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Thad smiled a thin smile, an amused smirk threatening to overtake his lips. Since the day he had arrived in Oberon, he hadn\'t a single challenge in battle. The other guards were easy to fell, even if they did pass as common soldiers. The experienced warriors of the Zirat had too much self-respect to work for Dag.

Watching Thad casually step closer to Lady May, Dag took a quick sip of his wine and wiped a trail of sweat from his brow. They had to convince Lady May that they were doing well. She didn\'t look impressed. Yet, if Thad beat her... hopefully she wasn\'t easily offended. Hopefully she didn\'t take offense at all. Knowing the noble ring well though, Dag decided it would be best to signal to Thad to lose. Hopefully he wouldn\'t make it obvious.

Watching his confident stride towards Lady May, Dag wasn\'t sure that Thad would listen to him. He was in his element. Sometimes, Dag worried that Thad would overthrow him with the help of the guards. He had their respect. They only listened to Dag because he paid them.

A new trail of sweat slid down into his eye, and he blinked, rubbing at it with the back of his hand. If Thad did too well, Weiss might take him. That would make things easier for Dag, but would take away his trumph card. Stomach churning, he realized it could be worse. Weiss could have Dag replaced. With Thad.

Could he keep him reigned in, and have him lose the fight? Glancing around nervously, he wondered why he hadn\'t seen this coming. Impressing Lady May was important, but Dag was the one who needed to look competant, not Thad.

Watching Dag sweat from the corner of his eye, Thad let his gaze take Lady May in. He noted how she held herself, and gave her a final smile before darting straight for her, sword held low, and point forward.