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Re: Behind the Mask
« Reply #30 on: March 14, 2008, 12:33:24 PM »
"Aye, that it is. Even the prison seems more an inn, and one wantin\' for business, at that. Though, my visit fell on a day of worship, when there\'s no drink t\'be had." She chose not to elaborate on the reason for her visit – which is exactly what it had been; a visit, as opposed to a sentence.
She shrugged, then grinned as he continued speaking "Can\'t teach an old dog new tricks, eh?"
Since they were officially friends now, Pheobe judged that it would be acceptable for her to put her feet up on the table; so she did, tipping her chair back, and sliding her tankard into her lap. Of course, she was careful to angle her body so that the soles of her soft leather boots weren\'t in Magnus\' face (that would\'ve been just plain rude) but off to the side, crossed at the ankles near the edge of the table facing the fire. She sighed indulgently as she leaned back in her chair. The pose was certainly unladylike, but she carried it off with an implacable feminine grace. "You don\'t mind?" she asked, belatedly – though it was apparent by her tone that she meant it; if he was offended, she wouldn\'t take it personally.

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Re: Behind the Mask
« Reply #31 on: March 15, 2008, 08:39:05 AM »
Magnus blinked, something he found himself doing quite often these days. He spoke with mock ignorance, "offended? I was just thinking the same thing." Kicking his own feet up onto a chair, he stretched his back and leaned one arm on the table. Not the best for comfort, but he couldn\'t afford to be too comfortable. Anything more and he\'d collapse in a drunken stupor.

Speaking of which. Filling his tankard again with more of the costly drink, he took a sip this time to let it settle. No sense in running out of drink or coin when they were finally getting comfortable. "I\'ll still get you one of those books tomarrow, if you\'re interested. English and latin for the most part" Magnus said with a shrug. "Just let me know if there\'s anything else I can get you. Valdis and myself have quite a collection of books going, Norwegian, Latin, English, even some Greek translations." He was still curious about learning more of the languages of the Macedonia region, and wondered if Lord Liari would know any of them. Perhaps Pheobe might have some odd bits of information on the matter...
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