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The Elegant Life of A Half-Demon.
« on: March 23, 2008, 02:52:02 PM »
It was a lonely, black, and dark day in the little village named Fuere, but what was odd is every where you went, there was always rumors going around about 4 legendary Generals.These Generals were the leaders, and also the creators of this town.Belive it or not, they were pretty powerful indeed, oh yes each of them had there on special abilites, in the middle of the town where there were lots of Stalls, and Merchants, and a lot of trading going on like normal in a regular Forum of a town.

But in the middle there were 4 Statues, these 4 statues were the four Legendary generals, each more powerful than the other, the strongest one of them all..well, no the most powerful, I should say Dante.His nickname in the town was, "Dante The Crimson Blade." He was named this because of his incredible power, and strength.Everyone Admired him the most, he was the Leader of the town, and led over the other 3 Generals.

Our next General is the Half-Demon, General Raff Kimi-Maru, he was a looker indeed, he looked like he was carved out of every one of the 7 deadly sins, and then Satan fused them together to create him, he had pale skin, sharp pointed teeth, and claws that were retractable, also had a tail of a Raptor.He was the second in comand, and was the Leader of his army, and controlled all Construction designs, and building in the area, he took on the nickname of "The Ghost Assasssin." from his mask which went well with his pale skin. because it was white with a black band of cloth around the mouth  and had a weird symbol just right above both of the eyebrows.

The thrid General soon to be explained is, Elizabeth, she took on the nickname of, "Elizabeth the Medical Whisper." She was beautiful indeed yes, her long black hair, her slim structure, her beautiful blue eyes, everyone loved her a lot, the reason she had this nickname was because she was the medical doctor of the town, also was Dante\'s and still is Dante\'s wife.

Our last General is Lilly Kimi-maru, she had long Blonde hair, deep green eyes, slim structure, a little bit tall but everyone one of the Generals was shorter than Raff, she was the second tallest, her nickname was, "Lilly, The Elegant Killer." She was specificly trained by Raff, to be able to take out anyone who tried to attack the village, she was also a tatics person, she is Raff\'s Wife, she is really a flurt always wanting Raff to fuck her, which he never says no.

Our Story begins in the little town of Feuer, our story begins with the half Demon known as Raff, one of the powerful allmight generals, let\'s tune in to see what he is up to.......

"Raff! Hunny come on wake up!" Called Lilly from the kitchen Raff rolled over  and looked up, squeenting at the roof waking up bringing his mask with him, he walked down stairs and came up behind Lilly wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her nack and putting his head on her shoulder saying to her, "Hey, got breakfest cookin\' Lill?" He told her in a sleepy voice, still holding onto her, she turned around rubbing his muscular structure, and kissing him back replying,"Yup, sure am Raff, just go sit over there and It\'ll be ready in a sec promise!"

She told him with a Chearful smile, she always smiled to Raff, she never was sad with him, and Raff never was sad around her, they always stayed happy with each other, Raff sat down at the table, getting his mask and his  white robe tope, putting it on and fixing it to look good on him, he already had some black robe pants on that were pretty clean indeed, so he just kept those on, "Heres some sasuage, for my Strong Half Demon Husband!" She told him a bit perky giving him a plate, he the kissed her right on her lips as she blushed, "Thanks Hunny, love ya\' so much." He smiled and ate it verry neatly in his house, and as he was eating there was a knock on the door, and Raff quickly put on his mask, no one ever saw his face excpet for Lilly,Dante, and Elizabeth.

Raff put it on and Lilly answered the door,"Hello?" she said as Elizabeth and Dante was at the door, "Hey, is Raff up yet Lilly? I know his ass likes to sleep late, and he knows he has to fucking work today, also while I\'m here; can I get a bite to eat?" He asked polietly as Raff called out from the table, "Hey, Ass! I\'m up damn it! I need my breakfest and you know it even If I have to hunt down a damn deer, and eat that bitch Raw!" Raff yelled and then said once again, "Sure, come up and grab somethin to drink, and both of ya can sit down!" Raff called out.

Dante sat down in front of Raff, and said "Elizabeth, Lilly, would you mind going up stairs for a bit, I need to talk to Raff in private." He said strictly and clear, they didn\'t say a word and went right up stairs,"Raff, we have big, big trouble, the village not far from here, the village of the Engel, they are planning to attack, and we need our wave of Armies to help." Dante said strictly, eyes connected right to Raff\'s, Raff knew he wasn\'t lieing usually Dante would pull pranks like this just to catch up with Raff."I see, well we might need an alliance, I could send word to Venju Kiba, he is a freind of mine, he could fuse his army with our to, making a bigger army to fight against. Dante and Raff discussed this matter a bit more and Dante walked out, Raff right behind him, "Lilly! I\'m going out Hun - Take care!" Raff yelled and left out the door right behind Dante.

To be countinued...