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Zack Courtanay
« on: July 01, 2008, 05:57:10 PM »

Name: Zackariah  Courtanay (prefers being called Zack)
Age: [appearance]: 26
Age[ [actual]: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Hair: Short black hair and light facial hair
Eyes: Intense blue eyes framed by slightly winged eyebrows.
Frame: Around 6 foot tall and about 83kg. Has an average body shape, toned but not buffed, relatively fit but not a gym junkie. Overall he is rather average. But his eyes are intense, deep and compassionate. He likes to smile and does so often.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:Has a piercing in his left nipple.

Personality: Carefree and laid back. Zack is a friendly sort who likes to get on with everyone, but he isn’t a people pleaser, he is confident within himself and doesn’t feel the need to \'please\' someone or need them to approve of him. It\'s more that he is open and willing to give anyone a fair go. Once crossed or he feels that he has been betrayed, he just cuts that person off. He will still speak with them but the friendship, trust and respect he had for them will be gone and not given back. He does not forgive betrayal. He is independent and can be stubborn; he also has a flash-fire temper. It’s quick to flare up and just as quickly fades away, so if he is angry it would be better to just leave him and let him cool down before approaching him. Afterwards he is more likely to listen and talk about the problem in a calm and sensible fashion. He is compassionate and caring towards others and empathises easily with them, but also needs and likes solitude.

History: Has had an average life with a good education, moved around a lot, has loved and had his heart broken. The one thing about him though is that he feels alone - not lonely, just alone. He is an only child from parents who also were the only children in their family. His parents were both killed in a car accident about ten years ago and he has no other family to speak of. He is, however, rather well off as far as money goes and so has the freedom to do as he wishes without worrying about monetary costs. Feeling like a sea change, he moved to the city just recently.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Has limited knowledge of the supernatural world. He knows everyday life is more miraculous and weird then he was told. His introduction to the truth was initiated by his ex who was fae.
Occupation/Job: Looking to start a business in the city, hasn’t decided on what though.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Loves water; he is drawn to and entranced by it.  Loves swimming, waterfalls, lakes ponds, the ocean, so forth and so on. Has latent psychic abilities that he is totally clueless about - telepathy, clairvoyance, empathy and telekinesis - but it would take something cataclysmic to open them up and bring them to the surface. He also has a shoe/boot fetish.
Hobby/Hobbies: Hiking, camping, reading, water sports, meeting people.

Likes: Freedom, pizza, vodka, cats, the wilderness, laughing, interesting people. Honesty at all costs.
Dislikes: Drunks, lies, fish, green coloured wallpaper, spiders.

Strength: He\'s resilient and bounces back easily; his self confidence and independence.
Weakness/Flaw: Is a great listener and people open up to him, but he feels he can’t do the same, he feels separated from people and the world in general. Feels alone.