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Pierre DuSang
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Name: Pierre DuSang
Alias: Jean-Luc LaForgeron
Age [appearance]: mid/late twenties
Age [actual]: 694
Birthday: May 29th, 1325
Birthplace: Calais, France
Gender Expression: Male
Gender Identity: Cisgender Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, heteroromantic, mostly monogamous
Occupation/Job: Talent Acquisition Officer for Aquillia Industries
Nationality: French
Race: White
Species: Vampire
Clan: N/A (Infusco)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sire: Damien Evans
Fledges: Jenella Vadim, Phineas Kavanagh, Monique Sisika, others

Permissions Given During Reasonable RP
Feeding: Yes
Wounding: Yes
Killing: Yes

Hair: Medium blonde in color. Short sides with neatly shaped edges and sideburns. On top lengths are between two and three inches of length. Always worn styled somehow, usually with pomade to give it some volume. Strands are of average thickness, but numerous, providing a thick head of blonde hair. Straight, with no wave but is moderately soft.
Eyes: Bright denim blue. Set with heavy lids - both top and bottom - under a soft brow, giving the impression of gentleness and boyish mischief. Lashes are a very dark blonde and are not easily noticed.
Skin: Fair.
Face: Oval with soft features and firm skin. His facial hair is about three days of neat and trimmed growth, a thicker, darker blonde than his head. It traces his jaw-line and is thinner at the chin. He has a thin mustache as well, also neatly trimmed.
Nose: On the large side of average with a bit of roundness at the tip. Slightly bulbous, but saved by narrowed nostrils.
Mouth: Wide with pale, average sized lips. Bottom is pouty and full. Known to always have a touch of humor in the corners. He has a slight gap between his two front teeth.
Frame: 6'2" and 205 lbs. (93 kg). A triangular shaped body defined by broad, flat shoulders and a moderate waist with no curve. Claimed in his prime with firm and defined muscles throughout his body. A solid, impressive figure to come upon, but not superiorly muscular. 
Hands: Larger and wider than the average male's with calloused palms. Stocky fingers with defined knuckles. Covered in nicks, burns, and abrasions from a former life.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Marks: Slight gap between two top-front teeth. Old, faded cuts all over hands and arms from smithing, none of which are interesting enough to describe. A faint scar across the better half of his lower abdomen:  wide, from lower rib cage across stomach to slightly past the navel. Observed up close, there is a deeper outline of what looks like booted feet.

General style: Presentable at all times. Free of stains of any kind. His style borders on being showy - doesn't ever stand out, but always looks good. Trends towards layered looks using deep and mid-tone neutrals.
Around the house: Moderately well fit sweatpants, shirtless.
Doing errands: Basic jeans and a graphic tee-shirt
To bed: Usually shorts, though will go naked too.
To an interview: Business professional - charcoal suit with silk shirt and tie.
Out with friends: Fitted button-up shirt with a fun flare, some over shirt undone and rebellious, jeans and sneakers. Perhaps a leather jacket.
On a date: Fitted shirt with slacks or nice jeans.
Daily accessories: Large selection of rotating watches an leather jackets, depending on the activity.
Special accessories: None.

Personality: Extremely charming, charismatic, and quietly confident. Stubbornly optimistic, seemingly care-free, easy-going. Occasionally comes off as simple-minded and materialistic. Very down-to-earth and in-the-present; realistic. Sarcastic and good with humor, funny, and very playful. A jokester and part-time party animal. Laughs often and wants the same for others. An empathizer and natural peacekeeper, cares for the plight of others deeply. A great listener, moderator, and negotiator. Always puts others needs before his own. Loyal to and respected by all of his lineage. Fair, never judgmental, views his fledges and peers as his equals. Can be polite, reserved, and respectful, especially in situations which require modesty and professionalism.

Philosophy of Life: Live in the moment
Strongest Positive Trait: Charisma
Strongest Negative Trait: Lack of emotional self-awareness

Character Strengths: Strong. Kind. Empathetic.
Character Weaknesses / Flaws: Materialistic.

Emotion or Logic?: Logic
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
Generous or Stingy?: Generous
Polite or Rude?: Depends on who

Pastimes: Driving
Likes: Community, humans, having fun
Dislikes: Being serious all the time,
Bad Habits / Vices: Putting others' needs before any of his,
Disabilities: Cannot receive nor send any type of telepathic communications. Has only the vaguest awarenesses of his progeny and sire through blood bonds.

Sense of humor: Boyish, playful, sarcastic but always
Temper: Resistant to flare ups, will be more aggravated or disconnected. When hot, it doesnt take long for him to cool down, but he remembers, usually putting distance between himself and whoever made him angry.
Pet Peeves:
Major Hangups: Harm - implied or otherwise - to any of his people,

Sports: Soccer
Food & Drinks:
Music: Currently, classic and southern rock.
Movies & TV shows:
Books & Magazines: Doesn't really read.

Religion: Formerly Christian. Currently agnostic.
Attitude towards religion: Meh. You do you.
Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker: Stand up citizen with a touch of nonviolent mischief
Last Good Deed Performed (If Any):
Last Time They Broke the Law (If Any):


Education: Nothing formal. Was taught the basics of life as a human without any actual education. Everything he knows is through experience.
Intelligence Level: Fair.

Speech Patterns:
Eye Contact:
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities:

Commonly Seen Holding:
Common Stance 1:
Common Stance 2:
Common Stance 3:

Current Occupation:
Previous Occupations:
Socioeconomic Level as a child:
Socioeconomic Level as an adult:
Current Residence:
Type of home/ neighborhood:

Dress: .

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: .


History: Raised in northern France during the mid-1300s, Jean-Luc LaForgeron was the only child to a blacksmith. His mother died in childbirth and the young Jean-Luc was raised by his aunt, uncle, and father in a small village near Calais. Shown all the love one could get, Jean-Luc grew up knowing the lash and the friendly embrace of his aunt. He grew knowing the way to properly grip a hammer and how to mend any broken tool.

When Jean-Luc was sixteen, a fever took his father and aunt away in the same winter, forcing him to live with his uncle who was very old at the time and couldn't work. It was at this point in Jean-Luc's life that he became the master of the smithy, having been an apprentice for nearly six years. It was soon discovered that the boy had a knack for the trade and drew attention from everyone around the village, especially the girls.

He was the sort of young man who broke the hearts of all the young women because he was so unreachable but, by the age of twenty, Jean-Luc was married to a beautiful young girl named Janine, who was pregnant with the couple's first child. Unfortunately the woman died in childbirth, leaving Jean-Luc to raise their daughter Evangeline by himself. Though it was a complicated period of his life, Jean-Luc enjoyed it nonetheless, loving his role as father and adoptive son. It is a moment of his life that he often dreams about and misses.

As he neared his twenty-fourth year, tragedy struck again for Jean-Luc in the form of the bubonic plague. The virus, ravaging the continent, had struck the village once again. First, Evangeline fell sick, then his uncle retracted the virus as well. Both died not three days after, Evangeline at almost four years old, and Claude at seventy-one. Through his mourning, Jean-Luc weakened his own immune system and retracted the virus soon after.

Three nights after the death of his child and his uncle, Jean-Luc was laying on his deathbed when two figures towered over him, speaking in a foreign language. One figure was a beautiful, young, blonde woman, the other was a young male with dark hair who looked even younger than Jean-Luc. He would come to know these figures as Lucretia and Damien in the years to come.

That night Jean-Luc died and was reborn as the vampire Pierre, so named by Damien who saved him from horrible death and suffering. The deed struck Pierre as great indeed, especially once Damien informed him that he was Damien's first successful fledgling, and the couple made Pierre their personal servant and bodyguard.

Lucretia, Pierre's grand-sire, never did like Damien's fledge. She believed the boy to be a thin-blood when Damien had first made him and demanded that Damien kill him to avoid the travesty of having a detestable creature among them. When Damien refused, the act struck Pierre oddly. He obeyed them both, but especially Damien, out of sincere gratitude for his life. He quickly became the couple's close friend and confidante, turning into an advisor for them as well. No plans were approved without Pierre's knowledge, though he had no consent in the matter. Pierre acted as a general in the formation of the army. This vampire quelled many riots among the vampire hierarchy and has killed many of his own fledglings in order to preserve the regime.

When Lucretia's encampment was captured by witch-hunting humans in southern Germany in the 1600's, Pierre was captured among them. He was bound and shackled to prevent his escape as he watched Lucretia burned at the stake. He was rescued by Damien, who had dragged him into hiding in a cellar during the daylight hours while the rest of Damien's line was burned.

Pierre Jean-Luc was nearly two hundred and twenty-five years old. In the years following her death, he has watched his sire nearly kill himself in his search for Lucretia's immortal utopia, and has developed an older-brother persona in regard to Damien. Pierre, being free of the emotional and intimate relationship Damien had with Lucretia, is fully able to move on after the four hundred years that have passed since her death, though he obeys Damien's orders without question.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He is very much aware of any vampire and can immediately tell their approximate age. Other than vampires, Pierre can tell only that supernaturals he meets are not human or a vampire, but can't tell anything more than that, as he is too unfamiliar with other creatures.
Occupation/Job: It is clear that he works for Damien, but what exactly his job is seems non distinct.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: He, like his sire, changes his last name often in order to remain anonymous. Pierre has no psychic abilities to speak of. He has a slight accent, which he purposely plays off for the ladies. He doesn't like to kill anyone. Pierre knows exactly how to manipulate people and he is wonderful at pickpocketing, something he's picked up within the last fifty years or so. Pierre is the only person to address Damien so informally and can even tell the elder to 'shut up', though it is rare that this happens.
Hobby/Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and meeting new people, having fun, watching people, illegal things like smashing windows in on those cars that belong to people he doesn't particularly like...

Likes: Flirting, sex, feeding, cars, technology, dancing, loud music, feeding, talking, people, watches, humans, and keeping the peace.
Dislikes: Fighting, killing, waiting around, doing nothing, drugs, Britney Spears, getting messy, confrontation.

Strength: It isn't often that he feels extreme guilt or holds a long grudge. He knows how to keep his temper in many situations and often acts as a mediator between two parties, due to his cool and clear head. He can manipulate many people he comes into contact with. He is quite strong due to his ample muscle, rigid build and his vampire nature. He is more optimistic than pessimistic and can usually see the good in everything he does.
Weakness/Flaw: He can be quite materialistic. On occasions he relies too heavily on the words and needs of Damien, which tends to cause much damage to the relationships and friendships Pierre has outside of Damien. Pierre likes to be part of the attention in any kind of situation (outside of business, that is), and it irritates those around him when he calls too much attention to himself, which often gets him into some serious doo-doo. Unlike many vampires he doesn't have any psychic abilities and for some reason no one but Damien can penetrate his mind. Damien can only do so in extremely important (i.e., life or death) situations. Though Pierre can move faster than any human, he does not achieve great speeds as most other vampires do.

Anything Else To Add: It's a tradition in Pierre's line of vampires to rename the fledgling, as Lady Lucretia did to Damien and as Damien has done to Pierre.

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