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Indiana {Chelovek} {Tom} (The Nameless)
« on: August 04, 2006, 11:44:36 PM »
Name: Nameless (he's forgotten any names he might have been given)

Currently addressed as
: Indie/Chelovek

Apparent age
: 26

Actual age
: Somewhere between 200 and 300

: Male

: Vampire

Ciannait Dempsey

: Russet; short back and sides, longer on top - he usually spikes it up with some wax, but it is too short to get in his eyes or do much beyond look a little mussed if he doesn't bother styling it.

: Blue, with russet centres that dominate his irises most of the time, giving his eyes a generally hazel appearance. They are fairly narrow, surrounded by fairly sparse, long eyelashes.
Nose: Short, straight and broad. It's been broken many, many times but has, of course, healed perfectly.
Lips: Thin upper lip, fuller lower one and quite wide. They always have a secretive twist or smile to them, unless he is displeased. There is a dimple in both cheeks, equidistant from each corner.

: 193cm (6ft 5in)

Weight: 105kg (190lbs)

: Athletic and sinuously muscled, he is extremely broad in the chest, narrow in the waist and beautifully detailed everywhere in between.

: Although fair, there is a golden tinge to his skin that suggests he is of mixed heritage; perhaps there is some African ancestry somewhere down the line behind him - or some Greek - for he always looks lightly tanned, despite the vampiric pallor he possesses.
Voice: Deep and sultry with an undertone of innuendo always seeming to be present.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Ornate tattoos encompassing each wrist. Words are inscribed artistically within the predominantly celtic stylings. The left says, 'Esse Quam Videri~Memento Mori' (To be rather than to seem~Remember you are mortal) and the right says, 'Ignotum Per Ignotius~Hostis Humani Generis' (A thing unkown, by a thing more unknown~Enemy of the human race). Somehow or other, he managed to get them inscribed permanently onto his vampiric skin... the Hell if he can remember where and how, though (he wishes he did, for he'd like some more). His left eyebrow is pierced.
Usually seen wearing: Casual clothing; jeans and wooden-heeled boots, open-necked button-up shirts, a black leather jacket. He has a favourite ankle-length reddish-brown suede coat. Sunglasses sitting atop his head or on the back of his neck because he thinks it looks cool.
Usually seen holding: A mobile phone - he used to like to keep in touch with his 'crew' at all times... just in case one of them had scoped a new challenge, but now it's really just force of habit - or a set of keys or something else he's taken from where he was last.
Body Language

Common stance 1
: Thumbs hooked through his belt loops as he walks, or one booted foot thrust forward and broad shoulders back as he stops and looks down his nose at his surrounds. A knowing half-grin will grace his lips at all times.
Common stance 2: Slouching - in chairs with his hands tucked into his jacket pockets, or up against walls with a booted foot raised and pressed back upon it.
Common stance 3: Leaning suavely against furniture or over his latest love/feeding interest.

Visual habits: Sports an ever-present half-grin, has dimples in his cheeks and mischief in his eyes. He has a youthful and vital air about him, intensified by the fact that he is often seen flicking his fingers restlessly, or shuffling his feet. Unlocks and inspects his mobile phone constantly, to check if a message or call might have been missed. Looks obsessively into mirrors, removing sunglasses in order to fluff or play with his hair, readjusts his clothing and poses frequently.
Occupation: Once an itinerant thrillseeker (he once hung out with the same group of six men - he called them his crew - though they might have been separated for months at a time... until one of them found a new adventure to pursue and summoned the rest from every corner of the globe. He was closest to Reed, though their relationship fell apart when he asked to sire the man he'd fallen for, to be with him always, and was rejected), he's now a bit of a homebody, seeking thrills in a busy city of ever-changing faces.
Personality: He is flirtatious, fun-loving and casual. He is in it for a fun time; whether it's long, good, bad or indifferent matters little, as long as his interest is maintained and energy is expended... in one form or another. He enjoys being immortal and avoids the trap of envying or emulating mortals; if they have something he wants or needs, he takes. He has a temper and can be both vengeful and vindictive if he feels wronged. He is paranoid when the mood strikes him. He has done his share of rumination and can always be lured into a spot of introspection if that is where the fun leads him, but tends to spend his time avoiding seriousness and following instead his latest affair of whimsy.
History: He has no recollection of who he was born, what he was named or where it occurred; it seems he has lived everywhere, and been everyone, thus far. Details fade into irrelevance in the face of eternity. He remembers the woman who made him - Ciannait - and enjoys immensely the passion of their occasional reunions, and the men he has loved, Reed and William White.

He hooked up with a group of rich playboy thrillseekers about nine years ago and was connected to them for a good seven years - their money and his sense of adventure were beautiful together. He managed to hide his vampirism from all of them successfuly, until he, Reed and a tag-along friend were skiing impossibly pristine peaks in the Alps seven or so years ago (the others had been called and were inbound). Tom and Reed's friend went down first, sparking an avalanche that smothered them both. The friend died - as Tom should have - but he emerged the next night with a few broken limbs, in terrible pain and in desperate need of healing blood. Since they were in such an isolated place, he went to Reed and had a huge discussion/argument, finally admitting what he was. He fed from him for the first time that night and it became one of the secrets in their friendship; the other being that he was in love with the handsome gay man.

When he fell for Reed, the urge to nest took Tom over and he bought a place in the nameless city, setting it up with the help of a particularly awesome colour-blind chick who was also a great screw.  When he brought Reed to his new abode and proposed it become their home once he fledged the human, heartbreak followed as Reed rejected the notion of death (or undeath, as the case was), believing it unnatural and uncharacteristic of the man he'd christened Tom.  They'd both been committment-phobes, it felt wrong to Reed to change that... so he'd left.

Somewhat in limbo, 'Tom' sought anchoring in the city and met another man who seemed the right fit for him.  He dubbed him Indiana and, just as things were starting to get real between them, he disappeared, too.  Jaded but eternally renewed via his shitty memory and hyperactive style of looking forward to the next big adventure, Indie met William White and he moved in.  They lived together for three years and, in that time, Indie came to terms with his habit of having physical relationships with women that don't last, and meaningful relationships with men, that do. He loved Will and the feeling was mutual but William's fledgling, Anna, returned to the city and caused difficulties between them. Eventually, Will grew intolerant of the sexually-charged, combative relationship Indie and Anna had and, sick of being caught in the middle, he chose to leave with Anna, promising Indie he'll come back one night.

Indie has spent many months without his love and his inconsistent memory has helped him heal. So have a lot of beautiful women. A lot of them.
Interesting Facts: His eyes generally match the tone of his hair, but they change, depending on his emotions. They go bright blue when he is... excessively excited.
Hobby/Hobbies: Extreme sports. Fast cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes and challenging heights thrill him - he loves to B.A.S.E. jump from places mortals can't get to without a helicopter and open his parachute just a minute later than he should.
Likes: Flirting, having fun, coffins, martial arts, extreme sports, having an effect on people.

Dislikes: Weakness, rumour-mongers, authority, religious types, restriction.
Strength: His body and indifferent nature get him company. He's fully cognisant of modern inventions. He has worked out that he has some mental prowess and can dominate people's thoughts.
Weakness/Flaw: He's arrogant and far too reckless; he has sufficient funds saved (he collects money from all his victims) but he is not averse to killing to obtain whatever he wants, and this draws attention to him.
Anything Else To Add: He once had a particular weakness for the blood of newborns and, in his early years, would stalk expectant mothers, forcing them to give birth in isolated places so that he might feast on the mother... and then his prize. Thankfully, he's managed to find other thrills to fill his time.

He is currently riding a red and black 2011 Yamaha YZF-R1.

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Re: Chelovek {Indiana} {Tom} (The Nameless)
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 03:58:17 PM »
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