Author Topic: As the Night Does Begin(Vampire Poem)  (Read 1555 times)

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As the Night Does Begin(Vampire Poem)
« on: April 19, 2008, 10:34:22 AM »
Hey, I thought there were poems on this site but I couldn\'t remember where I saw them so I figured there wasn\'t until I found out there was! I happen to be a poet, hence the fact that I am writing poetry. So, yeah, I was looking through my poems and saw my vampire poem, and decided, what the heck...

As the Night Does Begin

The Day comes to an end
As the night does begin
I hear the Voices calling

I listen to the Sound
As it echoes round and round
And I feel the evening ending

* * *

And my breath twoud rise and fall
If I had had any at all
As I slowly awake into my world

Death had made its call
Didn\'t want me after all
]So, back here I was hurl-ed

* * *

Bu the past can\'t be undone
And the Cal again does come
As I slowly make my way towards the door

I feel the life out there
They can come to me if they dare
To this feeling I have had long before

* * *

I walk up to her and lock her eyes
Happy in the trance she tells me “Hi”
And I press her up against the wall

I touch my lips to her skin
I can feel the blood flowing within
All her resistance takes its fall

* * *

Gently I break her skin
I fell the pleasure of a sin
She softly sound her joy

Blood starts to flow down my throat
As my hand softly slides up her coat
I\'ve pulled sting and now she dances like a toy

* * *

but she slowly as she continues to drain
And she starts to feel a dreadful strain
Into my trance deeper does she sink

I cut my can for her to see
It is time for her to drink from me
I feel the pleasure as she drinks

* * *

Enough now I step back
I look at her with feelings that lack
Joy and love that\'ll never be

She falls down and starts to shake
It won\'t be long before it takes
Her as it did me

* * *

I turn around and take me leave
The sun will rise soon, I believe
And she will die here all alone

Should I take her with me?
It ma be love, it could be
I shrug uncaring and head back home