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Malithar Myrthanea
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Name: Malithar Myrthanea
Cover name: Tahliten
Age [appearance]: Late-thirties.
Age [actual]: 1018
Gender: Male
Species: Grey Elf
Place of Birth: Small village of Tyrn.

Occupation: Warden; self proclaimed protectorate of the wild and it\'s denizens.

Hair: Malithar has very short, silvery-blond hair, that he slicks back.
Eyes: Narrow, violet eyes.
Frame: Lithe, and just five feet tall.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Malithar has a long jagged scar from just below his left ear up to the bridge of his nose. Also has a tattoo of crossed scimitars on his left wrist.

Clothing: Malithar also wears brown or white leather boots with soft soles, light grey pants, and a white or brown tunic. Malithar always wears a ruby clasped in white-gold on a steel chain around his neck.
Armor: Woven strips of white-dyed leather form Malithar\'s cuirass, spaulders, greaves, sabatons, and bracers. Malithar also has white leather gloves with silver-fox fur at the cuffs, with a matching white cloak with more silver-fox fur at the throat. Protecting his neck is a silvered-steel aventail.
Mask: When Malithar is with his templars, he wears the title of Tahliten (his true name forbidden on pain of death) and golden mask formed in the likeness of a skull. The mask fits on as the visor of a simple white-stained sallet, over a hood of silvered chainmail. Malithar without the mask is known as a Tahliten agent, but not the Tahliten himself. Many of his own order do not even know the difference.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Vandria Gilmadrith
Personality: Despite a cruel and twisted mind and sense of reality, Malithar is generally kind and considerate. He\'s polite to most, and shares what he has if it doesn\'t cost him too badly. He has a mean streak bloodier than a dwarf, though. If Malithar thought killing ten infants would make people follow the laws, he\'d do it himself.

History: The house of Myrthanea was a powerful house, rich and large. Malithar was born at it\'s prime. When he was just turning one hundred, his grandfather passed away. Malithar\'s father and his uncle bickered over who would lead the family, and when Malithar\'s father started wasting away, poison was the first suspect. Malithar\'s uncle was driven out of the family, and hunted for decades. Malithar himself was part of the party out calling for his uncle\'s blood, especially after his uncle was connected to the death of his grandfather. He met his mentor, Barnabas, while on the hunt. Barnabas saved him from one of the traps his uncle had set, and helped him recover from his wounds. While he was still resting to regain his strength, Malithar watched the man practice with his weapons, and finally asked him to teach him. Malithar\'s uncle was never brought to justice, and Malithar himself spent years with his mentor. When "treasure-hunters" cut Barnabas down and raided his home, Malithar swore to spend the rest of his life hunting mankind\'s corruption to extinction.

Family: Malithar\'s only remaining family is his cousin Koravel Dirthmitore, and his very close friend, Nimdar Banni\'retyneath. His father was killed fighting rebels in the family, and his mentor was killed by rogues. Malithar\'s mother had died giving birth to him. His uncle was never killed, but it\'s unlikely he would have lived so long.

Associates: Under his command as Tahliten, Malithar has an order of Templars. The head of the priests\' sect is the human Prior, Filip Dimitar. He also has a group of spies and other scouts, who are headed by Aruthali Eyllisraheal. His cousin, Koravel Dirthmitore, is the Marshal of the order and is in charge of inquisitions and command organization. For each group or file of templars, there\'s a Lord Captain. Malithar\'s three most trusted are Nimdar Banni\'retyneath, Besazaal Maernatear, and Caskaevar Cyredzea.

Informers: Until recently, Isidor Zolnerowich was one of Malithar\'s top informers. The retired pirate captain has dissapeared along with the heretic, Jovan Serhath, that Malithar was hunting. Malithar\'s only other reliable informant is a half-orc, Lucertur Nobelind.

Character Strength: Malithar is ambitious, and dedicated. Although often misled by his feelings or perception, he gets the job done and with the best possible efficiency. He\'s also a very skilled swordsmen, the legacy of his human teacher Barnabas.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Malithar is misguided. He seeks to uphold the law, his law, and his law does not often reflect the well being of all. He thinks humans are the bane of society and must be destroyed, and that violence should be met with equal or greater opposition. Malithar is weak in the field of magic, compared to other elves. He can use magic devices skillfully, but does not always know the best way to use them, given that he has no history with their use.

Interesting Facts / Quirks:
Likes: Quiet places, wine, travel, being alone, fighting the corrupt of the world.
Dislikes: Sinners, large gatherings not bent on purging the world of goblin-kin, and dislikes humans, greatly dislikes humans.
Favourite Food: Eats what food is available, has no favorite.
Favourite Colour: Crimson.
Hobby/Hobbies: Malithar spends a lot of time writing poetry and reading stories from various cultures.

Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: Has forsaken personal pleasures.

Current Financial Status: Malithar doesn\'t have a single coin. Carries everything he needs to survive with him.

Carried Weapons: Slender, slightly curved long-sword. The sword was a gift from a friend and mentor of his in his youth. Also has a longbow with three scores arrows and a boot-knife.
Known Magick: Has no natural or other such craft in magic. Is talented in using magic devices, however.

Nimble like any other grey elf, Malithar is especially proficient in balance, climbing, jumping, and moving silently. He has also honed his concentration, survival skills, and weapon proficiency with the bow and long-sword.