘Mond’ or Lund meaning Moon, and the German ‘Kinder’ for Child.  Recollections of the woman are hard for Lundekinde to understand.  Being taken away at such an early age, he couldn’t remember if his mother was a noble, or perhaps just a bar wench.

Being barren as she was, with a child born still and the other taken from her, she had nothing left to give to her husband.  He forced her in isolation in a tower in the Palais Ducal for the rest of her grief-filled days.  

Father: His father, Guillame de Nevers, Count of Palais Ducal de Nevers surreptitiously pressed another house into taking Lunde at an early age.  Lundekinde seldom acquainted with his father on good terms; his headstrong mannerisms and his father’s imperious approach often ended in a violent collision.    

With the disappointment of a stillborn child, the later Guillame literally incarcerated his wife in a tower of the Palais Ducal for the rest of her days, unable to end her life with his own hands. Pressed on by the desperate only-heiress the Duchess of Burgundy, He married Lucia Gonzaga di Montferrato as per her to make amends with the House of Gonzaga and increase the House’s size.  She bore him one child 8 years after Lund’s birth, Alessandrice. The devastated Guillame often visited his wife; She still found the true place in his heart.
 Lunde was apathetic about the situation.  His mentor served as his father more than his actual one ever did.  The grief of isolation and losing her husband overpowering his mother, she jumped from the tower to her death.  Lunde attended the secretive, sun-down ceremony with little purpose within him but pity, and that they both, his father and mother, rest together in the same vault.

Siblings: Guillame de Nevers (stillborn), Countess Alessandrice de Nevers (half-sister).

Childhood:  Lord Guillame de Nevers pushed for his son to be a knight, and formally invited numerous to the Palais Ducal and Niverais Court to acknowledge him.  Finally accepted at the age of 6, a Knight of the House of Bourbon took him into his home (which was also politically advantageous for the House of Burgundy).  

From then on, the Bourbonnais noblewomen of the household educated him in a curriculum dominated with courtly mannerisms and chivalrous code. As the young Lundekinde strove for his rank, the Knight Alessandro du Champagne noticed his efforts and sired him immediately.  For several years, he gave true effort to be granted his master’s respect.  He rose from Page to Squire, and through many battles and vital experiences later, demanded his title as Knight.      

Education: The Bourbonnais Noblewomen taught him of scripture and reading, basic ciphering (of all that they knew amounted to little).  After he became a man through becoming a Squire, he left the Women’s residence and began to learn sword-singing and metallurgy.  This was a coarse, but fruitful transition.  After the ruling Bourbon Knight yielded to Lundekinde, Duchess Mary the Rich of Burgundy granted him his title of Burgundian Knight.  All education stopped from that point until he met Nasir.

Natural Talents: Due to a robust frame derived from the convivial cuisine of aristocracy, and the miracle on behalf his mother’s near-barren womb, the virile man excels in the art of mitigating blows and carving with his sword.  Surprisingly, he prefers a newly discovered Espada Ropera (origin of the Epée Rapière) for its thin profile enabled it to penetrate soft spots and beneath plates of armor.  He has a low resistance to alcohol, which to him is a gift.

Connections: Sir Nasir al-Juwayriyyah Favershant
The ropes tied very early between the House of Burgundy and the Favershant families.  Nasir’s grandfather (on his father’s side), also a merchant, met the Count of Nevers during the impressive ‘Champagne Fairs’.  These fairs attracted a myriad of merchants.  The Court of Champagne, endowed also by the House of Burgundy, set up the fairs to bond clothiers and merchants alike as far away as the Venetian Artisan Dyers in Italy, connecting most of the low-land countries with a network trading capability.  

Lundekinde’s grandfather, much like himself, had a passion for jewelry and often showered his Countess with generous shares of pearls and gold.  The Count was fascinated with the merchant’s Venetian and Dubai pearls and made him his exclusive vendor.  The connections are tighter than ever with the encroaching Valois (Kingdom of France) and Hapsburg Houses and the final heiress to the Burgundy Fief.  

Hobbies: Constantly in a feverous game of chase with knowledge, he passionately studies from Nasir.  For once the man feels mental knowledge is neither tiresome nor wasteful and infinitive in contrast.  Among other pleasures, he is mesmerized by any assortment of gems and jewelry and their sparkling charm.

A sporadic ceremony in which a thick beer and wines replace his nightly supper allows the troubled man into a mirthful release of his premeditative, regal outer covering.  Under the influence, he will go so far as to sing and play his lute for the employees of Nasir’s caravan.  Nasir has yet to get the man intoxicated enough to dance.

Personality: Lundekinde is unsurprisingly defensive and hot-headed.  He is influential and unemotional in contrast to the passive Nasir.  He keeps Nasir’s guards and workers in line where Nasir’s faint-at-heart personality cannot.  Taught to see life as a competition, Lundekinde will vie for a broad extent of things, however welcoming he may be.  He does not like to be touched, and only trusts Nasir.  The Burgundian Knight is protective of his loved ones and courageous, yet constantly appears to have efforts to condone his own self over others, as he mentors taught him.  

He still believes there is goodness in the world, and claims to see its work in progress and battled for that cause.  Devastated by the crippled House of Burgundy, the man often reaches for a swig of whatever is closest (he usually carries a full flask of Sherry.) to prevent becoming disheartened and questioning his actions.  He is torn between his new family and the one he left behind.

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