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ATTN: New Members
« on: February 16, 2006, 10:56:02 AM »
Hello and thank you for joining ^^
Read The Rules
There are a set of guidelines about where things are, what to do, and also who to contact should you need more information.  There are also rules specific to each forum - a link to them is contained in the General Rules, found here.
Lurker or Member?
If you haven't validated your membership, you'll have 'lurker' as your membership title. This will stop you from doing some things that members can do.
Before you can have full access, you'll need to check the email you used when you signed up, click the link that has been sent to you, and then you'll be a full member.  If you can't find the email, request another to be sent to you, or check your Junk or Spam mailbox.  Your mail filter might have put it in there.
If you don't receive an email, it might be because it you typo'd it.  Register again with a '1' after your username so that Admin can tell you're the same person, activate your account, and then PM either Satyr or Existentially Odd to fix up your username.
How to Send A PM (Private Message)
The top menu displays an option 'My Messages'.  You can do it from there.  Or, if you're reading a topic, click on the icon below the username's icon on the left hand side. For instance, the username on the left of this message says 'Satyr' above my avatar.   Below my avatar are contact options for me.  The last one on the bottom is the message button. Click that, type in a subject heading, type your message, press send, and you've just sent a PM.
How To Begin Roleplaying
There are multiple settings available. Click on the forum that interests you and you'll be taken to a place where there is a new theme/skin displayed. The banner at the top will tell you which area you are in.  You might be able to choose your own theme, but the theme for every roleplay's front page area overrides your chosen theme.
All the roleplay forums have the General OOC Categories at the top, and the Roleplay areas at the bottom. In the general information, you should find a link that says Setting. This will give you specific information about that roleplay area.
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