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« on: March 22, 2008, 11:18:45 AM »

Male orcs will breed with every humanoid species and therefore will produce half-orc offspring (except by Elves, with whom they cannot).  The mongrel offspring of orcs are called half-orc, and orc-humans are the most common.

Half-orcs are distrusted by human and orcish societies as they serve as a reminder of the other racial stock.  Half-orcs only advance in orcish culture by flaunting their superior ability and in human societies by associating with humans who don\'t care about appearance.  A half-orc among a group of humans won\'t be regarded as badly as a half-orc on their own.

In general they resemble primitive humans with gray-green skin covered with coarse hair.  Orcs have a slightly stooped posture, and a snout instead of a nose (though comparisons between this facial feature and a pig\'s is certainly exaggerated and unfair).  Orcs have well-developed canines as they are predominantly carnivores and their lower canines tend to jut upward and out a little way past their lips.  Their eyes are human, though with a reddish tint to them.  Half-orcs are on the tall side, ranging anywhere from 5\'8" to 6\'6".  Naturally muscular, half-orcs have broad shoulders and thick limbs.

Orcs and subsequently, half-orcs, tend to favour bright and garish colours such as blood red, mustard yellow, moss green, greenish purple and blackish brown.  Their clothing is usually unattractive and unkempt (dirty), while their armour (if any) is commonly rusty.

Half-orcs speak orcish, a derivitive from human and elvish languages, and Common, though unless they grew up in a human society, they are not terribly fluent with Common and will have a broken variant of it.

Orcs either live underground in a network of natural caves as their lair or will make small camp-like villages in the forestry, built in rudimentary huts and protected by a ditch that surrounds the encampment.  Half-orcs that live with Orcs will be the same, unless raised by humankind in which case they will seek out large cities, preferably slavers cities as they seem to tolerate all species.

Personality Attributes
Half-orcs inherit the natural aggression and hostility of their orcish parentage, and even those raised by humans and taught some form of control will still have a temper.  Bullying and slavery is a natural kind of order to them and they tend to seek out civilisations which offer this kind of ranking.  As slaves they will rebel against all but the most powerful master, and as allies they are quick to take offense and break agreements.

Half-orcs are territorial, but not as much as their orcish parent.  They will wish to experience both the human and orcish lifestyle and tend to move between the two, their home being one of two areas.


Half-orcs live a little longer than orcs (who age to about 40), due to their mixed heritage.  Usually the bonus is another twenty years.

Most half-orcs can be any neutral or evil alignment, never good.

They have a natural physical strength.

Half-orcs dislike sunlight and prefer to roam at night.  Half-orcs can be much more intelligent than their orcish counterparts but are never that bright.