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It didn’t phase him the least bit to hear such a touch of disinterest from Isolde as she spoke of her husband. He hadn’t been up close to the man to get much of a view, but he’d been told the man wasn’t much of a looker. It all boiled down to what would be convenient to him: and this, by far, seemed quite convenient. If he was able to gain access to the royal estate….

Or perhaps being introduced to Lord Arquette would be promising enough. He didn’t want to push the envelope before it had been asked for, of course, so he just listened to the lady’s confession with a bit of a perky expression as he knew he was going to get exactly what he wanted. This was all becoming a much to easy playing field, and he wondered if there was something she wasn’t telling him.

“A fine nobleman,” His hand traveling the woman’s waist, taking a well calculated risk. They were well out of visible sight by now, and by all measures ‘safe’ .“Yet he bore not enough seed to bring about offspring. Or perhaps it be that his caresses are less than satisfactory..” The suggestion was clear enough, but he wasn’t going to make any moves before he was sure that Isolde was on the same wavelength.

 After all, if she did chose to run off, Amphelice wouldn’t be the one blamed for the incident. It already looked bad enough that she had sent her servant girl off, who was likely informing everyone in walking distance about the lady’s improper conduct. Though, perhaps this hadn’t been the first time Isolde had done such a thing. Amphelice had his suspicions.