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Dante Kino ~ Ifrit Skyrhoad
« on: March 27, 2008, 10:00:20 AM »
Known/Used Name: Dante Kino

 Real/Birth Name: Ifrit Skyrhoad

 Age: 17

 Birthday: July 23rd (Star Sign: Dawn is born on a cusp but has more traits of Leo then cancer, especially when talking about relationships.)

 Occupation: Dante works at the Broken Wheel Tavern as both a waiter and entertainer. The young man has been working there for a little over a year now but has been fascinated by dance and song since young. He has found himself fondly serving at the tavern since he joined the other workers there and was lucky enough to be granted homing in a small, unused pantry at the very back of the building.
  Dawn makes a fairly good wage, being paid healthily by the always booming business of the tavern and from this the owner deducts a certain amount every pay for his back pantry. The teen is also able to keep a majority of his earnings from dancing on the stage as his entertaining nights usually draw a few more paying customers then normal.

 Religion: Due to his upbringing in an orphanage near the fields and current occupation he happily fallows Adora but will not question those who worship Talon, for it is their own choice to pursue different beliefs.  

 Hair: His hair is long and straight but had some body to it and reaches just below his shoulder blades. When not dancing he simply pulls it into a ponytail at the base of his neck, but when dancing he likes to try doing different things with his long locks. Dawn’s bangs are long, reaching to his chin and jaw both ways while parting his hair low on the side.

 Eyes: Dante’s eyes are a deep, solid chocolate brown, almost black really. His eyebrows are flat and don’t arch like most but they suit his face nicely.

 Nose: Narrow and then widening out to compliment the shape of his face.

 Lips: His lips are somewhere between full and thin. Dawn is always smiling when he serves the clientele but when dancing his expressions change constantly depending on the music or feelings being portrayed.  

 Skin Color: Dawn’s skin is of a milky coffee, tanned color and its texture is extremely smooth and generally free of blemishes.

 Height: His height is rather average.

 Weight: Dante’s weight corresponds with his fit body of a very practiced dancer. He practices every spare moment he has.

 Physical Attractiveness: Dante is attractive but hard to place. Using modern day terms his face would put him snuggly into the \'cute\' or \'adorably handsome\', while his body would make anyone swoon with either envy or lust, sometimes both.

 Clothing: Dante has several outfits that he wears on a regular basis. His everyday clothes are generally fitted tunics, sometimes his only fancy vest if he’s in a very good mood, and black tights.
 Dawn only owns two pairs of shoes, his brown ankle high pair and surprisingly comfortable black leather boots that go just below his knee.
 The owner’s wife used brightly colored scraps corresponding with shades of the goddess to make him an outfit specifically for his dancing. Dante takes very special care of this and fixes any snag or detached bobble on his own.
 When it comes to his dance costume things get a little more intricate. He still wears the tights and alternates between the ankle boots and knee-highs. Around his hips he wears different fabric scarves and one silk scarf he saved up for that incorporates all the different colors of his outfit.  The jacket/top ends just below his waist and above his hips with long sleeves that have buttoned cuffs and the front is double breasted (two rows of buttons so that it overlaps). He has another bandanna sized scarf he rolls up loosely and ties around his neck.
  Over the years he’s accumulated pieces of jewelry or “pretty junk” that he attaches and adds to this outfit, even finding himself some old bells that he sewed to the ends of his hip scarves.
 The outfit alternates between rich reds, dark browns or blacks and bright oranges or lively yellows.

 Mother: Lady Shiva (said like "shiver") Skyrhoad
  Dawn isn’t aware of who his mother is, nor anything about her. While Lady Shiva will not give up on her missing child, even after 17 years she refuses to say he is dead and says it’s due to a mother’s instinct.
  Dante looks more like his mother than his father and has her eyes, along with the same hands, though not as delicate and much more worked.

 Father: Lord Nicol Skyrhoad
  Dante has no knowledge of his father either, but Lord Nicol questions his only son\'s life more than his wife. As much as he doesn’t say anything he has the feeling Dante (Nicol knows him as Ifrit) is still alive somewhere.

 Siblings: A little sister he knows nothing about named Annalise. Her parents haven’t yet told her she has/had an older brother even at age 13 now.

 Childhood: Dante was born as Ifrit Skyrhoad, first-born son of a wealthy Lord and Lady in Ravenshom.
 His parents were great followers of Adora and this unfortunately angered some of the Talon fanatics in their region to the point of kidnapping Lord and Lady Skyrhoads first born son when he was still just a baby (Ifrit). They held him as a kind of ransom, attempting to convert the Lord and Lady to the side of Talon.
 It wasn’t long before they were found and their group hunted down. However, when realizing how close they were to having their efforts ruined, they sent off one of the men’s wives (who had been taking care of Ifrit) with the child. Not wanting him to be reclaimed by his parents if the fanatics were to be killed, for then their entire plan would be in vain.
 This woman was able to pass herself off as the mother of Ifrit, whose husband had left her for a harlot. She was granted generosity by means of shelter for a one-way trip to the capital city, Oberon.
 While on this journey she had to come up with a name for ‘her son’, she chose Dante Kino (Kino being the woman’s surname). This is the name she left with him at the first orphanage she came across, not bothering to stick around the city afterwards she left and hasn’t been seen since.
 Dante continued to live in the orphanage going by the name he was left with and having no knowledge of ever belonging to another name or family. The boy grew up fairly normally and was even allowed to attend basic schooling because of his ability to learn things quickly. Ifrit was never adopted because he would always make them let everyone else go first for meetings with potential parents. He’d lived there for as long as he could remember and thought that the children who had something precious taken from them should have the first opportunity.
 There was a point in time, when Dawn was about thirteen that the small orphanage became filled to capacity. Even as this was going on there were still more children coming from the streets. Dante new if he really wanted to he would be able to work, so when he overheard one of the priestesses about to turn away a little girl (as much as it broke her heart) he stepped in and said that she could have his place in the orphanage.
 After that he sought out a place willing to accept a mere boy as an employee, it was this way in which he wound up at the Broken Wheel Tavern. Dawn returns to the orphanage every two weeks and puts on a small performance for the children there.

Relationship History: When Dawn was about 15 he met a young nobleman who was very rebellious against his parents and often snuck out at night to wander into the less shady areas of the city. The Broken Wheel Tavern being one such place on this list he stumbled in one night while Dearka was performing.
 Out of foolish, youthful curiosity for the consequences he flipped a silver coin into Dante’s bowl of money for the performance and of course, with this little flash of money and Dawn’s first silver piece he obviously found himself all smiles as he thanked the young nobleman greatly for his contribution. The young man had been counting on this and seduced the innocent dancer.
  He returned several more times, committing the same act each encounter under consensual conditions. Dante considered this a pleasant and much enjoyed relationship, slowly falling in love with his companion. However, when the man didn’t show up to meet him for an extended period of time he became worried.
  Around the same time he become concerned with the other’s long absence he was out for a small shopping trip in the city and came upon a crowd outside the temples, obviously waiting for a newly wed couple to come forth. Being the contented teen that he is, Dawn joined the gathering crowd with happy smiles and blessings for the new couple he knew nothing about.
  When the newlyweds left the temple he felt his heart shatter in his chest at the sight of his noble lover arm in arm with a fine, white clad woman. Dante’s dark eyes met the light pair of his lover’s and the young dancer’s expression crumbled when the man stopped in his wedding march and stared in shock at the boy in the crowd.
  Dawn turned and ran, dropping his brand new dance shoes he’d bought that day. He locked himself up in his pantry, asking the owner to tell the nobleman he wasn’t there if he ever came looking for him again.
  It just so happens that he did come looking, Dawn’s dropped shoes in hand, but the three times he came around Dawn hid near by and let the owner tell him he’d left the Broken Wheel to work somewhere else. He didn’t come back after that, but what Dante doesn’t know is that the young noble he’d fallen for still keeps those shoes as precious keepsakes and a symbol of the things he can’t have because of the world he was born into. It was an arranged marriage that he was unable to say no to, but when trying to find and at least explain things to Dante, he hid.

 Education: Dawn was able to make it into classes at the countryside school via the orphanage when he was younger. Otherwise he has learned what he needed to work and is willing to learn more if it is useful.

 Natural Talents: Dawn’s obvious natural talent is dance, as he was not trained by anyone specific, but simply taught himself and learned different dances or movements from travelers.
On a mental scale he is a quick learner and very creative with what he loves. He has always been flexible and is double jointed in several places.  

 Hobbies: Dancing, string instruments, lute, singing, watching the stars, clouds and sun rise or fall, working, cleaning.

 Personality: Dawn is an optimistic yet sometimes very naïve boy who has a charismatic and social attitude toward most people. When he trusts in someone who breaks that bond to him, it isn’t something he takes lightly and don’t expect to have a second chance. Due to his young age and generally good outlook on life he still has a long way to go before realizing just how cruel the human race can be.