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Edmund Obelyn
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Full Name and Title: Edmund Obelyn

Generally known as: Ed

Age: 42

Birthday: April fifth

Occupation: Master Carpenter and woodworker

Religion: Adora

Hair:  Short cropped blonde hair, kept somewhat spiked. It would appear that he just chops it off with a knife and would probably have a great deal of dust or dirt in it.

Eyes: He has somewhat narrowed eyes, ones that always seemed to be glaring at people who pass by. They are of a bright emerald green shade.

Nose: His nose is fairly large, yet it fits him well. He is a large man himself and it sits quite nicely on his face.

Lips: He has rather medium lips, not too full, not too thin. He is known to always be smiling as if he is inwardly laughing at a joke.

Skin Color: His skin, at one point, was a fair white, but due to his profession he has very tanned skin. He also has several scars that mark his body; some are from nails, some are from other things, but most have something to do with carpentry.

Height: 6’2

Weight: 205lbs; he is very well built due to his profession and is quite physically powerful.

Physical Attractiveness: He’s of an average appearance, but people say that he has very attractive eyes. He doesn’t take a lot of time to make himself presentable so he often shows up with dust and maybe sawdust all over him wherever he goes.

Clothing: He will often wear light colored clothing, most of which is not very prominent, but is very convenient for working in the sun. Many of his clothes have holes or have been patched up and many have stains as well.

Mother: His mother’s name was Elizabeth, but she died when he was twenty.

Father: His father, Jared, is in his early sixties, and has been a very influential person in his life. He has pushed Ed hard in everything he has chosen to do, and has always supported him. Often, Ed goes to visit his father on the weekends.

Siblings: He has a younger sister Elenore, she is twenty-five and is married to a merchant who travels a lot so he rarely sees her. She comes by about once a month or so.

Childhood: His childhood was what he considered normal. His parents raised him to be a good person, and they did well. He worships Adora with fervor, he is passionate about his profession, he loves his family, and he takes care of himself as well as others.

When he was young, he had met a girl, one who was very beautiful in his eyes. He had never thought he would have a chance with this girl, but one day he had decided that for her birthday he would make her a present. He carved an angel from a block of wood and put it on her doorstep. When she found this gift she broke out in tears, not because it was an exceptional piece of work, but because she had never been given a gift that came from the heart like this, not one that showed true affection. He later married this woman.

Another thing that was fairly prominent in his childhood was his grandfather. He had also been a master carpenter and had been very influential in his life. He taught him how to carve and how to work hard, and always filled his head with knowledge and wisdom that only a grandfather could. When he died, Ed mourned the loss of his grandfather greatly and vowed to make him proud.

Education: He had a very basic education.  He is capable of reading and writing, but later on he went on to continue his education and worked hard in mathematics. Now capable of solving complex problems, he is able to make very sturdy and very beautiful buildings.

Natural Talents: He has always had a thing for carving as well as gambling. He is very sharp-witted and can often come up with a response to most questions fairly quickly.

Hobbies: Carving, visiting the tavern, gambling with friends, and listening to music.

Personality: He is known be a very kind man, one who never lets anyone down. He is also known to be very honorable; never cheating, and never stealing. He also gives everyone their due respect but will stand defiant of those he believes are wrong in their ways.

Note: He is married to Alice Wilson.