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Re: Turn Of A Friendly Hand
« Reply #15 on: November 27, 2008, 02:26:02 AM »
Ali couldn\'t seem to stop laughing for more than a few minutes, then she\'d loose her balance again and a giggle would appear. She spent half of the time going down the stairs falling against his shoulder, sometimes during such falls she would give up on balance completely and allow him to right her. Each time she fell she would apologize through her giggles.
When they stopped and sense of gratitude came over her, and thanked Talon for chance to allow herself to get at least some sense of balance before the set on again, though still, she had to hold on to his arm to make sure she got it, and even though, when standing still, she didn\'t really need to, she was afraid if she let go she would fall right on her face, so she didn\'t let go. But she\'d made it, and felt extremely proud of herself and Gallagher.
"shee! I told you we\'d make it down without a scratch!" She smiled and giggled a little more, causing her to fall against his shoulder once more. Straightening herself she tried to stop giggling so that she\'d keep her balance. "It wasn\'t that hard, was it?" She forced herself not to giggle again, knowing it probably was.
As they walked through the stables, Ali found a little more of her balance, at least enough so that she didn\'t fall every second. She\'d happily wave at the curious faces and giggle after they\'d pass them, causing the occasional loss of balance, making her grip Gallagher\'s arm a little tighter to steady herself.
She looked around when they stopped to find out why, and, truth be told, was slightly disappointed when she saw the door to her quarters. Ali couldn\'t remember a better night, but then again, she was extremely drunk.
"I can do that." She said with a smile, though she no longer giggled. "It shoul\' be easier \'an gettin\' down them stairs, eh?" She replied as he let go, and she too let go of the steady arm. She felt a little off centered, but had expected that, still she didn\'t fall. "Thank you for you help." She said sincerely, her lips turned in a small, grateful smile.
She turned and grabbed the door handle, using it for balance she turned it and opened the door and looked in with a sense of dread coming over her; as she looked into a completely dark room. "Well, maybe not as easy as the stairs." She muttered, though in truth, it was probably a little more than a mutter. With a sigh, she turned back to Gallagher to say goodnight before treading on into the dark.
"Well, I believe this is goodnight." She smiled once more. "Thank you again, for everything."

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Re: Turn Of A Friendly Hand
« Reply #16 on: December 01, 2008, 07:44:24 PM »
"You\'re welcome," he told her warmly, dimples flashing as he grinned at her.  He didn\'t envy her having to find her way through a strange place in the darkness - and in her condition - but that was all part of the initiation process, wasn\'t it?  She\'d have to figure it out sooner or later and he was a big fan of sooner... not later.

"I\'ll see you in the morning.  Sometime," he added with a cryptic chuckle before he turned and strolled off through his dimly-lit domain.  He would be very interested in seeing how his latest recruit coped with the morning sun... given her current situation and the potential for pain she had.  His smile broadened at the very thought as he carried himself casually back upstairs, to his own comfortable bed.


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Re: Turn Of A Friendly Hand
« Reply #17 on: December 02, 2008, 03:36:44 AM »
Ali smiled back and was tempted to give him a hug, but she decided against it, seeing as how easy it was for her to lose her balance, plus, under her condition it might be taken the wrong way, and it was easier if she just smiled, so that was what she did, smiled, even though she hated that the day was finally ending.
She giggled a little at his cryptic chuckle and held on to the door frame to keep from losing her balance again. She hated to see him go, for it meant that this wonderful evening really was at an end, and tomorrow was going to be hell. But, after he had left her sight, she reluctantly turned and entered the dark room.
Bumping into several things - what she wasn\'t sure - someone finally lit a candle and helped her to her bed. "Poor thing, must be tired." One lady said, which caused Ali to laugh, but her laugh didn\'t last long, for she was out cold even before her head hit the pillow, dreaming of horses, alcohol and the warmth of a home.