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« on: March 16, 2008, 05:18:46 AM »
**Please note that this may have many typos and mistakes. Just disregard them for the time being.**


He died. It was that simple. He killed them, then turned it upon himself. It\'s not like he was bad or anything, but he had to kill... Them. He knew it would drive him to insanity, which was just what he wanted. No matter how much she pleaded with him, he had made his decision, before she had the chance to talk him out of it. She just couldn\'t believe it.

The pain built up, but she pushed it away. Who was it he killed...? Oh, a vampire, and her family. Vampire... Was that creature so vile that she had to be afraid of it? There was no reason to. The vampire was very kind and loving. It was right under her nose. He was in love with her, but she shunned him, loving someone else who would in turn hurt her far more than the girl had ever dreamed of.

Why, even if she had chosen the kind monster, the human she loved would only kill her, too. How her family got caught up in it, she would never know. This girl was now the last of the Roans, and her empty house didn\'t make it better. It didn\'t ease the pain. It was all her fault, she was convinced of it.

Two years later...

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Re: Psycho
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Psycho - Loss

A hand reached out in the darkness, contradicting the light. Don\'t leave me! The girl\'s voice called out in desperation. She didn\'t want to loose him, not again. Not like this. Tears welded up in her eyes, but they did not fall, as she ran in the darkness. His figure lay in the light, it seemed. Such a soft, warming smile on the lifeless man. As she ran, her figure became further and further away from him. An eternity of running. Suddenly, a scream echoed through her room. She sat up quickly, tears wet, staining her pale soft face, now made hard by the nightmare. Tears welded up even more, following the trail that had already been made ever so present.

She grasped her stomach first, then her rib cage. It felt like someone was ripping each and every rib out one by one, making her feel so dizzy. Curling herself into a tight ball, Eilis inhaled air painfully, attempting to breathe. This made her head spin. She quickly clawed her way out of bed, as if her legs weren\'t there, and her arms too weak to lift those blankets. The pale woman stood in her room, her hazed green blue eyes stared blankly out the window. Her matted brown hair meant tossing and turning in her sleep. No strawberry streaks seemed to even shine anymore. She hadn\'t noticed something very crucial -the window was open- cold air was blowing in her face. Something was wrong, staring her straight in the face, and she was too oblivious to notice.

How long had she been in this state of.. Confusion, misery, pain.. Like a dream, Like as if it were all a dream, and she would wake up. Just wake up, she thought bitterly. That\'s all Eilis though now a days. She thought she was in an ever spiraling dream. The girl didn\'t bother to stretch. Her eyes looked lazily at her room. Closest to the door, lay a closet. She didn\'t bother to put on anything fresh. It wasn\'t like she would go out anytime soon. There was also a desk, complete with a computer, piled papers, and a white chair. Right in front of her, there sat another white chair. So, the girl sat there. She\'d often sit there, and simply stare. She quickly flicked her eyes to the small black clock next to her dresser. 2:34am. She moaned, and pulled open the soft white curtains.

Eilis was so delusional, if only there were someone to snap her out of it. But it was two in the morning. Dark sky consuming the earth stated so. With a small sigh, she closed the window. It was too cold. Her body shivered in agreement. Her bare feet padded softly on the dark wooden floor, making her way to her door. She shuttered, after opening her door. The house, too, was cold... And the air.. Too damp.

"Eilis." A name called out in the darkness.

Her head snapped in the direction, but she couldn\'t figure out who it was. The voice was familiar, but the coldness hinted in it made her shudder.

"W-who\'s there? J-James?" She asked the voice, quivering.

He chuckled softly, but it cut off. "Eilis.. I.." He said, pausing to turn on the hall light. His five foot ten height was still tall to little five foot five and a half Eilis. "I can\'t take it anymore." He spoke, hoarsely. Her heart leaped. It was Jack\'s twin. Jack.. The one who.. She shivered.

"What.. Do you mean?" She asked, nearly becoming dazzled by his short brown hair, spiked up, and his dark brown eyes. Just like Jack.

"Eilis... I can\'t stand by and watch you become a lifeless corpse.. It hurts too much.. I\'m sorry." He said sharply, more than he intended.

"B-but I still don\'t understand.." She murmured.

"I can\'t be your friend anymore!" He blurted out in anger, causing her to flinch. James stormed out of the house, promising himself to never go back.

She stood in the doorway, utterly confused, still. James, too was leaving her. Eilis no longer had a friend in the world, or even family to turn to. With this, Eilis slightly snapped out of it. She was devastated. Hastily, she scrambled to her closet, grabbing some clothes, and running down her white walled hallway to the heater. The girl turned it up to eighty, not even waiting to hear the door shut. Then she stepped into the bathroom, opened the curtain, and turned on the faucet. She quickly shut and locked the door, and jumped into the shower, after a quick undressing. She shivered as the hot water hit her bare skin. This followed by a sigh. Now what do I do? She asked herself, sitting on the bathtub floor. Now everything just made no sense. Softly hitting her head with her fist, she reminded herself. Stupid me. I don\'t know how I ever fell in love with.. J-.. Him.

Eilis wrapped a towel around her chest, as the towel was long enough to cover everything. It\'s ebony color stood out against her pale skin. She raced to get dressed, and brushed out her hair. Eilis ran around her house, to make sure everything was shut and locked. After that, she sped to her room, and nearly flew past her bed. Then, she opened one of her drawers, and took out a little white notebook. She didn\'t forget the pen. Eilis opened the page.. This would be her first journal. Nervously, she began to write in it. She crumpled the first paper, after spelling something wrong, then began again.

Dear.. Well.. Whoever.

I awoke this morning at two in the morning.. Ugh.. Another thing.. James came into my house uninvited. It turns out that he is no longer my friend. - She gave a sour face, and resisted the tears that were longing to leave her eyes and roll down her cheek. - But that could be a good thing, I suppose. It means that.. I no longer have to see HIS face.. I know.. It IS James, but he looks too much like.. Like Jack. I wish I never went out with him, really I do. He ruined EVERYTHING!! - At this point, tears were gushing down her cheeks, falling onto her chest.- It makes me so mad, and confused. I wish Exe was still alive.. - A ping in her heart made her grip her shirt.- I feel so guilty. -She wrote on- Why him?! Why...

Anyways.. I think I\'ll write my feeling from now on.. But now, I think it is time to sleep.. It\'s three am!! Tomorrow is the beginning of my senior year. I hope I can survive it.. -she yawned- Now, I Eilis, will try and make some new friends, and possibly oh.. A new lover if I can get over BOTH boys.

Eilis Roan.

She put the notebook next to her clock, and snuggled under her covers. Closing her eyes, Eilis began to cry harder. In her swirling emotions, she ran into unconsciousness. That would help her sleep till six in the morning.. Hopefully.