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Frederico Torres
« on: June 08, 2019, 05:42:29 PM »
Frederico "Freddy" Torres

The Basics:

Name: Frederico “Freddy” Torres.
Age [appearance]: 24
Age [actual]: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Nationality: Spain
Alignment: True Neutral
Faction: The Anarchs
Sexuality: Gay
Gender Identity/Pronouns: Cismale, He, Him, His
Zodiac: Scorpio, Pisces Rising
Quote: "I follow my own path, unless you let me go on yours."


Hair: Freddy has dark brown hair that he often styles down into a swoop. His hair is normally full of product, and has a certain sheen to it. Despite the hair care products, his black locks are thick and full and he loves for them to be played with by his friends. He also wears a lot of backwards baseball caps. His favorites include ones with funny sayings.

Eyes: Freddy has light brown eyes, almost hazel in color. They are large, wide, and doeish, and he often looks surprised or shocked as a result. His eyes are a chief way he communicates his feelings and thoughts. While they can look angry, they seldom do.

Lips: Other than a little chapped from time to time, Freddy likes his lips. They are full and kissable, although the top lip is more prominent due to his cheekbones and smaller chin.

Face: Freddy had angular cheekbones that give his face a severe quality. He dreams of being a fashion model, and thinks his cheekbones are his ticket into the industry. He has a small chin that luckily juts out enough to help him avoid looking like a horse. He sometimes wears a short beard, but is mostly clean shaven and smelling of cologne. His neck is long and reveals his collar bone.

Frame: Height: 6 Feet, 0 Inches, Weight: 180lbs Freddy has a slim but toned body, and is an avid runner. He avoids weights, but does enough push-ups and pull-ups to avoid looking too frail. Despite his thinner frame, he has a rather large set of legs and butt due to his years as a dancer.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has no birthmarks, but three tattoos. He has the phrase, “Love is waiting for me” on his left thigh in Spanish, a rose on his inner, right wrist, and a trail of paws near his natural happy trail.


Freddy has a few convictions that bring order to his mind and provide him with a sense of values,

1. Love is more important than happiness.
2. I have what it takes to make it in this world.
3. I don’t need your pity, but I’ll take your coins.

Freddy is mostly a free spirited optimist, who wants to succeed despite any thing that gets in his way. He doesn’t take his critics too seriously, and has learned to surround himself with good people who support him. He’s very close with his mom, and grandmother, but has no relationship with his dad, who lives back in Spain. He isn’t someone that people often get in fights with, and he walks away from most confrontations. He had to get better at speaking his mind when he took over managing the dancers at the White Rabbit.

Freddy is a huge romantic, who is always searching for “the one.” He has had one shitty boyfriend after another, with his latest failed experiment being District Leader Jacob McCloud, who rejected him for some nerd reporter. He tends to bounce back fairly quick from a breakup, believing life is too short to spend it in your room. Despite his good attitude about love, he is lonely, and the toll of rejection has begun to sour him. He has begun to seek out more casual sex, instead of dates, and he can hardly look at Jake at the White Rabbit. He also has a growing coke problem.

Freddy has dreams of being a Paris Fashion model, and has done a lot of local gigs at the Museum and gallery in the south. He practices his poses, and takes excellent care of his skin. He also gives every performance at the Rabbit his all, because he thinks a scout could be in the audience. He is incredibly naive in some ways but his love for life is infectious and is why he’s popular with the other dancers, and the Rabbit staff in general.

As a human, he doesn’t really know what the Anarchs are, or the politics of the districts. All he really knows is Jake’s in charge in the metropolis. Still, he likes the Anarch people, and generally likes to party rough like they do. He enjoys being a blood donor, or as he calls it a “blood doll” and is happiest with a good night of dancing, a blunt and a vampire to feed from him. His worst trait is that he doesn’t say no to his vampires, as he both fears and loves them.


Freddy’s mom and dad are both from Spain, and immigrated due to family living in the city, and because they wanted Freddy to grow up as an American. Within a few years of arriving in the city, Freddy’s dad left his mother for another woman, and so Freddy’s grandmother had to come live with them to pick up the slack. His mom was devastated and made Freddy be “the man of the house.” Freddy was only eight but became responsible for fixing things in the apartment, escorting his mother to the bodega, and getting a paper route to help pay the bills. He did have one pastime that was truly for him, and that was dancing. His mom and grandmother worked extra jobs to pay for Freddy to get dance lessons and he became a talented ballet dancer.

Life as a single mom was tough and so Freddy’s mother turned to drugs. When Freddy was sixteen he walked in on his mother doing cocaine. He was shocked when she invited him to join her. He did, and a period of his mom and he doing drugs together and being “friends” began. Eventually his grandmother intervened again, sending his mother to rehab. Freddy was also sent to rehab and did much better than his mother at first. He managed to graduate high school with a C average, and even signed up for dance classes at Watson University of the Arts, and was going to major in performance. However, one night his friend Pablo took him to a bar that opened up downtown that was known for loud music, strong drinks, and hot mysterious guys. Freddy had known he was gay all his life and had been kissing boys as young as twelve. His grandmother had been upset at first, but his mom had come to his defense this time, and told him that she always knew. After visiting this club, Freddy would drop out of college, and quickly return to cocaine, as well as alcohol and weed.

At the White Rabbit he met Lisa-Joe Hampton. She liked his personality and looks and asked him if he wanted to be a dancer for their strip show. He agreed, and that night did his first exotic dancing gig. He had a blast and was very popular and so Lisa-Joe hired him to work there as a dancer full time. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the lead dancer. He now manages all of the White Rabbit’s strippers, and is held in high regard by the staff. After a few days he noticed a really sexy guy with grey eyes and swoopy hair staring at him. Freddy was instantly drawn to the man. After a few more days, the strange guy invited him over to chat. He told Freddy he was Jake McCloud, that he owned the place and that he liked Freddy.

Freddy was shocked that someone who looked so young owned a bar, but was happy for the attention and began a sexual relationship with Jake. Eventually he learned about vampires, that Jake was one of them, and that this whole bar was a front for some secret government. Freddy thought it all sounded cool, and was just happy to be with Jake. They weren’t together officially, and Freddy both got fed from by Jake, but also others. He always hoped Jake would want to get serious but the vampire always seemed to come back to Freddy when whatever guy he was dating dumped him. The last one was some blonde vampire that Freddy hadn’t liked at all.

Recently, Jake broke up with Freddy, and since then he’s been in a rut. He’s had a few hookups and has decided to keep working at the White Rabbit, but his shining optimism has started to tarnish. He’s hoping to find a vampire who wants to get serious, and hopes to find greater success in the world than just dancing at the White Rabbit. He’s recently started working as a prostitute and doing homemade porn. It's not perfect, but it's exciting. He likes the attention both give him, and of course he loves the money.

The Rest:

Awareness of Supernaturals: Mostly just vampires, although he’s heard about things like demons, angels and witches. He’s even heard that some of these other creatures run other districts. His ignorance about them is one reason he’s stuck to the Central District lately.

Occupation/Job: Exotic Dancer at the White Rabbit. Lead dancer, choreographer, local male model, sex worker, and blood doll.

Domicile: Freddy lives with his family in the Brazilian Quarter. Freddy, his mom, and grandmother share a three bedroom apartment. His mom is currently in rehab.

Interesting Facts/Quirks: Freddy has dyslexia, but speaks four languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and English. He speaks with a Spanish accent, but is fluent in English since he went through the American school system. He is also double jointed.

Hobbies: Running, dancing, cocaine, sex, the mall, traveling, skincare.

Music Taste: Dream Pop, Salsa, Ska, Post Punk, Bachata, Top 40, Opera

Likes: Men, cocaine, weed, Jake, his job, friends, chill people, loyalty
Dislikes: Rudeness, people who judge his English, sobriety, Jake, Manuel the bartender (he thinks he’s scary)

Strength: Freddy’s greatest physical strength is how he uses his body. He looks poised, passionate and beautiful and moves with a natural grace that’s hard to ignore. His greatest personality strength is his kindness and love for people.

Weakness/Flaw: Freddy is a slave to his vices which include men, drugs, and being fed from. He is also so lonely he lets guys he dates use him and treat him badly. He wants a vampire boyfriend no matter what!


Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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