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Samuel Britton
« on: June 26, 2008, 09:27:43 PM »
Samuel Gervais Britton
Age [appearance]: Early twenties
Age [actual]: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: City of Loris, Over the Agzah Sea
House: Libramen
Level: 1
Occupation: Student

Hair: Medium chestnut brown with a tinge of red that can only be noticed in direct sunlight.  It is kept short all over for practical reasons.

Eyes: Hazel; amber with flecks of brown and green.  They are considered brown and unremarkeable at first glance, but if someone were to look closely enough, they have quite a rich hue.  They shine with an intelligence that some might even describe as crafty when they narrow in a pensive stare.

Frame: Average height and build with muscle tone that can be easily hidden beneath a couple of layers of clothing.  Long legs give him a naturally fast walk and a good leaping distance; combined with a strong upper body and Samuel is a surprisingly good climber.  He was nicknamed Monkey by his parents at a young age, because he was all gangling limbs as well as a good natural tree climber.  His frame broadened out in his maturity in a manner that many would find attractive, should it be revealed to them.

Skin: He has a mixture of a few different races in his heritage.  He is fair but his skin tans easily and becomes a golden brown whenever he spends time outside.  His face is quite sensitive to sunlight and burns so he usually shades it with a hat or cloth if he knows he\'ll be under the harsh rays for a while.  He has a sprinkle of freckles across his back and shoulders but they peter out when travelling further down his arms.  A mole can be found halfway down his back but it is more a discolouration of his skin (a dark brown) than anything that is raised.  He doesn\'t know it\'s there.  His skin is usually kept clean with a honey and aloe based soap so his skin smells lightly of it.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a number of scars about his body that has come from his questionable line of work.  There are two healing scars high on his left breast - above his heart - that are perfectly round.  These were both caused by bolts shot into him.  A few slices of sword blade on his arms and one fairly bad one on his leg that looks ugly but causes him no pain.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Deity (if applicable): Saint Cuthbert : Samuel is a tool of the Society of the Sanctified Mind (founded by a Cleric of Saint Cuthbert) whose primary focus is to rid the world of evil psionicists.  Samuel\'s ability to accomplish his tasks by whatever means possible has the Society tolerating him but they will never Knight him.  Samuel knows this, but is also happy enough that he knows his place in things and understands that they view him as a necessary evil.

History: Samuel was born in the far city of Loris, a bustling community full of merchants and tradesmen.  His father was a potter and made all manner of pots, plates, vases, jugs and other clay goods by request, while his mother painted, glazed and finished them as well as being the bookkeeper and shopkeep.  Samuel would watch his father working the wheel for hours when he was very young, and at eight years of age was apprenticed to eventually help with the family business.  When he was six years old his younger brother Tannis was born.  They were a happy and successful family who never had to go without.  Even though they weren\'t rich by anybody\'s standards, they appreciated the fact they had shelter, food and clothing without struggle.

On Samuel\'s eleventh birthday, his father took him onto a merchant\'s yacht and they spent three days and nights together learning to fish, swim and touring the small islands.  Upon returning to the city, however, they discovered that the city had been attacked by raiders and a portion by the north gate had been invaded before the raiders were fended off.  Samuel and his father returned to their shop (and home above) to find it ransacked and all pieces broken within.  The worst of it was Samuel\'s mother had been raped and both her and Tannis had been slain.

Samuel\'s father vowed revenge and dedicated the next couple of years to learning about the band of raiders that had attacked the city, their habits and how best to destroy them.  He passed his newfound talents onto his son and created a destructive, vengeful copy of himself into Samuel, who looked up to his father and did many violent, questionable things in order to please him, though within he mourned and knew that the path they were taking was wrong and would\'ve displeased his mother.  When Samuel was in his thirteenth year, he and his father came across the raider\'s camp and snuck in to launch a secret attack upon them.  Unfortunately Samuel and his father were discovered, and his father killed.  Before they took a sword to him, however, a robed man - who the raiders referred to as Chapeau - stepped in and requested the boy be handed over to his care.  The raiders, for reasons unknown to Samuel, did so, and the two of them left the camp.

The robed man that saved Samuel\'s life never deigned to give his name though Samuel asked many times as well as sounding many other questions.  They travelled to a Temple of Saint Cuthbert where Samuel was first introduced to the Society of the Sanctified Mind and training for him began.  After five years of learning about the Society and Saint Cuthbert, Samuel was given a mission.  The manner in which he completed his mission was disliked, though he was successful in all respects.  The Society is now very selective with the missions they give to Samuel.

Strengths: He is decisive and quick to take action, creative in his problem solving.  He is brave when facing difficult objectives and perserveres with his tasks even when facing heavy opposition.  He has very impeccable willpower.  He appreciates art and is open to varying cultures and customs.  He is adventurous and enjoys learning.

Flaws: He has no integrity, he refuses to take responsibility for the manner of his actions.  If it is easier to accomplish a task by murder, then he will do so, instead of taking a different and more difficult path to spare lives.  He is bitter about his stolen life but it comes out in the form of detachment instead of anger or hostility.  He finds it difficult to love because he is fearful he will lose those close to him.  He is unforgiving and many times, unmerciful.  He is defiant in words but not in actions.
Likes: Being told when he has done well.  Having a clear path.  Sunshine, warm rain (tropical), bathing.
Dislikes: People who ask many questions or who talk too much.  When his mission is compromised.  Having two options that seem as good (or as bad) as each other.  Smell of coffee beans.
Favourite Food: A hot meal that has some form of well-cooked meat and vegetables on the side.  Bread and dripping is a favourable snack.

Favourite Colour: Attracted to deep, rich colours, usually the warmer tones.

Hobby/Hobbies: He has no free time to spend on hobbies, but he does thoroughly enjoy horse-riding, sailing and feeling the wind in his hair.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual.

Past Relationships: He hasn\'t had many relationships though he first bedded a girl when he was seventeen.  Not long after that he discovered that a friend of his at the temple was interested in him and he found he rather enjoyed bedding with boys as well.  All of his relationships have been casual and he intends to keep things purely physical.

Current Relationship Status: Single and not looking.

Current Financial Status: Financed by Society of the Sanctified Mind, so any temple dedicated to Saint Cuthbert can offer Samuel wealth.  He has a few pouches of coin on him that he keeps hidden away on his person.
Carried Weapons: A short sword is strapped to his hip at his right hand and a crossbow is strapped to his back, along with a quiver of bolts.

Known Magick: The only magic he is able to use is the kind that comes within an artefact and is fairly simple to use.  He has some knowledge of powders but cannot manufacture them.  Any magic he possesses comes from the Society and explained to him.  They limit what they give him and therefore limit his knowledge.

Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft (Potter), Decipher Script (Recognition but not Literacy), Disable Device, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Jump, Knowledge (Geography, Regional Customs), Open Lock, Profession (Society of the Sanctified Mind), Ride (Horse, Donkey, Camel), Search, Survival, Use Rope, Use Magic Device, Weapon Proficiency (Short Sword, Crossbow)
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