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Maybe, definitely.
« on: June 26, 2008, 10:08:41 AM »
A snippet I wrote for Cedric and how he spent the new years eve of 1999. Nothing really awesome, I just like writing about him.
Maybe, definitely.
People who didn’t know him assumed he was some great mystery waiting to be solved and a question in need of an answer. Those who dared to pick and poke at him searched for openings in his walls and a place to crawl in beneath his skin, and who was he to argue them otherwise. At least they found him interesting where as he had lost interest in himself a long time ago.
Cedric knew he was no mystery, he was simply caught between the pages. Stuck between a collection of porno magazines and a bible, a something-in-between with no preference to either side.
For most part of his undead life he’d been waiting for it to really begin, after the failed relationship between him and his sire he’d gone to extremes to run away and find different distractions and a new direction in life. Searching, finding and losing his way a few times and in the end he was left with the dream of having a real dream someday.
It was a few hours before a new year but the night around him wasn’t really dark as the city tinted it with its unnatural colors. In a few hours two millennia would have passed since the death of the god child Jesus and he himself would celebrate another decade of his life at an end. Sitting on the roof of his house the vampire tried to spy the stars behind the haze above, dark eyes squinting as if to make his vision able to pierce through.
After a moment he stopped trying, sighing heavily.
For the fourth time in the last hour he heard the distinct sound of his mobile phone ringing for his attention somewhere inside his house and he scowled. Not so much over the fact that somebody was calling, but rather him actually listening after the sound enough to hear it through the roof and ceiling and the party going on next door.
After the melody had repeated itself seven times it quited for the last time and then stayed silent, he briefly wondered how large a room the caller thought him have if it would take him such a long time to reach his phone and answer. Knowing who it was that called he dismissed the thought with a shrug.
Instead he focused on a few bitter musings of time and immortality fitting to a vampire of his age and let his mind wander.
What I wouldn’t give to bury myself deep inside of you
And loose myself in you
And feed off your want
For want is all I want
And how I long for having something to long for
Snapping back from wherever he’d been the vampire sat up at the sound of his name, resisting the urge to peek over the edge of the roof like a puppy seeking its caller. That voice he would\'ve recognized anywhere, the whiny tone of it giving away that there had perhaps been a drink or two too many. All to be regretted all too soon. A moment passed, excruciatingly slow.
“I know you’re up there, I easily spotted the heavy cloud of angst miles away…”
Rolling his eyes Cedric decided the other wouldn’t go away and stood, managing to do so gracefully despite the unstable surface beneath his naked feet. With a few steps he ended up at the edge, gazing down at the one disturbing his alone time, toes gripping the rough material. His white shirt, for once void of the black tie and jacket struggled against his chest as wind pushed against him. Cold air pulling hair away from his face.
For a brief moment he felt close to being a god, looking down from the throne on which he stood.
“You wouldn’t answer my calls so I came to force you with me, awesome plan right?” it was odd, looking at the mouth as it uttered each word slowly and carefully as if otherwise they would blow away. Cedric imagined he smelled alcohol, smoke, sweat and maybe even blood as another gust of air blew his way. He wondered what party the other came from.
“Hurry now, we have to get back to before twelve.”
You’re an idiot.
“You’re aware that there’s only a few minutes left, right?”
And the brief look of surprise and disappointment passing over the others face caused the edges of his lips to turn upwards and form a small smile. Too small for the other to notice, being busy with checking whatever watch he wore today. Probably something expensive, the vampire figured and stepped out over the edge.
Dropping the distance to the ground to land close to his visitor, knees bending to catch his weight.
They stood silent for a moment, saying nothing until the sound of the countdown begun from the neighboring house. Unsteady voices half screaming, half singing the numbers as the seconds passed.
“Well, you better appreciate it… I left a possible fuck and warm bed behind for you…”
And as fireworks flared above them and the loud sound hurt Cedric’s ears he couldn’t help but smile.
Am I glad you called?
Am I glad I didn’t pick up?
Am I glad you’re an idiot?