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Odessa "Sonya" Turkevich
« on: June 09, 2008, 07:22:47 AM »
Name:  Sonya Turkevich (sometimes Anna or Odessa)
Age [appearance]: mid-late 20s
Age [actual]: 1056
Gender: female
Species: vampire
Hair: Dark brown and wavy, reaching her mid-back.  She primarily wears it down.
Eyes: Alluring blue-green with a commanding and intense gaze.
Frame: 5’ 7” with average weight and full curves.  She has excellent posture and carries herself with intimidating queenly confidence.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Faint puncture wound scars at the neck and collarbone from feeding and fledging.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Acutely aware of vampires.  Anything not human feels and smells different.
Occupation/Job:  freelance artist
Domicile:  Awelfor Manor, North-West District
Interesting Facts / Quirks:  She doesn't do her own laundry.  She has cleaning people for that.  Smokes clove cigarettes after sex, when agitated, or thinking.

Hobby/Hobbies:  Painting, charcoal drawing, playing the piano.
Likes:  Béla Bartók, Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, blood, accumulating wealth and power, seducing (and disposing of) men, hosting parties, expensive clothing and jewelry, dresses, intimidating younger vampires, hunting and toying with humans, being in control/dominant, flowers, extravagant gardens, music, dancing, horses, sports cars
Dislikes:   allowing “weak” emotions to surface, getting too close to people, confinement, cigars, younger immortals
Character Strengths:
Independent, decisive, and strong-willed.  Keen focus, sharp intelligence, and wit. Emotionally intelligent and can see through those who are not skilled in masking their true intentions. She has a knack for painting and has been doing so off and on since Renaissance times. Can be intensely passionate under the right circumstances (when she isn't getting in her own way).  Fiercely loyal to those few who are in her inner circle.  Viciously protective over fledges.

Ruthless, vicious and cruel.  Bitter, stubborn, and will not let go if you’ve crossed her.  Comes off as a cold, arrogant bitch.  Lofty attitude, due to her royal origins and the nobility she married throughout the years.  Deeply prejudiced toward humans, non-vampire immortals, and younger vampires who do not know their proper place. 

Abilities/Mental Disciplines:
Sonya's bloodline is ancient, giving her a serious edge when it comes to supernatural ability (particularly mental disciplines).  She has continued to work tirelessly to develop these skills, actively practicing for at least 900 years with training under Utto for a few hundred of these years.  The more psychic ability she utilizes, the more she must feed.  She will get blinding headaches when over-exerting herself, though with time and deliberate practice she has developed impressive stamina for the skill.  Utto also encouraged her to be well rounded and get a good handle on celerity and supernatural strength.  Some individual skills listed below (list is currently incomplete).

- Telepathic Communication: Very easily, like second nature.  She can also send images and feelings into another's mind.
Resistance: Can protect her thoughts from others and will feel if someone is rooting around in her mind (or brushing against it to find her location).  Anyone who tries will come up with nothing, or a false-consciousness that she puts forth.  She can also resist other vampire's mental disciplines.
- Perception: Can mentally scan the area for a presence.  Adept with digging and pulling thoughts from the minds of others.  If she cannot access someone's mind for any reason, she will at least be able to detect the block or shield.  If someone is a "loud thinker" she will usually just hear the thought as if it were whispered aloud.
- Seduction: She will become nearly magnetic and quite literally irresistible.  Humans and younger/weaker immortals will experience anything from awe and enchantment to lust and infatuation; those of incompatible sexuality will experience the former.  For those who are stronger, the effect is more likely to make her rather distracting.  This was the first skill she mastered and it is the most developed.  Using the mind alone she can coax another to orgasm, but she sees little point in doing this since sex is always at her pleasure.  This can be used during feeding to create an intense experience for the one who is bitten.
- Manipulation: Can influence the thoughts and decisions of younger and/or weaker-minded individuals, mostly so it appears as though they came to the thoughts themselves.  The harder and more impatiently she pushes this the more intrusive the thought will appear, which can have the opposite intended effect depending on the individual.  Weaker individuals can be compelled to obey any command, even if it puts them at risk.  She can also modify, erase, or plant mortal memory with relative ease, and immortal memory with more effort (though the memory is more likely to appear hazy and dreamlike).  Plucking out or modifying individual memories takes time and greater effort than wiping the slate clean.
- Pressure:  Innately, she possesses a powerful dark aura, like some kind of deep madness that simmers beneath the surface.  Those who are perceptive could feel it as a heavy, thick feeling.  She can increase the weight to her aura and does so often to intimidate, or as a defense mechanism.  The effects vary, from instilling overwhelming fear to reverence, or making her feel much older than she actually is.  With effort she can turn this pressure into a vortex, pulling someone attempting to access her mind into the darkness in an attempt to overwhelm.  She sometimes exerts auric pressure unintentionally.  This can be used during feeding to increase terror for the one who is bitten.
- Telekinesis: Well developed.  She has the ability to pin someone down with her mind alone, lift them into the air, etc.  She does this rarely, mostly when she is angry.  More often than not, she will open and close doors, move objects toward her and so on.
- Levitation: She mostly uses this skill to glide effortlessly through a room--but this can be easily mistaken for very graceful walking.  Anything else requires more effort and blood.

History:  Nanowrimo project.  Ask for details if you need them.

Roleplay Consent:
Feeding: Ask
Wounding/Cursing: Nothing permanent.
Killing: No
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« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2009, 10:17:41 AM »
Relationships and History

Current Relationship status:  She does what she wants--though she has been keeping the company of a certain human

Immortal Family Background:
Sire:[/b]  Volodymyr (deceased: 2000 BCE - 1015 CE)
Fledglings:  Nadia Dominik (1303),  Alessandro de’Abate (deceased: 1498-1532), The Thin Blood (1832)

Human Family background:
Birthplace: Constantinople (Istanbul)
Mother: Empress Theophano (Premaritally: Anastasia)
Father: Prince Romanos II 
Birth Order: Fifth (youngest)
Siblings: Two miscarriages, two older brothers: Basil II and Constantine VII.  Sonya was closest with Constantine.

History in Brief:
This is a WIP (NaNoWriMo Project!) so ask me for details if you need them.

Recent History:

After determining that she was getting too "involved" with Nikolai, Sonya went To Ground under the ocean just off Glitter Beach.  She spent the time reprogramming herself, purging memories of Nikolai, and making herself "strong" again.  When she emerged, she was half-crazed and animalistic (thread: revival), drifting through memories and time-periods with nothing anchoring her to the present (thread: thirst). 

Pierre spotted here at Sticks & Stakes in 1900s garb (thread: bank shot), and with the help of Nadia and Damien (thread: stepping lightly) brought the unstable ancient back to Damien's (thread: rehabilitation).  She attacked all of them in a craze before finally being subdued.  When she finally "came to", there was a ten-year gap in her mind but she was otherwise--precariously--stable (thread: the return). 
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« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2009, 10:18:41 AM »
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