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Roleplay City Rules
« on: January 30, 2006, 04:01:42 AM »
1. General & Specific Rules
Each roleplay forum setting adheres to these roleplay rules, so ensure you read through this post and understand it before roleplaying.

All of these forums contain adult concepts and are likely to feature graphic/explicit writing.
Following you will find general rules that apply to the entire site at Members that do not respect the rules ruin the atmosphere for others and therefore will be warned and repeating offenders banned.

    2. Literacy
As a member of Roleplay City, you must have a grasp of what is recognised as ‘literate’ roleplaying. It’s not enough that you can convey a message; you must be able to set the scene, describe your character and invest some thought to the process. The boards are written in 3rd person narrative format in past tense; please do not deviate from this. There are two exceptions to this rule; in the main boards if you BEGIN an RP thread, the member joining knows how you're going to be writing before they join so a different format is tolerable; and in the Experimental RP forums, anything goes.

    3. Posting
No double posting. If you need to add to your last post there is an edit feature.

  Do not post about illegal topics such as downloading of licensed software, books, movies or music.

  If you post in the wrong forum an admin or moderator may see fit to move it to the appropriate forum. You can also PM (Private Message) an Admin or Moderator to do this for you if you make an error.

  Any OOC (Out Of Character) posts that the admin deem unnecessary or slanderous will be deleted. This goes for racism, homophobia, religious and political differences, and so forth.

  No one liners.  This also means your posts should be about the same as the person you are roleplaying with.  Five paragraphs should not be met with three lines.  Maintain balance.

  No godmoding (except where there is reasonable godmoding, when playing powerful characters against obviously weak ones - but take note of exactly what godmoding you are allowed because it is very specific and should be treated with the utmost respect).  Don't react to narrative.  Do not allow your character to 'guess' things with alarming accuracy, as this is godmoding.  You must weigh your character's deductive prowess without bias.

  If you have more than 2 people roleplaying in a thread, give everyone a chance to respond.

  Good spelling and grammar - this means correct punctuation and quotes also, as you would read in a book.

  We prefer that you do not colour your posts and if we find hard-to-read posts, we'll recolour them back to normal and send you a PM (Private Message).  This is applicable to font size and strangely designed fonts. We also prefer that you do not use different colours throughout a post (such as different colours for thoughts, or conversations) and also not to use mixed fonts.  Italics of the same font is fine.  Also, please do not centre or right-hand-justify your text.

When you begin a new roleplay with your first post (i.e., start a new thread), and it is open for others to join, you MUST advertise it in the New Roleplays forum of the corresponding forum.  You should link to the roleplay for the ease of others to join it.

    4. Membership
You are entitled to register one account per member. We reserve the right to delete multiple accounts without prior notification. Members are encouraged to be honest about their identity.

  When registering, please fill out the required fields genuinely or leave them blank. When selecting a player name, ask yourself "Is this name indicative of how I wish to be addressed?” If you sign up with a username such as "dirtyskank" or something equally unimpressive, you'll find your account deleted. If you don't wish to register, you can still read the boards as a guest, though you cannot participate until you become a member. Note that when you join, you will not be able to post until you activate your account with the email link sent to you, then you will be a Member and have all posting rights.
If you forget your password, please submit a request to have it changed here or contact an admin/moderator to have it reset. This also applies to your screen name. If you no longer like it, speak to an admin or moderator about having it changed. Do not create a new account (without first consulting one of the Admin). If your username is the same as your character name, this is fine, but if you make more characters you cannot have more accounts.

  5. Signatures
Keep them small and simple, otherwise your signature will be removed. Signatures should always contain links to your characters, preferably identified by character names.  We're here for the posts, not the signatures.

    6. Advertising
Don’t do it, not in a post, signature or profile. Advertisers and all their posts will be deleted without notice.

    7. Identity
Roleplay City, along with the roleplaying boards, do have their own forum identities. This is apparent in the layout and concept of the forums. Infusco has oft been a springboard for other people to launch their own forum ideas from. This is fine as long as you don't resort to stealing our ideas and marketing them as your own. Infusco has been plagiarised in the past, and we request you don't do it.

    8. Characters
You can have as many characters as you want, if you can keep up with them all 

No pre-existing characters, they must be unique to you. This means nobody from television, movies, computer games and the like.  You may be INSPIRED by such.

  Your character name does not have to be the same as your username.  We generally recommend you don’t do it in the event you wish to control more than one character.

  You have to fill out a character sheet and post it in the Pending Character section before roleplaying with that character. If that character is approved and after a week you're not enjoying them, you can scrap them.  Admin will move them into archives for you, or the Lucky Dip, should you wish to surrender them to another.

  Your characters can die in any of the forums, though it is usually with your permission. However, within the boundaries of reasonable roleplay (due to your character's actions), it is possible that your character can be killed without your permission. (E.g., if your character is a slayer and duels with another member’s vampire, one of them are likely to die).  If there is a dispute as to the death of a character, PM an Administrator or Moderator.  All Administrators’ decisions are final.

      9. Forum Specific Information

Infusco began as a shounen-ai (male x male romantic relationships) and still features many characters and storylines on this theme.  Having such relationships is not considered either unusual or unhealthy in the city that Infusco is set in.  If you have issue with this, we suggest you do not join  Please note that you do not have to roleplay such a relationship.

There are freeplay RP areas where anything goes.  These are listed as the following:
  • Infusco : Alternate Realities
  • Oberon Castle : Elsewhere Existentially
  • Halflight : Shadow Puppets
  • Zombie Mania : Zombie Freeplay

      10. Copyright

Copyright remains with each respective author (member) of Roleplay City.  If you wish to publish a story or fanfiction about characters that were not created by you, you must seek permission from the member whose characters or storyline idea it comes from, or failing your ability to contact them, contact the Admin (details below).  You will be violating copyright if you post anything online concerning other people's characters, even if your story is originally yours.  If you write a story based on the Infusco setting (a modern day city overrun with paranormal characters), this is generic enough that you do not require permission.  Use caution and good judgement when using your roleplay as a platform towards your creative writing ventures.  If in doubt, ask.

      11. Administrators and Moderators
Administrators and Moderators have final say. If you feel like you're being treated unfairly by a Moderator, PM an Administrator. If you have a problem with one Administrator, PM the other Administrator. From there we'll try our best to be fair to everyone involved but the decision made after appeal will be final.

Your Roleplay City Admins and Mods are:

RPC Admin: This is a default admin account and only used when adding onto the site, please don't PM the RPC Admin account.

Satyr: General Admin,  Greeter, Site & Setting Maintainer, Character Approver, Plotter, Has more plots and ideas than actual roleplays

Existentially Odd:   General Admin , Greeter, Character Approver, Roleplay Rule Checker, Site and Setting Maintainer, Extremely Literary Writer and Helpful Critic, Friendly, Often found reading tons of roleplays and also stars in many epics.