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« on: August 18, 2008, 05:57:29 PM »
In the Masquerade, most vampire clans belong to a sect, either the Camarilla or Sabbat (some vampires and clans are independent). Vampires who belong to a sect other than that of their parent clan are generally called "antitribu", though this term is occasionally reserved specifically for offshoot bloodlines belonging to a different sect than their parent clan.
For example, a Lasombra who joins the Camarilla would be referred to as a Lasombra antitribu, as his parent clan claims allegiance to the Sabbat (however, no Lasombra uses the term for their own clan). Likewise, a Brujah in the Sabbat would be considered a Brujah antitribu.
Members of independent clans who join one of the sects are treated differently with regards to diplomatic status and title. Independent vampires who live in or commute regularly to Camarilla territory do not have special names. Others, who break away from their parent clans, especially those that choose to side with the Sabbat, could be considered antitribu.
The Assamites and Setites both have divergent bloodlines affiliated with the Sabbat, who could be called antitribu (though the Setites more often go by the name "Serpents of the Light"). Members of the Ravnos clan allied with the Sabbat are also often called antitribu, though they are not a separate bloodline.
A large portion of the Assamite clan (from several bloodlines) has also broken away from their parent clan and permanently sworn allegiance to the Camarilla. Rather than being called antitribu, however, they are called "schismatics", named for the schism between them and their home in Alamut. Others have fled to the Sabbat, to join their antitribu brethren.
Recently a group of Salubri have joined the Sabbat, claiming antitribu status and expressing a hatred of the Camarilla, especially the Tremere, who they claim destroyed their Antediluvian. These Salubri antitribu exhibit powers of combat, once attributed to the extinct warrior Salubri.