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Nazyphir Amleigh
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Full Name and Title: Lord Nazyphir Amleigh "The Alchemist" (Often refers to himself as a lord even though he is not, being that he is from a foreign land and anyone of a certain wealth or status can become a "Lord" by owning large estates).

Age: 32

Birthday: Nazyphir does not know of his original birthday but he celebrates it on the third day of the Mid Crow Moon.

Occupation: Known Job - Is known to be a "diviner or seer", and is believed to sometimes be a "warlock", but is really an herbalist and knows a lot about illusions and the such which give him his title, also he is very well learned so he is sometimes referred to as very wise. He also is part of a very notable foreign trading ring of which is he one of the highest members. Unknown Occupation - Nazyphir Amleigh has been an assassin since he was nearly eighteen though he was not a very noteable one until his late twenties, this is where he earns a majority of his money, even though he is retired from taking missions, he still operates as a leader for those who follow the same trade as him. Also his great expertise in medicine and fortune telling bring in a hearty living.

Religion: Many people find that Nazyphir is a fairly secretive man when it comes to his worshipping of Talon; not making many public appearances or the like, but if asked who he follows he openly states he follows Talon.

Hair: Nazyphir\'s hair is of a deep black nature, falling in glossy strands to the middle of his back his hair is quite stunning. He takes great pride in looking good at all times, so his hair is normally very well cut and trimmed as well as kept very clean.

Eyes: His eyes were a lifeless gray, the sort that seemed to pierce the very soul of those he looked at; his eyes also gave many a sense that something evil was in their presence, sending chill down their spine.

Nose: Nazyphir\'s nose is quite thin and relatively average besides that.

Lips: His lips are medium; neither full nor thin, wide nor small. Nazyphir often wears a bland or bored expression, though at times he will smirk. His lips are pale red, flawless and very well taken care of.

Skin Color: Nazyphir has a pale complexion, sometimes his herbal work or alchemy would leave a bit of residue on his skin which might make him seem strange colors.

Height: Nazyphir is rather tall, approximately 6\'2".

Weight: Nazyphir is very well built, muscled, and toned. He keeps himself in good shape during his rigorous training and traveling.

Physical Attractiveness:
Physical Attractiveness:[/B] Nazyphir is stunningly attractive but has a very repelling aura around him that tends to keep most people from being attracted to him.

Clothing: Nazyphir wears a black robe with a raven feather cloak at almost all times. No one knows exactly why he began doing this, but it really keeps the rumors about him alive, people steadily believe that he is a "Warlock" or the such that has come to take their souls. Albeit his garb preferences, Nazyphir would wear something more formal if necessary, such as dressing up for a formal dinner with a good friend or while attending royalty or nobility, but in the common world he wore his robes.

Mother: Nazyphir denies knowing his mother at all, but she was a lowly peasant girl who had been raped by his father, his name is unknown to him, and very little else is known. His mothers name was Asheerah, but he would never tell anyone.

Father: Nazyphir does not and probably will not ever know his father, it is believed he was killed by his mother\'s father shortly after she had been raped.

Siblings: He does not know if he has any siblings.

Childhood: Nazyphir grew up with few memories of his real parents, but he had known his guardians, Jaxx, Imri, and Orin; they had been several merchants who now assist him in the running of a large merchant’s ring through many foreign lands. When he was young, he had been set to chores, but while he did not work, he learned the art of trade, and he studied. Nazyphir was never punished, this was because he never deserved any punishment, he was a "perfect child", this might be why he had chosen the profession he had, no one knows for certain. As Nazyphir grew older, he ventured off into the world, and when he returned he was a hardened and experienced man, and thus, he began putting forth his skills as a renowned assassin, and then even moving up in the world to maintaining a small sect of assassins who often preyed upon merchants or nobles for a prince, some had been known to even take hits on royalty and even kings or queens! Nazyphir himself was said to have the blood of two foreign kings upon his hands.

While off in his travels, Nazyphir came across various tribes of savages, or people native to other lands. Some of these people were friendly, some were more hostile often disturbing or even destroying other tribes. During his stay with one of the tribes he learned a great deal of working with herbs and alchemy, but as his travels went on, he came across a tribe of warriors, who captured him and imprisoned him. During a nearly year long stay with these people as their prisoner and slave he realized that not all people are good, some are evil. Utilizing a basic display of swordsmanship as well as using several items he had collected he was able to escape, this event had already greatly altered his life, he knew he would never be the soft person he had once been.

Education: Nazyphir had private tutoring up until he was sixteen that occurred five out of seven days a week, only leaving a day of choice free as well as the day of worship. He learned many things in that time about reading, writing, math, science, alchemy, and so forth. After he had finished learning what he could from his tutor he attended an advanced private school where he finished his extensive teaching. When he had finished learning what he could, he set off into the unknown world in search of knew knowledge, and he did gain quite a bit in those travels. It is said that he is a master of Alchemy and herbalism, as well as many other strange things that include his different sword fighting and other weapon techniques as well as knowledge of many languages.

Natural Talents: Nazyphir had no true natural talent, besides a great ability to learn. Over time he had learned many things, and as his talent was that of learning, he was able to progress quickly and move on. He changes and adapts, as well as soaks in information that allows him to mold himself to any society, this allows him to blend in with a crowd and give him many advantages. Nazyphir is also a very talented musician through great amount of practice, though he rarely plays publicly; he may perform a private show for someone, a friend or more personal friend. Also, his keen writing skills allow him to write captivating pieces of literature such as: poetry, short stories, documentaries of his travels, novels, and even translations of other pieces; Nazyphir has a library full of many books that he has acquired or translated into his native tongue.

Hobbies: Nazyphir is known to be a fan of literature, reading when he gets the chance and even writing a bit of his own, often making tales of what he has experienced in his travels. Also, Nazyphir enjoys a good verbal combat and battle of wits, and sometimes a nice little swordplay with a friend or acquaintance.

Personality: Nazyphir is a rather dark and gloomy person, he takes pride in the fact that people avoid and fear him. He is also very crafty, often able to manipulate words into tales that are very believable; this helps him stay out of trouble most of the time. His overly wealthy status has given him a good deal of influence and he has never been afraid to wield that power, nor is he a shy person, he rarely holds back anything, except knowledge. He steadfastly believes that knowledge is something people deserve to be taught, or they must learn on their own; certain things are also best left unknown. In fact, Nazyphir himself prefers to be unknown, keeping himself fairly well mysterious. Though, if people pay attention to him he is a very patient person, though he is easily frustrated and can become very angry, especially dealing with people who are impatient. He also respects people who are deserving of it, people who are often wealthy, nearly as wealthy as himself, more wealthy, or powerful, have a harder time earning this man\'s trust and respect. A lowly peasant could be this man\'s friend whereas a noble would find him a very distant ally.

Nazyphir has flaws as well; his major set back is that he is to over-confident. This had nearly cost him his life numerous times, especially in the early years of his trade. Often he would rush into things that he shouldn’t and would result in some terrible problems; he had almost gotten killed during one mission.
Also, he has a bit conceited, he rarely takes the time to put up with people who cannot meet his standards right away without good reason; this is most often the reason he doesn’t have many people who assist him in his work as an alchemist or herbalist.
Nazyphir is a perfectionist; if something isn’t perfect it isn’t good enough for him and he often times will work overly hard to achieve his goal flawlessly. This sometimes results in staying up extremely late and getting little sleep, which will sometimes put him into a bad mood as well as throw off a lot of his talents making him very vulnerable to those who would take advantage of him.

Note: Nazyphir has a pet raven which he brings with him to many places, this bird is quite non-descript for a raven, but is extremely intelligent, even compared to the rest of its species.