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« on: March 21, 2008, 04:19:20 PM »

Often banding together, human civilisations can range from tiny underpopulated villages to cities teeming with life.  Humans will build their cities out of a variety of materials, favouring timber.  Their craftwork is more on the practical side rather than the decorative.  They will live in mostly temperate zones though can be found in arid or icy regions.  A highly resilient race, they\'ll tend to remain on the surface of the earth.

A human society is organised into a feudal system, where birthright declares their place in society.  Some humans of greater intelligence can rise beyond their birth with education but their society isn\'t designed to encourage this.  A materialistic society, they favour the rich.

Humans tend to specialise in a craft or skill should they not be born into a leadership role of nobility or royalty.  They have a versatile nature and can learn new skills or adapt themselves in order to blend in.

Humans tend to not work together as one alignment, though they do strive for some kind of law and order, they seem to have trouble acquiring and maintaining this state.

They are the most tolerant of all races, mixing and trading with the very good to the downright evil.

Common Alignment
There is no common alignment.

Their names comprise of a first name and a family name.  They take on their father\'s name and therefore favour a male oriented society.  When there is no father to claim the child, the mother will be the host of the surname.  When there are no parents, orphanages will name the child after patron saints or gods and goddesses.

Most humans average to about 80 years of age, though it is not unheard of for a human to live another 20 years after this.  They will be at their peak between 20 and 60 years of age.

Simple and functional, they wear clothes of any colour.  The more financially well off a human is, the better their clothing will be and the more vibrant the colours.

Physical Attributes

Adult humans range between 4 to 7 foot, with the average being 5\'5" to 6\'4".  They can be slim like elves or fat beyond the stockiest dwarf.  This range of physical appearance is due to their lifestyle rather than genetic inheritence.

Their hair colour can be a range of blonde, red, brown or black, with the elders tending to go gray or white.  Their eye colour are various shades of blue, green, brown, hazel or gray, or even one of each colour, though this is rare.

Mental Attributes
Humans are a strong-willed race and often territorial once they settle into an area.  They do not often share their belongings with other members of their race, or with other races.  They seem to be in a hurry when performing tasks and there is always a sense of drama and vibrant flair when they interact with one another.  This is possibly due to the nature of their short lives.


Adventurers, Assassins, Barbarians, Bards, Brigands, Cavemen, Clerics, Dervishes, Druids, Farmers, Fishermen, Gentry, Guards, Hunters, Illusionists, Knights, Mercernaries, Merchants, Middle Class, Monks, Paladins, Peasantry (Serfs), Pilgrims, Pirates, Priests, Rangers, Sailors, Slavers, Soldiers, Theives, Thugs, Tradesmen, Tribesmen, Wizards

Humans speak their own tongue, Common.  Only those who interact with other species educate themselves in other languages.  It varies.

A resilient race and inventive, humans tend to be good problem-solvers.

They are able to adapt to many magics and use magical devices.

No inherent magic.  They don\'t always band together in times of crises or war.  A mostly selfish race concerned with \'getting ahead\'.