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Author Topic: IstaunVal'Imarriia Zau Auvry'ana  (Read 6281 times)

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IstaunVal'Imarriia Zau Auvry'ana
« on: May 03, 2008, 01:24:05 PM »
Name: IstaunVal’Imarriia Zau Auvry’ana  (Dancer of Eternal Darkness, Creator of Chaos. Child of; The Blood of Night) (Is often called Istaun or Val for simplicity by those he considers friends)
Age [appearance]: 27
Age [actual]: 144
Gender: Male
Species: Mixed Drow and Grey Elf
Place of Birth: Forest, the deepest most distant woods near the Tree of Life

Occupation: Thief, Assassin, Forger, Alchemist and Equipment Enchanter.

House: Eruditio
Title: Teacher

Hair: Thick silvery white. Falls to below his shoulder blades, usually worn loose.
Eyes: A vibrant purple, but depending on his mood can range to a hot fiery violet to a deep amethyst
Frame: 5"7 and slender almost lithe, but very well toned with a slightly less darker skin tone then most drow
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: An old slave brand on his right shoulder

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity; Alobal Lorfiril, Erevan Ilesere.

Personality: Mischievous, and fun loving, but can also be rather withdrawn at times. Studious, enjoys learning and practicing his skills to his utmost ability. He is also extremely cynical but sees the funny side in everything, is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and the people he cares about. Is generally respectful to others, but once angered can be obnoxious, spiteful, rude and extremely antagonistic, especially to people he dislikes or to those who have gotten on his “wrong side” Is capable of holding a grudge and has no mercy towards those he considers his enemies.

History: IstaunVal was born from a pairing considered an abomination by both sides of his lineage. His mother was the Heir to House Auvry’ana (Blood of Night); one of the most prestigious, highly ranked, wealthy and influential houses in all of drow society. His father was an elven prince held captive and enslaved by his mother's House. She fell in love with him and hating the lifestyle of her people she and her lover eventually escaped to the surface where IstaunVal was born.

His father returned to his people but knowing they would never accept his drow lover and his half-drow son he set them up in a cottage in the depths of the forest and visited when he could.

IstaunVal’s grandmother, the Matriarch of House Auvry’ana knew her bloodline was failing, her sisters were barren, her youngest daughter killed in a plot from another House, leaving IstaunVals mother her only choice as an appropriate heir. After decades of fruitless searching, she approached Lolth and acquired a seeress. Finally, she was able to track down her daughter's general location and so sent out her people to find her and bring her and her son back

IstaunVal had just turned 25 years old making him about 11 as humans would reckon things and had by this time learned the basics of poisons, healing, weapons (daggers), various forestry skills and languages from both his mother and father when he and his mother were attacked. The last image he had of his mother was of her encircled by drow warriors and making mincemeat out of them before he was struck on the head from behind. He awoke a few hours later and watched as a large gang of humans, in turn, attacked his drow captors. The humans had been following the group of drow since they had been spotted a few days earlier and had taken the advantage of attacking the drow at midday when the sun was at its peak and the light-sensitive drow were at their weakest. The drow were mostly killed and the few that survived quickly fled, leaving IstaunVal to his new captors. Due to his young appearance, good looks and unusual colouring, he was quickly sold as a pleasure slave.

Unsuited to slavery IstaunVal quickly escaped to the streets and became one with the shadows and those that lived there, thieves, cutthroats, riffraff, and guttersnipes. He rose to eminence as a thief and enjoyed the art of thievery and subterfuge. He eventually found his way to the subterranean home of the drow and took what revenge he could, causing general fear and mayhem amongst them and his mother's House. Upon returning to the surface he spent a few more years living the high life as a very successful thief before joining the academy.

He had first heard of the Assassins Academy from overhearing hushed whispers spoken in the darkest corners of various taverns and alehouses. The idea of being an assassin and rising above the mundane life of a thief sparked his imagination immediately and being a curious creature he decided to find out everything he could about it. He spent what free time he had in researching and investigating rumours and people. This was a slow process and one he had to constantly push to the back burner of his young life. It was only after he had returned from the subterranean lands of his mother and was on the trail of a slaver gang that had dared steal children from his city that he finally found a strong lead to the Academy. He had tracked down the last of the gang members to Thorrian, a vile little cesspool of a city that thrived on slavery. During the process of explaining to the slaver the error of his ways the slaver asked if he was sent by the Academy, this of course turned the situation from deadly punishment to a skillful interrogation. After this IstaunVal focused the next decade of his life trying to track down the location of the Academy and the ways to obtain admittance. His questions and curiosity caught the attention of a member of the academy who after appraising IstaunVal sent him. He quickly moved through the lower student ranks but settled for a few years in the higher levels before becoming an Apprentice, after a decade or so he earned the rank of Teacher.

Teaches; Hand to hand combat, Stealth, Shadow Magic, Melee and Ranged weaponry, poisons, potions, chemistry. (Has been known to select  promising students for private tutelage.) Is considered a hard but fair teacher. Does not tolerate fools or idiocy in any of his students regardless of their House, but especially from those in Eruditio

Family:A father he doesn’t talk about too often. All other family members have been presumed dead.

Likes: Learning new things, studying and practicing the arcane and weapons. mixing and making potions; spelled and mundane, cooking, animals, forests and the night sky.

Dislikes: Traditional drow, slavery, slavers and official authority figures. He also has a dislike for water (rivers and so forth; loves baths not too keen on swimming though, this aversion to water is just a fear/unease/ high dislike. It is not a phobia)

Character Strength: Loyal (once its earned and given) Independent, strong-willed, Compassionate (when it suits him) Dedicated to his goals and tasks. Even-tempered (when he does lose his temper it comes like a flash in the pan, here then gone again) Calculating (like to size up the pros and cons before making a decision...when it suits him)

Character Weakness/Flaw: His distrust of others. Makes him a loner. He is mocking, sarcastic and at times, indifferent. He can also be very reckless, stubborn and impatient

Interesting Facts / Quirks: He usually strokes his fingers along the length of a dagger at his hip when nervous or feels threatened. He also has a minor dislike for dwarfs as he finds them extremely annoying and frustrating.

Favourite Colour: black, red, purple and blue

Hobby/Hobbies: Collecting books on the arcane and weapons (the rarer and more expensive the better especially if they are still "owned" when they catch his attention). Likes enchanting weapons and equipment, usually through the skill of runes as well as making and selling potions and poisons.

Sexuality: Fluid
Relationship Status: Single

Current Financial Status: Very well off due to his life before the academy and because of his professional skills as a thief, forger, item enchanter, and potion maker.

Carried Weapons:  Daggers strapped to his forarms and hidden withing the long loose sleeves of his tunic, Small poisoned throwing knives that are usually hidden and tucked behind his wide sash or belt, small vial of poison that are hidden around his person.(Poisons range from powdered to liquid and even a few gaseous ones.) and Twin Falchions. (Usually strapped low on his back so they are easily reached but not easily seen) He doesn't tend to carry all of these at once but he never goes anywhere without his daggers.

Known Magick: Shadow (Illusion and stealth related, is very adept at this. can also summon shadow puppets), Runes (very skilled), Fire (celestial, black, faery and mundane, a natural ability that he is quite strong in but not professionally trained) Air (natural talent but untrained and unskilled, minor talent, levitation, small gusts of wind and other minor elemental manipulation), Earth (minor talent to do with plants and trees; recognizing, strengthening or weakening their attributes, great for potion making. A gift from his fathers heritage. Can also do minor elemental manipulation)

Skills: Balance (N & T), Climb(N & T), Concentration (N & T), Handle Animal (N & T), Survival (N & T), Jump (N & T), Listen (N & T), Move Silently (N & T), Search (N & T), Tumble (N & T), Heal (N & T), Poison (N & T).
Disguise (T), Forgery (T), Decipher Script (T), Escape Artist (T), Gather Information (T), Spot (T), Sleight of Hand (T), Spell Craft (T), Use Magic Device (T), Appraise (T), Open Lock (T), Bluff (T).
Language: Drow, Elvish, Dwarven, Orcish, Common,
Profession; Thievery, Forgery, Potions; Poisons/Healing, Enchanting (weaps and armour through the use of runes)

Training in Moonlight (IstaunVal meets a Lich)
The Comer (X)
Cabin Fever (IstaunVal meets Navan and Aarik)