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Odessa "Sonya" Turkevich
« on: June 09, 2008, 07:22:47 AM »
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    Be it known that you crush heads! Be it known that you devour corpses like a dog!
    Be it known that your gaze is terrible! Be it known that you lift your terrible gaze!
    Be it known that you have flashing eyes!
    Be it known that you are unshakeable and unyielding!
    Be it known that you always stand triumphant!

    Enheduanna, an excerpt from The Exaltation of Inana

    Credit to LaraJade (cannot track down original source, but all photos are of her)

    Permissions Given in Reasonable Roleplay:
    (Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
    Wounding/Cursing: Nothing permanent.
    Killing: No


    Birth name: Anna Porphyrogeneta [pohr-FEER-oh-jeen-tah]
    Aliases: Odessa (until the mid-1900s), Sonya (curent)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Prefers men, has been with women sexually
    Age: 1056
    Looks: mid to late 20s
    Date of Birth: December 13th, 963 A.D
    Species: Vampire (Disturbed/Rogue leanings)
    Domicile: Awelfor Manor


    Hair: Dark brown and wavy, reaching her mid-back.  She primarily wears it down.
    Eyes: Alluring blue-green with a commanding and intense gaze.
    Skin: Pale and smooth, nearly flawless save scars from feeding before she was sired.  Noticeably (though delicately) perfumed in oils with honeysuckle fragrance notes.
    Shape of Face: Long, angular, high cheekbones.
    Nose: Strong and defined.
    Mouth: a little on the larger size, fuller bottom lip than top lip, with a distinct cupid's bow.
    Hands: Long slender fingers, very much the hands of a pianist
    Frame: 5’ 7” with average weight and full curves.  She has excellent posture and carries herself with intimidating queenly confidence.
    Marks: Faint puncture wound scars at the neck and collarbone from feeding and fledging. 


    general idea board
    Daily Garb: dark close-fitting pants, dark distressed jeans, loose neutral-toned solid shirts with low necklines, dark peacoats
    Date/Out: leather jackets, tight shirts with low necklines, leather pants, tight black dresses, black or dark red open-toed high heels, knee-high boots with heels
    To bed: Nothing
    Daily Accessories: mostly delicate bracelets and necklaces
    Special: She once owned a large collection of very old dresses, some dating back to the Renaissance, that were meticulously preserved.  Recently these have been sold or donated to museums.  Her healthy collection of elaborate masquerade masks, however, remains.


    Education: In her human years she had private tutoring in Latin, how to read and how to sing.  She is fluent in many languages, including Byzantine Greek, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Latin.
    Intelligence Level: Sharply perceptive, quick to make connections.
    Current Occupation: Freelance artist.
    Salary: Enough to afford an extravagant lifestyle and then some.
    Previous Occupations: Being a queen, rich-husband hopping
    Socioeconomic Level as a human: Royalty (born a princess, married a king)
    Socioeconomic Level as a vampire: Exceedingly wealthy


    Sonya's bloodline is ancient, giving her a serious edge when it comes to supernatural ability (particularly mental disciplines).  She has continued to work tirelessly to develop these skills, actively practicing for at least 900 years with training under Olga for a few hundred of these years.  The more psychic ability she utilizes, the more she must feed.  She will get blinding headaches when over-exerting herself, though with time and deliberate practice she has developed impressive stamina for the skill.  Olga also encouraged her to be well rounded and get a good handle on celerity and supernatural strength.  Some individual skills listed below (list is currently incomplete).

    Mental Disciplines:

    Telepathic Communication: Very easily, like second nature.  She can also send images and feelings into another's mind.

    Resistance: Can protect her thoughts from others and will feel if someone is rooting around in her mind (or brushing against it to find her location).  Anyone who tries will come up with nothing, or a false-consciousness that she puts forth.  She can also resist other vampire's mental disciplines.

    Perception: Can mentally scan the area for a presence.  Adept with digging and pulling thoughts from the minds of others.  If she cannot access someone's mind for any reason, she will at least be able to detect the block or shield.  If someone is a "loud thinker" she will usually just hear the thought as if it were whispered aloud.

    Seduction: She will become nearly magnetic and quite literally irresistible.  Humans and younger/weaker immortals will experience anything from awe and enchantment to lust and infatuation; those of incompatible sexuality will experience the former.  For those who are stronger, the effect is more likely to make her rather distracting.  This was the first skill she mastered and it is the most developed.  Using the mind alone she can coax another to orgasm, but she sees little point in doing this since sex is always at her pleasure.  This can be used during feeding to create an intense experience for the one who is bitten.

    Manipulation: Can influence the thoughts and decisions of younger and/or weaker-minded individuals, mostly so it appears as though they came to the thoughts themselves.  The harder and more impatiently she pushes this the more intrusive the thought will appear, which can have the opposite intended effect depending on the individual.  Weaker individuals can be compelled to obey any command, even if it puts them at risk.  She can also modify, erase, or plant mortal memory with relative ease, and immortal memory with more effort (though the memory is more likely to appear hazy and dreamlike).  Plucking out or modifying individual memories takes time and greater effort than wiping the slate clean. 

    Pressure:  Innately, she possesses a powerful dark aura, like some kind of deep madness that simmers beneath the surface.  Those who are perceptive could feel it as a heavy, thick feeling.  She can increase the weight to her aura and does so often to intimidate, or as a defense mechanism.  The effects vary, from instilling overwhelming fear to reverence, or making her feel much older than she actually is.  With effort she can turn this pressure into a vortex, pulling someone attempting to access her mind into the darkness in an attempt to overwhelm.  She sometimes exerts auric pressure unintentionally.  This can be used during feeding to increase terror for the one who is bitten.

    Telekinesis: Well developed.  She has the ability to pin someone down with her mind alone, lift them into the air, etc.  She does this rarely, mostly when she is angry.  More often than not, she will open and close doors, move objects toward her and so on.

    Levitation: She mostly uses this skill to glide effortlessly through a room--but this can be easily mistaken for very graceful walking.  Anything else requires more effort and blood.

    Awareness of Supernaturals:
    Acutely aware of vampires.  Anything not human feels and smells different.


    Hobbies: Painting, charcoal drawing, playing the piano.
    Pastimes: frequenting clubs, spending money, writing letters.  She used to host parties for the wealthy elite and older immortals but hasn't done that since coming back.
    Likes: Béla Bartók, Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, blood, accumulating wealth and power, seducing (and disposing of) men, hosting parties, expensive clothing and jewelry, dresses, intimidating younger vampires, hunting and toying with humans, being in control/dominant, flowers, extravagant gardens, music, dancing, horses, sports cars
    Dislikes: allowing “weak” emotions to surface, getting too close to people, confinement, cigars, younger immortals
    Pet Peeves: waiting, patronizing/condescending/disrespectful treatment
    Major Hangups: authority figures, not being paid proper respects
    Fears/Phobias: being alone

    Observable Behavior:

    Speech Patterns:  Has a slight Ukrainian accent (close to Russian, but slightly different) that comes out more when she is speaking angrily, enthusiastically, or otherwise not paying attention to it.  Her velvety voice is on the deeper side of feminine.
    Words/Slang/Jargon:  She doesn't use much slang, but will curse without hesitation.  Prefers to refer to herself and others of her kind as immortals as opposed to vampires.
    Eye Contact:  Steady and challenging.
    Gait: Sharp, quick and commanding stride when angry.  Or she glides effortlessly across the floor.
    Posture: Straight, dignified, that of a proper lady.
    Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities:  She doesn't do her own laundry.  She has cleaning people for that.  Smokes clove cigarettes after sex, when agitated, or thinking.

    ENTJ-A ish

    Strongest positive personality trait: Endurance
    Strongest negative personality trait: Stubbornness
    Sense of humor: Sarcastic and dry.
    Temper: Furious.

    Character Strengths:
    • Independant, decisive, and strong-willed.
    • Keen focus, sharp intelligence, and wit.
    • Emotionally intelligent and can see through those who are not skilled in masking their true intentions.
    • She has a knack for painting and has been doing so off and on since Renaissance times.
    • Can be intensely passionate under the right circumstances (when she isn't getting in her own way).
    • Fiercely loyal to those few who are in her inner circle.  Viciously protective over fledges.

    • Ruthless, vicious and cruel.  Bitter, stubborn, and will not let go if you’ve crossed her.
    • Comes off as a cold, arrogant bitch.
    • Lofty attitude, due to her royal origins and the nobility she married throughout the years.
    • Deeply prejudiced toward humans, non-vampire immortals, and younger vampires who do not know their proper place.  Generally views vampires as superior and humans nothing more than sheep she can feed on.  Man is a mindless play-thing.
    • Narcasistic. She mostly looks out for herself and pays little regard to others unless it will directly benefit her (there are some exceptions). Self-righteous and demands absolute obedience and submission from whomever she desires.
    • Extremely impatient. Quick to anger and lash out.
    • She seems to think of herself as invincible and that none could (or would) challenge her.  When she comes up against someone (or something) stronger than herself, she doesn’t really know what to do with herself.  She will be caught somewhere between outright bluffing and being paralyzed in inaction--depending on how life-threatening the situation is she will run.  After an incident where she is put in her place, she will effectively erase it from her mind as it doesn’t fit with her self narrative.  This can lead to some interesting interactions if she is confronted.
    • Has a tendency to become crazed when feeding.  She tends to feed in excess and has massacred small villages in the past.  It was rumored that she has a taste for the blood of newborn children, but no one can really confirm that.
    • Time has hardened her heart toward feelings of tenderness (so she would rather you believed). She mostly views emotions as negative or unnecessary--except for anger.  She is predominantly smug, seductive, cold, or angry; but she wasn’t always this way.  For those who can penetrate past this shell, she is an intensely passionate lover (good luck getting to there though).
    • When she goes through her bouts of mental instability, she is reckless to the point of being self-destructive and almost psychotic.  The more time that passes, the closer she gets to going over the edge and not coming back.

    She has been known to disappear out of the blue for months or years at a time, sometimes going To Ground.  These episodes are typically triggered by a perceived loss of control over something, usually her own emotions, which she sees as a weakness that must be stopped.  During these breaks, she retreats far into her mind, using her developed mental disciplines to retrain her thoughts and weed out what she has deemed to be weaknesses.  This almost always is to her detriment, as it gradually wears at the fabric of the mind.

    Relationships and History

    Current Relationship status: She does what she wants.
    Previous Relationships: Husbands: Volodymyr The Great of Kiev, at least eleven others throughout the centuries (all rich, all passing due to mysterious circumstances).  Lovers: Alessandro, someone else she can't remember right now. 
    Relationship Skills: If you manage to get past the bullshit cold-bitch-front she puts up, Sonya is an intensely passionate and affectionate lover. 
    Other close friendships: Damien

    Immortal Family Background
    Sire:  Volodymyr The Great of Kiev (deceased: 2000 BCE - 1015 CE)
    Grandsire: Olga Prekrasa (3000 BCE) 
    Fledglings: Nadia Dominik (1303),  Alessandro de’Abate (deceased: 1498-1532), The Thin Blood (1832)

    Human Family background:
    Birthplace: Constantinople (Istanbul)
    Mother: Empress Theophano (Premaritally: Anastasia)
    Father: Prince Romanos II 
    Birth Order: Fifth (youngest)
    Siblings: Two miscarriages, two older brothers: Basil II and Constantine VII.  Sonya was closest with Constantine.
    Other Notable Figures: Nikephoros (Romanos’ leading general, Theophano’s lover), and John I Tzimkes (Nikephoros’ nephew, Theophano’s lover)

    History in Brief:
    see the last post for a more detailed history

    967-987 Human years:
    Sonya, named Anna as a human, was the youngest daughter of Prince Romanos II and Empress Theophano.  Her father died when she was only an infant.  Anna’s mother took various lovers, with the clear intent of maintaining power.  When Anna came of age, she was married off to a powerful ruler in an adjacent land, Volodymyr the Great of Kiev, who was a pagan--rumored to be a vampire.  The marriage granted much-needed support during the time of war, and Anna was very much against it.  Not that she could do anything about it, however.  She was essentially locked away and treated like property: beaten, raped, and fed from.  One day, during the sunlight hours, Anna attempted to escape.  She was caught, beaten viciously, and claimed.

    989-1015 Fledgling Years:
    Anna was an unruly fledge with very strong mental abilities, and Volodymyr could scarcely keep control of her.  Gradually, the growing number of deaths aroused suspicion from the townsfolk.  They formed rebel groups and stormed the castle.  Volodymyr perished by fire trying to protect his fledge as she fled into the Carpathians to whether the severed connection alone and terrified.

    1015-1206 Madness in the Carpathians:
    Anna hid in the mountains from the revolting villagers.  She was not pursued out of fear.  Mostly she lived off of animal blood and the occasional hunter who wandered into the woods at the base of the mountains.  She herself became animal-like, distant from reality and resembling nothing of her former self.

    1206-1304 Surrogate Sire:
    Eventually, she came to wander into the territory of her grandsire.  Instead of being punished, she was taken in and cared for by this vampire known as Olga Prekrasa.  When she was nursed back to health, Anna took the name Odessa Irena Turkevich.  Olga had an incredible talent for mental abilities and taught Odessa everything she knew.  When there was nothing else for her to be taught, Odessa was urged to move on and the two women parted amicably.

    Odessa had been hopping from husband to husband who died from mysterious circumstances, leaving her fortunes.  Gradually she made her way to Italy where she enjoyed throwing elaborate masquerade balls for the wealthy elite.

    1323-1424: Nadia
    Odessa meets Nadia Dominik at one of her parties.  The two hit it off extraordinarily well, become very close in a very short period of time.  Eventually, Odessa reveals to Nadia that she is a vampire, and shortly after she claims her. 


    1530-32: Alessandro
    Alessandro de’Abate was a painter who happened to attend one of Odessa’s masquerade parties.  He managed to impress her and challenge her in just the right ways.  The two had a brief, passionate affair (in spite of her current marriage) and he was claimed shortly after.  Three vampires in one small city proved to be too much, especially with Odessa’s recklessness and having a fresh fledge.  Odessa’s jealous husband led a group of people to set fire to the house they were sleeping in at sunset.  Odessa barely escaped with Nadia, but Alessandro was destroyed. 

    1532-79: Mourning
    Odessa was very broken by this loss and spent the next few decades deep in mourning, with nothing but Nadia holding her together.  Unable to bear living in Italy any longer, the two moved toward France, Odessa struggling to pick up where she left off.

    1580-1755: Paris
    Somehow Odessa pulled herself together, strengthened by a hardened facade that is much of how she behaves today.  She resumed her husband-hopping behaviors and throwing lavish parties.  Here in Paris in 1649, the pair encountered Damien and Pierre.  Damien and Odessa, sharing the commonality of lost love, became friends.  Pierre and Nadia became something much more.  Odessa, out of subconscious fear for losing her only fledge, drove them apart.  After spending a great deal of time together, the two pair parted.

    1755-1850: London
    Odessa and Nadia made their way to London, a wedge firmly between them which Odessa refused to acknowledge.  Odessa's behavior was becoming more erratic.  She continued to take husbands--and their money--but with less frequency than before. 

    1850-1900: The Thin Blood
    A young woman captures Odessa’s attention and she fledges her on impulse.  The woman becomes a Thin Blood.  Odessa becomes very distant and eventually leaves her alone with Nadia.

    1900-10: Going to Ground
    Odessa went to Ground beneath the English Channel, turning on herself deep in her mind in an effort to route out her own weakness. 

    1911-30: America
    Immediately after emerging, Odessa boarded a ship bound for America and devoured many of its passengers to recover.  She charmed the entire crew so their journey would continue.  Sonya fed on the remaining passengers of the ship during the course of the trip.



    1980-Present: In The City

    Recent History:

    After determining that she was getting too "involved" with Nikolai, Sonya went To Ground under the ocean just off Glitter Beach.  She spent the time reprogramming herself, purging memories of Nikolai, and making herself "strong" again.  When she emerged, she was half-crazed and animalistic (thread: revival), drifting through memories and time-periods with nothing anchoring her to the present (thread: thirst). 

    Pierre spotted here at Sticks & Stakes in 1900s garb (thread: bank shot), and with the help of Nadia and Damien (thread: stepping lightly) brought the unstable ancient back to Damien's (thread: rehabilitation).  She attacked all of them in a craze before finally being subdued.  When she finally "came to", there was a ten-year gap in her mind but she was otherwise--precariously--stable (thread: the return). 

    Music: Oceans of Blood I || Oceans of Blood II
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    « Reply #1 on: August 27, 2009, 10:17:41 AM »
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    2011 - Lessons in Revenge - Treading Water - Fire Cracker - The Masquerade Ball - The (After) Life of the Party

    18 Month Jump
    [ ] Revival (Emerging from an 18-month slumber)
    [ ] Thirst (Making her way back to her house)
    [ ] Bank Shot (Interrupting Pierre's night out)
    [ ] Stepping Lightly (Nadia, Pierre, and Damien take Sonya back to Damien's)
    [ ] Rehabilitation (Sonya lashes out at everyone in a frenzy before being incapacitated)
    [ ] The Return (After healing at Damien's, he brings her back home)
    [ ] Lessons in Reconnecting (Sonya attempts to adjust to life again)
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    [ ] Aftereffects (They fuk :3 )
    [ ] Asking A Lot (Decker shows up at Sonya's bleeding)

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    Expanded History
    « Reply #2 on: August 27, 2009, 10:18:41 AM »

    967-987 Human years:

    Prince Romanos II fell in love with a poor inn keeper's daughter, Anastasia.  Later renamed Theophano after her marriage to Romanos II, the newly crowned Empress was as amoral as she was beautiful.  Many rumors circulate that she poisoned Romanos II's father in order that the newly-wed couple ascends to the throne quicker.  During their marriage, five children were conceived, the first two were miscarriages.  The three that survived were named Basil II, Constantine VII, and Odessa. Basil II, like his father, had been short and stocky.  Constantine VII and Odessa both grew tall and graceful, possessing the beauty and cunning as their mother.

    Romanos II was a very indulgent, pig of a man who was said to have been a heavy drinker.  He had many secret affairs, much to the disgust of his wife.  She grew very resentful of the man, though she made no indication of this throughout his reign.  Romanos II died suddenly when Odessa was only an infant, after only four years of rein, rumored to be poisoned by his beautiful wife, Theophano.  Since their eldest son, Basil II, was only five years old at the time of his father's untimely death, Theophano took Romanos II's leading general as her next husband.

    During the next three years, Anna did not see much of Nikephoros at all, because he was constantly away at war.  She was kept locked up most of the time, unable to venture outside of her dwelling until her predetermined time of marriage.  She never saw anything outside the courtyard of the palace, amusing herself by wandering the gardens.  She was provided with various tutors to enrich her education who taught her to read and write as well as sing.  She was an exceptionally brilliant child who loved to learn and had an unquenchable curiosity.  Anna was raised, as expected, Catholic.  Religion during this time had become more of a political institution and less of a holy one.  Regardless, Anna was still raised with an "us versus them" attitude toward "pagans", and believed God.

    Nikephoros reigned for a short three years before Theophano took a lover, John I Tzimkes, who was his nephew.  The two conspired against the ruler, and Nikephoros was murdered after a short three years of reign.  Basil II was absorbed in all things that had to do with the empire, even though he did not rule until his eighteenth year.  He was the most affected by the murder, though he kept his feelings largely to himself.

    Anna's only confidant and comfort was her elder brother, Constantine VII, who was only three years older than she was and did not express as much of an interest in the throne as his elder brother.  He later taught her how to ride horses, adding to the short list of her childhood joys in her life.

    John I Tzimkes was not allowed to enter the church to be crowned Emperor until, as demanded by the Patriarch, he repent for the murder and remove Theophano from the court.  John was clearly far more interested in having control of the kingdom than his lover, and Theophano was banished from the kingdom.  Shortly afterward, she returned to take refuge in the Hagia Sophia.  She was forcibly removed by the orders of the Chamberlain, who condemned her to exile in Armenia.  She was granted an audience with her former lover, now Emperor, where she ridiculed and insulted him as well as physically attacking the Chamberlain with all of her children as a witness.  Her abuse then turned on her son, Basil II, who she vowed was an illegitimate child.  He took the abuse with a straight face and without a word, though he was only eleven years of age.

    John reigned for a short seven years where Basil II, at 18 years of age, was finally old enough to take control of the Byzantine Empire.  By now, Basil had become a valiant soldier, absorbing everything he could learn from John in order to have a successful rule.  It was not until his ascension to the throne that his mother was permitted to return to the empire.  She was never the same.  Theophano was never affectionate to her children, finding her own love life of more concern than the well being of her offspring.  Her children, in turn, never felt anything for her.  She kept to herself in the outermost rooms of the castle, rarely coming in contact with her children.

    When Basil II took the throne during times of war, he needed the support of a ruthless pagan ruler, Volodymyr the Great, to defeat his rival.  He was King of nearly half of the continent and had scores of pagan whores and concubines to keep him company.  This man had been rumored to be a god among the pagans that he ruled, and despite the difference in religion Basil still regarded him to be a very powerful man.  Volodymyr would agree to help Basil II only if he was permitted to have Anna’s hand in marriage.  It was unheard of for a Byzantine princess to marry a foreigner, much less anyone from barbarian Russia.  He lusted after her beauty in a way that would disgust any woman, and she begged Basil II not to send her to the awful man—“if you could even call him such a thing,” Anna would add, with disgust— but she was not heard.

    As something of a compromise, her brother told Volodymyr that he would have his sister only if he converted to Christianity and baptized his kingdom as well, in addition to discarding all of his former pagan wives and mistresses.  Having already determined that a monotheistic rule would be best to consolidate his power and finding Anna’s beauty far too great to resist, Volodymyr had no trouble agreeing.  For the first time in her short life, the young Princess thought of taking her own life.

    After being put under strict watch for three days prior to the wedding night, after the removal of her body hair and the anointment with scented oil, the beautiful Princess was handed to the brute of a man.  Anna had heard rumors of his nature that had circulated among the servants of the castle and despised Basil for controlling her and keeping her for the sole purpose of an alliance bargain.  But, being a woman, she could do nothing but reluctantly submit to the bed of the monster, hoping against all of her better judgment that he was not what the rumors stated he was.  After all, he had converted to Christianity.

    It is extremely important to note that this part of her life is something that Sonya never admits to or talks about.  She will lie about what happened, claiming that she was taken on her wedding night, that she was an uncontrollable fledgling, that she seduced and slept with many men she fed on.  She denies any and all feelings for the man other than pure hatred.  None of this is true.

    On her wedding night, she spat in Volodymyr's face when he tried to advance on her.  It was a sign of ultimate disrespect, and the fact that any woman would dare stand up against her husband was unheard of.  Much to the shock of the Princess, he slapped her in the face, leaving a harsh red mark with his millennia-old strength.  He hit her soft enough to assure she did not lose consciousness, but she did fall to the ground.  It was then that Volodymyr took control of her because she was now his property.  As much as she fought him, the aged vampire was infinitely more powerful and consummated the marriage against her will.  He exhausted her in the same manner almost every night to the point where she slept most of the day with him.  Even during evenings where she was sleeping, if the desire struck him he would wake her up to have sex with her.

    Despite this treatment, Volodymyr appeared to show signs of compassion in order to gain her trust.  But like a child, he reprimanded her with physical violence whenever she spoke or acted out.  Anna was never allowed to leave the palace and was kept under constant watch.  She was allowed no visitors - not that any came - but was allowed to write.  Immediately she wrote to Constantine, begging him to take her back, insisting that the man she had married was a demon, one of the devil's servants.  Constantine wrote back to her once, explaining that this was impossible because demons could not tolerate the name of Jesus.  Volodymyr had, after all, converted to Christianity via a formal ceremony.  Constantine also emphasized that it was about time she marry, that there would be no talking herself out of the situation this time, to stop telling stories and above all, to submit to her husband.  Despite this letter, she wrote to Constantine every week but never received another response.  Eventually, Anna gave up.

    Even more so than writing, Anna prayed fervently to God.  She believed that she had been sent to this man as a test of faith, and promised to devote herself completely to God if he delivered her from this hell.  Anna tried on numerous occasions to banish Volodymyr from her, as Peter had done, with the name of Jesus.  Volodymyr merely laughed in her face and calmly explained that he was the only god that existed now.  After a year of unanswered prayers, Anna was finally beginning to believe him.

    The last year of her human life, with a dissolving faith, Anna began to rebel during the day.  She attempted two escapes.  The first time, she was caught by the guard and dragged to Volodymyr's chambers by her hair, where she was beaten until she almost lost consciousness.  The second time, she took off with one of Volodymyr's best horses while he was preoccupied.  The guards caught up with her, despite her skilled riding.  She was again beaten, but this time Volodymyr was sick of her disobedience.  That night, he exhausted her with sex after the beating and drained her of life.  He tore open his wrist and pushed it into her mouth, commanding that she drink or die.  Anna seemed in a trance, drifting in and out of consciousness, obeying now that she was exhausted.

    Her death was excruciating, her sire's blood maddeningly potent.  It took her three nights of suffering to change completely, and she clung to the only solid thing she had left in the world.  Volodymyr provided a jaded, distant sense of comfort to his new fledgling, hoping that now she would behave as a wife should.

    989-1015 Fledgling Years:

    When she first experienced the world as a fledgling, the complexity and richness of everything around her almost drove her mad.  Her sire brought her humans to feed on and she killed every one of them, taking blood from their bodies after their hearts had stopped beating.  Despite Volodymyr's sharp warnings, she could not prevent herself from doing so, and her mind was always overwhelmed with feeling the humans die at her teeth.  This wore at her sanity, nothing was consistent save her sire.  As much as she despised him, it was instinctual for her to crave him.  She fought him for dominance in bed, though violently sought to please him as though it would give her some sense of security. 

    Volodymyr, up until this point, had been worshiped and mostly feared as an immortal pagan god.  The King demanded only the occasional sacrifice to sedate his thirst, his age providing a large enough gap in time between each feeding.  With the coming of the new queen, and her coincidental, godlike immortality, the population that had its share of political unrest became uneasy of the tyrant couple.  Volodymyr had not anticipated the consequences of fledgling a new vampire until it was well beyond “too late”.  This action would lead to his eventual demise, though he was unaware of it at the time.

    The townsfolk began to become extremely suspicious of the growing number of deaths, and rebel groups began to form due to the wild rumors of vampyres circulating.  The rebel groups that formed joined together, plunging the kingdom into something of a civil war.  At sunset they approached the castle, intending on slaughtering the king to avenge the men that were lost to Anna's uncontrolled feeding and insatiable appetite.  After fighting off the guards, the ruthless group sought out the evil couple.  Volodymyr was killed by fire, in the year 1015, in trying to protect his beautiful wife.  She managed to escape into the night as they set fire to the room where her husband had taken refuge.  In the Carpathian mountains, she felt him die--feeling the connection torn from her.   

    1015-1206 Madness in the Carpathians:  Anna hid from the group of revolting villagers in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains.  For a time, the people didn't dare follow her out of fear for their own lives.  It was rumored that she wasn't like the other vampyres, that the sun could not kill her, fire could not damage her skin, and relics along with other pagan remedies had no effect on her.  Only half of this was true, but none of it was ever tested.  Regardless, she was rumored to be mad, more so than any creature should be.

    During the daylight hours, she would hide in caverns of snow deep in the mountains and sometimes even burying herself underground to avoid the harsh rays of the sun.  Mostly, she fed on animals, never venturing out of the wilderness and only taking humans that were foolish enough to venture in the outskirts of her forest.  She was a ghoulish woman, distant from reality and feeding only when the need possessed her.  Much time passed without her knowledge, the villagers that she had ruled over had died out, but the hushed whispers and stories of a strange and deadly Queen haunting the Carpathians remained.

    Time was maddening for the young immortal, and even more so without guidance or company of another.  Her mind became taken by insanity because of the endlessness of her life, and it became difficult to distinguish her from some monstrous, terrible animal.  Without a sire to guide her, she was left emotionally a wreck, wandering the mountains without coming in contact with another for over a hundred years.  It wasn't until she approached the boundaries of the territory of another vampire that she began to emerge from her madness.

    1206-1304 Surrogate Sire:
    Anna had spent nearly two hundred years wandering the forests and the mountains.  Her mind had appeared to deteriorate beyond repair, the girl that was Anna having been left behind long ago.  Her clothing had been destroyed and she wandered completely naked.  She began to hunt unknowingly in the territory of another vampire, and after wreaking havoc on an entire village she was captured by this vampires demon servants.  She fought back like a rabid animal but was brought to the feet of Olga--an undead Queen and Sonya’s grandsire.  Instead of punishment, the woman took it upon herself to care for the unruly fledgling, knowing that she had far more knowledge than most immortals of the time and because they shared a bloodline. 

    Anna remembered little for the first few decades that she spent with Olga, including her name and where she had come from.  Olga essentially nursed her back to health psychologically.  Anna gave herself a new name, Odessa Irena Turkevich, and was known by that name even after she remembered where she had come from.  It took at least twenty years for her to remember, and the memories came back slowly with help from the psychically powerful Olga. 

    Besides assisting with her mental recovery, Olga taught her many things that Volodymyr had neglected to mention.  She was taught what could kill her and what could not, how to feed safely, how much to feed and how often, and how to create another immortal.  Olga also trained her in many of the psychic abilities that Sonya has mastered today.  Most importantly (to Sonya anyway) the woman taught her exactly how to get what she wanted and how to be strong.  She instilled within the younger immortal the values that she still holds today and the attitudes that Sonya still holds in regards to relations with others.

    Eventually, Olga urged Odessa to move on and carve her own path, and the two parted amicably. 


    Odessa had been hopping from husband to husband who died from mysterious circumstances, leaving her fortunes.  She managed to avoid suspicion by moving when she needed to or being very Convincing (her mental abilities would continue to grow with use) if ever she was recognized.  Gradually she made her way to Italy where she enjoyed throwing elaborate masquerade balls for the wealthy elite.

    1323-1424: Nadia

    One young woman who happened to attend one of Odessa's masquerades caught her attention.  She was rather drawn to her personality and mannerisms, and Odessa found her unusually pleasant company.  She would never elaborate on this herself, but she saw something of her human self in Nadia and had a touch of sentimentality--at least subconsciously.  Whatever the case, Odessa and Nadia became fast friends, which made it increasingly more difficult for Odessa to keep her vampiric nature a secret.  A year later, Nadia was claimed, further cementing their bond.  Odessa was a tough but effective sire.  She believed that coddling would do a fledge more harm than good--that was her reasoning anyhow regardless of validity.  Nadia was exposed very early to Odessa's mental prowess--taught by exposure.  Odessa pushed limits and beyond, intent on sharpening Nadia's skills as early as possible.  She was very proud of her daughter.  The women became a deadly pair and were both lusted after and feared wherever they resided.


    1530-32: Alessandro

    Alessandro was an artist who came to another one of Odessa's masquerades.  He was exceptionally quick-witted and charming.  Initially Odessa was drawn to him to feed, but something kept her coming back to him.  He came to visit her often, and Odessa was rapidly taken by him.  She would model for him, sometimes nude, and he taught her to paint.  Alessandro pushed her just enough, made her question some of the beliefs she subscribed to both about the world and about herself.  As with Nadia, the closer Odessa and Alessandro became, the harder it was to keep her true nature a secret.  Rather than becoming afraid or repulsed, Alessandro became nearly worshipful.  The two had an intensely passionate affair--while Odessa was still married--and she fell deeply in love with him.  She fed on him exclusively during this time, and shortly after she claimed him. 

    Their time together was shortlived.  The city could not hold three vampires for long without arousing suspicion.  Too many deaths and Odessa's recklessness draw too much attention.  At sunset, a group of humans--lead by Odessa's husband--set fire to the place where the three resided together.  Odessa barely made it out alive with Nadia, but it was too late for Alessandro. 

    1532-79: Mourning

    Alessandro's death shook Odessa to the very core.  She was unable to bear the feeling of his death across the bloodline, driven to the edge of madness in her grief.  Nadia was all that kept her stable then.  The loss was too great, and Odessa closed herself off to loving another that deeply out of fear for having that feeling torn from her again.  That she did not see the betrayal of her husband coming convinced her that loving in this way left her too open--too weak.

    Unable to bear living in Italy any longer, the two moved toward France, Odessa struggling to pick up where she left off.

    1580-1755: Paris

    Odessa managed to assemble a kind of facade to keep going.  The hardened seductress, hopping from rich husband to rich husband and accumulating his wealth.  None save Nadia had a glimpse of the grief that lay beneath that Odessa refused to properly cope with.  It festered and transformed into something dark, and Odessa took to ravenous feeding, almost nightly, in spite of the great risk it posed.

    A pair of vampires--Damien and Pierre--wandered mistakenly into their territory one evening at another of Odessa's galas.  Damien was very respectful, which immediately put him on Odessa's good side.  Instead of sending the two away, they stayed in each other's company.  The commonality of the loss in their bloodline was enough to create some kind of friendship between Odessa and Damien.  She was--unconsciously, of course--in need of someone with a similar experience of loss, in spite of how caring Nadia had been it wasn't enough. 

    Nadia, left to her own devices due to Odessa's distraction, developed a relationship with Pierre.  By the time Odessa noticed what was happening, the two pair were moving toward parting ways.  Mainly due to Odessa's reckless feeding habits and the danger they presented, but none of this was said aloud.  Pierre had proposed to Nadia, which infuriated Odessa and she openly mocked it.  Unconsciously Odessa feared that Nadia would either a) leave her alone and/or b) would befall a similar fate to Alessandro--and as a result came down hard and fast on Nadia's developing love for Pierre.  Through sharp reprimanding, mental invasions and anything else that Odessa could do (out of desperation) she convinced Nadia to refuse him. 

    1755-1850: London

    Odessa and Nadia made their way to London, a wedge firmly between them which Odessa refused to acknowledge.  Odessa's behavior was becoming more erratic.  She continued to take husbands--and their money--but with less frequency than before. 

    1850-1900: The Thin Blood

    The young woman that Odessa claimed in London was a thin blood.  This became a thing of shame for the Ancient--a sign of weakness in her blood.  At first, Odessa tried to guide her new fledge in her "first steps" as an immortal.  Odessa's presence was spotty, she would be gone for days at a time, telling her fledges nothing.  She drifted in and out of a space of madness, obsessed with this perceived imperfection.  Whenever she returned, she doted on them both as a very proud mother, being uncharacteristically affectionate especially with the thin blood.  Internally, however, she remained walled off from them, though not entirely from Nadia.  Gradually she was gone for longer and longer periods of time, until finally she never came back--leaving Nadia to care for the thin blood alone.

    1900-10: Going to Ground

    Odessa went to Ground beneath the English Channel, turning on herself deep in her mind in an effort to route out her own weakness. 

    1911-30: America
    Immediately after emerging, Odessa boarded a ship bound for America and devoured many of its passengers to recover.  She charmed the entire crew so their journey would continue.  Sonya fed on the remaining passengers of the ship during the course of the trip.



    1980-Present: In The City

    Recent History:

    After determining that she was getting too "involved" with Nikolai, Sonya went To Ground under the ocean just off Glitter Beach.  She spent the time reprogramming herself, purging memories of Nikolai, and making herself "strong" again.  When she emerged, she was half-crazed and animalistic (thread: revival), drifting through memories and time-periods with nothing anchoring her to the present (thread: thirst). 

    Pierre spotted here at Sticks & Stakes in 1900s garb (thread: bank shot), and with the help of Nadia and Damien (thread: stepping lightly) brought the unstable ancient back to Damien's (thread: rehabilitation).  She attacked all of them in a craze before finally being subdued.  When she finally "came to", there was a ten-year gap in her mind but she was otherwise--precariously--stable (thread: the return).