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Falcon\'s Mask Inn
« on: January 27, 2006, 06:51:13 AM »
Outer Structure
Built in a double section of raised brickwork for the floor and cellar storage, and planked wood as walls, the appearance of the rarely-cleaned building appears narrow at the front. The silhouetted head of a falcon is painted in red on the sign, with the name chipped into the wood itself. Even the most foolish citizen would understand even by the outer shell that this inn is a dangerous place to be.
Inside the Inn
Up two rickety nailed wooden steps and through the roughly made door, there is a floor of dirt upon which sturdy and thickly made tables and chairs sit. This furniture is designed to remain intact should they be grabbed and hurled across the room or over someone\'s head.  A stone-built fireplace against the back wall warms the open room.
The Innkeeper & Serving Wenches
A rough looking fellow to be sure, and surprisingly tall. Patrons of the inn might wonder how the keeper gets in and out through his own door. Behind the bar is a kitchen area, where meat and dripping on bread is often made. The women who work here are related to the innkeep in some way, nieces, daughters, or cousins. He seems not to care how shabbily they are treated, considering he\'s free and easy with his fists himself.
Rooms For Rent
There are eight rooms available upstairs. Cleaner than expected, and locked up fairly tight. Payment is in advance, and costs much the same as a meal and an ale in this same establishment. Cheap accomodation, if you don\'t mind risking your neck staying here.